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Upcoming Multi-Chapter Stories

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'Take Me With You When You Go' (Set in Season 2 during 'All Hell Breaks Loose' Part 1 & 2)

Summary: This story picks up where 'Always Comes Back' left off. Several weeks after Dean leaves the Roadhouse Azazel makes his final move as Sam disappears and Ellen, Madison and Jo are left to pick up the pieces. (COMING SOON)

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'Savior' (Set in AU Season 5)

Summary: This story picks up where 'Redemption' left off. It's been one year since the events in Redemption and things are finally settling down for the Winchester brothers and Jo, that is until omens start popping up all around them. Something is brewing and it's up to Sam and Dean to figure it out before all hell breaks loose...Again. (COMING SOON)