Saturday, April 9, 2011

Mission Accomplished

Title: Mission Accomplished
Rating: NC-17
Author: Reportergirl13
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Dean/Jo
Word Count: 1,849
Prompt: It’s Jo and Dean’s first time having sex and it’s somewhere unusal (from beyond_wonder)

“Damn it Jo!”

The loud thud of fist against iron sounded through the enclosed space. She glared at him from on top of one of the dusty tombs, voice calm.

“Dean, this isn’t my fault.”

He turned, jaw tense, eyes scrunched into small slits as he threw his hands up in frustration and sent an irritated look her way.

“Yes, it is.”

Jo raised an eyebrow, pointed at him, and spoke.

“Excuse me but it wasn’t my trigger happy finger that shot at the ghost with a regular gun might I add, making it collapse half the stupid bricks outside this ridiculous mausoleum barricading us in this dingy tomb of death.”

Dean waved her off as he turned sideways yet again and shoved his shoulder against the door, putting all his weight behind it. His body hit the dirty iron with a clunk and he grunted. He couldn’t believe he was stuck in some dead guy’s mausoleum with Jo while Sammy and Ellen were out there hunting the ghost he and Jo just finished killing

And to top that off this was his third attempt at getting the damned door to open. He sighed. There really wasn’t anyway this night could get worse. Jo shook her head. Dean was relentless. When was he going to get it through his thick skull that they were just going to have to wait for Sam and her mom to find them?

“Dean would you stop being an asshat? You’re gonna pop your shoulder out like that and the last thing I need is you whining like a baby while we’re stuck here. My mom and Sam will find us. We just gotta wait it out.”

He pushed away from the door and moved further into the crypt as he glanced around looking for any other signs of a way to get out. His eyes swept over the darkened concrete room before falling on Jo.

“I can’t believe you dragged me out here.”

She was perched on top of one of the cold slabs of rock hair falling in waves over her shoulders, white tank top dirty with a slight rip, and jeans that hugged her curves. They’d spent the last fifteen minutes exorcising a spirit and she still looked amazing.

He shook his head. This is exactly why he couldn’t be locked in a room alone with her. He watched as she rolled her eyes at him.

“Hey, I was right wasn’t I? We found the spirit and killed it. Mission accomplished.”

“Yeah, but not before it managed to trap us in here. I swear I don’t know why we’re letting you and your mom tag along with us. This was a bad idea from the start.”

Jo’s face creased with anger and she slid off the tomb. Dean raised an eyebrow. She walked purposefully toward him, and spoke punctuating each word with a poke to the chest.

“Listen up Deano. You and Sam aren’t letting my mom and I hunt with you. We’re all working jobs for a common purpose. And let’s not forget whose hunt this was to begin with. We didn’t ask for your help. You invited yourself along remember?”

Dean watched as Jo worked herself into a frenzy. Cheeks flushed with anger, chest heaving, fire in her eyes. He didn’t even think she realized how appealing she was to him in that moment. Dean’s eyes followed her every move and before she could continue yelling at him, he was closing the distance between them, pulling her against his body and capturing her lips with his.

Jo froze as Dean’s lips made contact with hers and every angry word she had flew from her mind. Her arms wrapped around his neck, his around her waist as he backed her up against the tomb she’d just hopped off of. Her back hit the smooth rock and she moaned as Dean’s hands slid up and under her tank top.

This tension between them had been building for months, ever since he and Sam bumped into them on a job and they decided to team up. The fighting, yelling, and frustration, it was all because of her, she was a pain in his ass and he loved every second of it.

Dean kissed her hard and deep, his tongue thrusting into her mouth and exploring every crevice. Jo ran her fingers through his soft hair taking the opportunity to rake her nails against his scalp.

Dean moaned low in his throat at the sensation her fingers created against his scalp. He trailed kisses down her neck and sucked furiously on her soft skin. Jo placed her palms on either side of his face lifting it up to meet hers.

“I want you.”

Before Dean could say anything she moved her hands between their bodies and started to unbutton his shirt. He licked his lips as Jo’s hands moved lower and began to unbutton his jeans. His hands were on either side of her against the tomb.

He moved one hand down and placed it over hers. She glanced up eyebrow raised as he cleared his throat.

“You sure you want to do this here?”

She nodded.

“Completely sure.”

Dean didn’t have to be told twice. He moved his hand and she continued unbuttoning his jeans as his hands roamed her body.

“Do you have a condom?”

Dean’s body froze and he swore.

“Son of a bitch.”

He groaned and his head fell to her neck. Jo bit her lip. She’d been waiting for this moment for years, she wasn’t about to let the lack of birth control stop her. She slid her hand into his pants and cupped him through his boxers.

“Fuck it.”

He looked up at her surprised for a second before his eyes darkened with lust. He reached forward yanked at the hem of tank top, and she lifted her arms as he pulled it over her head tossing it aside. His hands softly palmed and kneaded her naked breasts before bending his head taking a nipple into his mouth.

Jo’s hands flew to his head to hold him in place as he sucked hard on one nipple before moving to the other sending shockwaves through her entire body.

“Uh......god Dean...”

Jo’s jeans were next to go as Dean flipped the button open and pulled them down her legs her panties following. Dean gave her a once over and if it was possible he hardened more. Jo had grown up. She had curves in all the right places and Dean was hoping to explore all of them.

He tugged his t-shirt over his head and dropped it onto some rubble before stalking towards the leggy blonde in front of him. He ran one of his hands down her side and brought a silky leg up around his hip, trapping her between the tomb and his body.

Jo groaned when she felt him pressed against her, while her ass hit the cold stone. She shoved at his jeans, pushing them down so they pooled at his knees. Dean hefted her up and Jo locked her legs around his waist while he ran his hand between them freeing himself from his boxers.

Dean proceeded to rub his hard length against her and Jo gasped.

“Stop being a bastard Dean...”

He smirked as he teased her.

“You sure you want this?”

She glared at him

“Yes, damn it.”

Suddenly without warning he thrust his hard cock deep inside her making her cry out in startled pleasure. She was tight, warm, and fit Dean like a glove. Why had they waited so long to do this? He shifted and gripped her ass tighter as he pulled out and drove back in.

Jo’s hands gripped Dean’s back, nails digging into his skin as she moaned. She couldn’t believe they were finally having sex and in the middle of a mausoleum. She let out a loud moan when Dean hit a particularly sensitive spot.

He grunted and then stopped as her body shifted back. Jo could feel the slab behind her slip and she yelped. Dean moved one hand to her back as the lid of the tomb fell to the floor with a loud crash, cracking into several pieces.

They stared at the ground before looking at each other and breaking out into laughter. She bit her lip slightly, eyes wide.


Dean shook his head as Jo shifted making him sink into her further causing them to groan. Dean moved his hand from her back and gripped the open tomb as he pushed her against the side and started moving again. Jo’s breathing quickened and he picked up his pace.

He could feel her muscles clenching around him, and with two more plunges she came with a cry as her walls squeezed him, making him explode inside her, come filling her as their bodies stilled. It took a minute for them to catch their breath before Dean pulled back and brushed a few stray hairs from her face.

He grinned.

“What were you saying?”

She glared at him.

“You’re a douche and this isn’t my fault.”

Dean shook his head amusement filling his voice.

This is most definitely your fault.”

She slapped him lightly when a large crash got their attention. They turned toward the door voices coming from the outside.

“Dean, Jo you guys in there?”

Jo’s eyes widened.

“Oh my god…that’s my mother.”

Dean swore as he pulled out of Jo almost making her fall. She snorted as Dean tucked himself into his pants before picking up their discarded clothes tossing Jo’s toward her. Jo pulled her tank top over her head before pulling on her jeans quickly.

Dean called out.

“Yeah we’re here.”

Seconds later the front door was shoved open, Sam and Ellen standing in the doorway. Ellen frowned and Sam raised an eyebrow at his brother. Jo and Dean were standing by an opened tomb, Jo’s hair mussed, shirt torn and dusty, lips red and swollen.

Sam’s eyes moved to his brother, shirt on inside out, flannel haphazardly buttoned, jeans rumpled, and a nervous look on his face. His mouth dropped open as he glanced between them. His brother was unbelievable.

Jo waved to her mother.

“Thank god…we’ve been waiting for you two to find us. We killed the spirit, but uh we got stuck.”

Dean nodded.


Ellen glared at the oldest Winchester.

“Why didn’t you call us?”

“Phones wouldn’t work.”


Dean and Jo started walking forward when Ellen’s harsh voice cut through the silence.

“What. Are. Those?”

Dean raised an eyebrow as Sam glanced in the direction Ellen was looking. He moved forward, bent down, and lifted the scrap of silk from the floor. Jo’s mouth slid open and Dean paled. There not ten feet in front of them was Sam holding Jo’s panties in his hand.

Ellen turned her glare on Dean and he gulped as Jo swallowed hard. His palm landed against his face as he shook his head.


And to think he hadn’t thought the day could get any worse…

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