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Rescuing A Traitor

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Title: Rescuing a Traitor
Rating: PG-13
Author: Sxymami0909
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Ana, Gabriel, Jo
Word Count: 880
Prompt: “Anna meets Jo in heaven while escaping” from Mercuries

When people picture heaven they imagine floating clouds, cherubic angels, and all the freedom and happiness that was denied to them on earth, but Anna knew better. Sure when people died as long as they didn't maim and murder in life, normally they were granted access into heaven.

They got to bask in their very own fantasy life twenty-four seven as long as said person wasn’t needed for any other purpose, or prophecy fulfillment. Anna sighed as she made her way quietly through the darkened corridors.

There used to be a time when heaven, was just that…heaven. A paradise where order was kept, rules were followed, and the Angels were content. Those days were no more. Anna remembered the first time she saw the signs that something was brewing beneath the surface.

She was getting curious about the human world, wanted to see what it was all about and that had made her a liability and so the corrupt one’s had pushed her flock to rebel against her leadership. Claiming she was guilty of treason. It wasn’t long after that, that she’d cut her grace out and fell to earth.

If the Angel’s were going to be no less sinful then humans, then she was going to live among mortals, experience life and emotions as people did. At the time she had no idea how deep the corruption went, but now she knew.

A noise sounding to her left made her freeze and crouch down in an alcove. She took a deep breath, closed her eyes and focused on hiding the feel of her grace. If she got caught, she was dead. When Castiel turned her over to heaven she was imprisoned.

Held captive by those who used to follow her orders, bring peace to mankind where now the very same Angels brought forth the apocalypse, letting it rein free to destroy all that had once been held sacred. She tilted her head and when no one appeared she stood up and continued on her way.

Anna rounded the corner and smacked dead into a hard chest. She took a deep breath, body tense as she went to throw a punch, but before her fist connected with the person in front of her she caught sight of his face and stopped. Anna frowned and spoke in a whisper. “Gabriel?”

He grinned. “Heya muffin…need some help?”

Confusion settled on her face as she caught sight of a petite blonde behind him. She glanced around before her words came out with a hiss. “Help me? What are you playing at Gabriel?”

He frowned, glanced at Jo, and then back at Anna before shaking his head. “What is it with all you women questioning my motivates on sight. Jeez do I scream untrustworthy or something?”

Jo’s head whipped around when she heard a noise. She spoke over her shoulder, and Anna could sense a hint of worry in her voice. “Gabriel…I think someone’s coming.”

He sighed and his eyes met Anna. “Anna this is Jo, Jo Anna.”

The women glanced at each other and Jo gave the red head a tight smile. “Hey.”


They sized each other up and Gabriel cleared his throat. “I’ll help you get out of here.”

She turned from Jo and hesitated. “Why?”

He rolled his eyes. “Because you don’t belong here, we both know that. Castiel made a mistake, he kicks himself in the ass almost every day now that he knows…understands better about humans.”

She folded her arms over her chest. “Why should I believe you?”

He slapped a palm across his face as the sounds got closer. “Because… you've known me for a long time Anna and it’s time. Heaven is corrupt…the other Angel’s have gone rouge…and now that I’m…back in a manner of speaking it’s time to right things.”

“The apocalypse is our father’s contingency plan!” She said, the realization burning through her.

Gabriel nodded. “But he doesn't want to have to use it…,” he motioned to the hallways and stairwell, “They are all trying to give him what he wants to make him happy…we will give him what he needs. The faith in humanity that was lost. Are you with us?”

She raised an eyebrow and glanced between Jo and Gabriel. “Us?”

He grinned. “Yup, just brought Combat Barbie here back to life and you’re my second recruit…it could be like our very of A-Team.”

She smirked at his enthusiasm as the sound of pounding feet got closer. Jo swallowed hard. “Uh guys…I think we've been spotted.”

Anna glanced behind her and a few of the guards made their way down the far end of the hall. She nodded at Gabriel. “Okay.”

He chuckled. “I’m getting that a lot today. Alrighty come on muffin…Barbie grab a hold of my hunky self so we can blow this Popsicle joint.”

They looked at each other before each grabbing onto one arm each as Gabriel focused, transporting all three of them back to earth. The further away they got, the less suffocated she was, the more Anna could taste freedom.

When people pictured heaven they imagine floating clouds, cherubic angels, and all the freedom and happiness that was denied to them on earth, but Anna knew better. Now when she pictured heaven all she saw was pain and betrayal of a once just system.

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