Master List Of All Stories

Supernatural Mast List of Stories

Weakness (Dean/Jo/Sam NC-17 WC: 1,400)
Blow Horn (Dean/Jo NC-17 WC: 1,360)
Hot and Wet (Dean/Jo NC-17 WC: 390)
Control (Dean/Jo NC-17 WC: 1,620)
Riverpass Colorado (Dean/Jo NC-17 WC: 915)
Playing a Part (Dean/Jo NC-17 WC:480)
Broken and Scared (Sam/Ruby NC-17 WC: 1,318)
His Undoing (Sam/Ruby NC-17 WC: 1,430)
Touching Her (Sam/Ruby NC-17 WC: 550)
No Turning Back (Sam/Ruby NC-17 WC: 1,100)
The Road to Hell (Sam/Ruby NC-17 WC: 970)
Liquid Courage (Sam/Jo NC-17 WC: 850)
Three Decades of Heartache (General PG-13 WC: 1,380)
Let Go (Dean R WC: 783)
Center Fold (Dean/Jo R WC: 650)
What's So Great About Normal (Dean/Jo PG-13 WC: 1,190)
What Love Really Is (Dean/Jo, Sam/Jo PG-13 WC: 3,033)
Never a Dreamer (Dean-centric PG-13 WC: 490)
Break From Reality (Dean-Centric PG-13 WC: 400)
Can't Sleep (General PG-13 WC: 772)
For You (General PG-13 WC: 569)
A Promise Made, A Promise Kept (Sam/Sarah PG-13 WC: 1,249)
Breaking Point (Dean/Jo, Sam/Jo Hard R WC: 1,750)
Liquid Heat (Sam/Ruby NC-17 WC: 580)
To See Her Smile (Castiel/Anna PG-13 WC: 900)
What Soldiers Do (Castiel/Anna R WC: 980)
In The End (Castiel/Anna PG-13 WC: 950)
Corrupting Purity (Castiel/Anna PG-13 WC: 350)
Lifeline (Dean/Jo NC-17 WC: 1,208)
Mission Accomplished (Dean/Jo NC-17 WC: 1,849)
Every Time (Dean/Jo NC-17 WC: 1,041)
Not So Rough (Dean/Jo NC-17 WC: 1,482)
Comin' Back To My Place (Dean/Jo NC-17 WC: 2,644)
Talk Dirty To Me (Dean/Jo R WC: 1,643)
Motel Room Rendezvous (Dean/Jo NC-17 WC: 1,860)
White Lies (John/Mary PG-13 WC: 400)
The Biggest Baby (John/Mary PG-13 WC: 880)
The Edge of The Earth and Back (John/Mary PG-13 WC: 1,130
Better Than A Dream (Sam/Jo PG-13 WC: 1,224)
True North (John/Ellen PG-13 WC: 1,082)
Polar Opposites (Dean/Jo PG-13 WC: 1,042)
Broken Inside (Dean-Centric PG-13 WC: 850)
Window Into Your Soul (General R WC: 820)
Karmas Bitch (Dean/Jo PG-13 WC: 1,080)
Impossible Things (Dean/Jo PG-13 WC: 890)
I’ll Be Here (Dean/Jo PG-13 WC: 1,560)
I Didn’t Know (Dean/Jo PG-13 WC: 1,510)
Weathering The Storm (Dean/Jo R WC: 2,000)
A Battle Won (Dean/Jo PG-13 WC: 1,220)
The Many Faces of Thirteen (Dean/Jo, Sam PG-13 WC: 700)
Mine (Dean/Jo PG-13 WC: 1,806)
Rise and Shine (Dean/Jo PG-13 WC: 940)
Like Mother, Like Daughter (Dean/Jo, Mary Elizabeth/Shane PG-13 WC: 1,760)
Going Through The Motions (General PG-13 WC: 805)
Read More (Dean-Centric PG-13 WC: 870)
The Final Fall (Dean-Centric PG-13 WC: 570)
Secret Keeper (Castiel, Jo PG-13 WC: 660)
What Is Evil (Dean, Sam PG-13 WC: 930)
Not Just An Ordinary Life (Jo-Centric PG-13 WC: 980)
Body Heat (Dean, Sam PG-13 WC: 1,430)
Blood and Fire (General PG-13 WC: 970)
Knocked Up (Dean, Sam, Jo PG-13 WC: 1,100)
Miscommunication (Dean/Jo R WC: 1,537)
A Lot of Different Ways (Dean, Jo PG-13 WC: 650)
Secrets Kept (Dean/Jo PG-13 WC: 1,227)
This World or The Next (Dean-Centric PG-13 WC: 1,200)
One Moment (Dean/Jo PG-13 WC: 525)
Turning Into Forever (Dean/Jo R WC: 480)
Look Out World (Dean/Jo PG-13 WC: 1,830)
Film Reel (Dean/Jo PG-13 WC: 1,600)
Three Years (Dean/Jo PG-13 WC: 530)
When The Bell Chimes (Dean-Centric, Jo PG-13 WC: 1,810)
Taking it All In (Dean/Jo PG-13 WC: 790)
A Different Kind of Knight (Dean/Jo R WC: ?)
Things We’ve Lost (Dean-Centric R WC: ?)
A Supernatural Christmas (Dean/Jo R WC: 1,629)
Can’t Fight This Feeling (Dean/Jo PG-13 WC: 1,789)
The Man of My Dreams (Dean/Jo PG-13 WC: ?)
Who Says You Can’t Go Home (Dean/Jo PG-13 WC: ?)
Sweet and Spicy (Dean/Jo NC-17 WC: 300)
You Deserve Better (William/Cassandra PG-13 WC: 1,520)
One Night (Dean/Buffy R WC: 550)
Demonstrating Need (Castiel/Anna PG-13 WC: 680)
Miles Away From Where You Are (Dean-Centric PG-13 WC: 160)
Something To Love (Dean-Centric PG-13 WC: 350)
Battered But Not Broken (Dean/Jo PG-13 WC: 1,960)
In The Midnight Hour (Dean-Centric PG-13 WC: 3,785)
Celebrating New Years with a Bang (Dean/Jo NC-17 WC: 237)
Kill It (Dean, Jo, Sam PG-13 WC: 480)
Deepest Desire (Dean/Jo PG-13 WC: 1,223)
Everyday A Choice is Made, Everyday I Choose My Fate (Dean/Jo PG-13 WC: 1,668)
The Fallen In The War (Dean-Centric PG-13 WC: 1,569)
I Close My Eyes and Pretend I’m Alright (Dean/Jo PG-13 WC: 1,647)
A Matter of Choice (Dean/Jo PG-13 WC: 1,132)
Read More (Dean/Jo PG-13 WC: 1,108)
Where It All Began: That’s My Girl (Dean/Jo PG-13 WC: 1,420)
What’d I Do (Dean/Jo PG-13 WC: 450)
Read More
Cravings (Dean/Jo PG-13 WC: 650)
Blue Skies (Dean/Jo PG-13 WC: 900)

One-Shot Series

Sharing is Caring Series

Sharing is Caring (Dean/Jo/Sam NC-17 WC: 2,300)
Best Birthday Ever (Dean/Jo/Faith NC-17 WC: 1,417
The Longest Weekend (Dean/Jo/Sam/Faith NC-17 WC: 2,340)
Confined (Sam/Faith NC-17 WC: 1,300)

Snapshots Series (They Used to be Happy)

They Used to be Happy (Sam/Jo NC-17 WC: 1,473)
Wild Flowers (Sam/Jo PG-13 WC: 850)
Strawberry Lip Gloss (Sam/Jo PG WC: 550)
Alongside The Impala (Sam/Jo NC-17 WC: 1,663)
Things Are Changing (Sam/Jo PG WC: 760)
Perfect Timing Coming Soon...

Second Chances Series

Never Again
Second Chances (Gabriel, Jo PG-13 WC: 660)
Rescuing a Traitor Coming Soon...
Combat Barbie and Psychick Coming Soon...
Secondhand Reward (Jo-Centric, Gabriel, Dean PG-13 WC: 1,355)

Multi-Chapter Stories

AU Season 2

Possessed (Dean/Jo, Sam R)
Who Says You Can’t Go Home (Dean/Jo, Sam PG-13)
Practical Jokes and Mayhem (Dean/Jo, Sam R)
No One Chooses This Life (Dean/Jo, Sam R)
When Luck Runs Out (Dean/Jo, Sam/Madison R)
Everything I Need (Dean/Jo, Sam/Madison R)
Here Without You (Dean/Jo, Sam/Madison PG-13)
Always Comes Back (Dean/Jo, Sam/Madison R)
Take Me With You When You Go Coming Soon...

AU Season 5

Regrets (Dean/Jo, Sam PG-13)
Redemption (Dean/Jo, Sam/Ruby R)
Savior Coming Soon...