Master List of Series Stories

AU Season 2 Series 

Possessed Parts 1-4

Who Says You Can't Go Home

Practical Jokes and Mayhem Parts 1 & 2

No One Chooses This Life

When Luck Runs Out

Everything I Need

Here Without You

Always Comes Back

Take Me With You When You Go- Coming Soon

AU Season 5 Series



Savior -Coming Soon

Happy Endings Series

Where it all Began- That's My Girl

What'd I Do


Blue Skies

What D'ya Say

A Reason To Keep On Fighting


Dating 101
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

No Where Else I'd Rather Be


We're Back

This Isn't Funny

You're Home

Snow Days

The Glowering Grinch

Late Night Confessions

Gorillas and Realizations

Daddy Day Care

Family Vacations

Another Milestone

Damn Duck

Diamonds Rubies or Gold

Do You Have Dreams

Achilles Heels

Second Chances Series

Never Again

Second Chances

Rescuing a Traitor

Combat Barbie and Psychick

Secondhand Reward

Tomorrow We Will Fly

Snapshots Series

They Used To Be Happy

Wild Flowers

Strawberry Lip Gloss

Alongside The Impala

Things Are Changing

Perfect Timing