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Dating 101 (3/3)

Title: Dating 101- The Confrontation
Rating: PG-13
Author: Sxymami0909
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Castiel/Anna Dean/Jo
Word Count: 4,510
Verse: This is a drabble in my ‘Happy Endings’ Verse.
Previous Parts:One | Two |

Castiel stood outside Anna’s motel room door, readjusting his clothes uncomfortably. Dean had deemed his trench coat inappropriate for a date and made sure to take it from him before he left his house yesterday. He now understood the expression ‘feeling naked’ that humans used even when they were not technically naked.

He felt inside his pocket where the foil wrapped square sat. Dean had said the goal of a date was getting the woman you were with to sleep with you. Apparently in today’s world, copulation was the whole reason men and woman dated.
He checked his other pocket for money, which Dean had also given him. The perfect place for a first date was a bar, and it was important to make sure he bought Anna as many drinks as she’d drink. He straightened his back, attempting to radiate an air of confidence as he raised a hand, and knocked on the door.

Anna glanced at the door smile. It was about time Castiel asked her out on a proper date. When she first came back four months ago, showing up on Dean’s doorstep, he’d been less than trusting and she hadn’t been exactly forgiving.

It took two months for Castiel to see that she hadn’t come back to harm what he now considered his family. Two months of arguing, awkward moments, and hidden pain. Then finally when Jo had gotten tired of their quarrelling she’d made them sit down and address the real issues that had them at each other’s throats.

She’d been angry and hurt that Castiel betrayed her. He’d handed her over to heaven on a silver platter and that wasn’t something a person just got over. He’d apologized to her with earnestness and she had seen the sincerity in his eyes.

Since then things had gotten better and she was looking forward to seeing the more human side of him tonight. Anna smoothed her shirt over her jeans and pulled open the door. Castiel smiled.

“Good evening Anna.”

“Hey Cas, no trench coat tonight?”

“Not tonight. Tonight is a special night, are you ready to go?”

“Lead the way.”

“You look beautiful.”

Her cheeks reddened slightly as she grinned at him.

“Thanks Cas, you don’t look too bad yourself.”

Castiel took her hand in his. A jolt of electricity running through them and when their eyes met she swallowed hard. She’d missed this, their closeness. It had been years since they were truly close to one another and Anna was hoping this date would help them rekindle what they’d once lost.

Warmth blossomed inside Castiel at the smile Anna sent his way. He could remember a time not long ago when that smile was reserved for him alone. He longed for it to be that way again.

“I will transport us.”

“Well then are we leaving yet? I’ve never been the most patient person.”

He gave her a sideways glance as a small smile played at the corner of his lips.

“Yes, I seem to recall that.”

She laughed and before she knew it they were standing in front of a small bar, people crowding around outside smoking. Anna crinkled her nose as she spoke.

“Where are we?”

“Betsy’s Bar, they are having some kind of St. Valentine’s Day event.”

Castiel was anxious. He was trying to remember all of Dean’s instructions but every time he looked at Anna it was as if his mind went blank. Her essence was as beautiful as he remembered and tonight it glowed. He tugged on her hand as he started moving towards the front door.

“Come this way and I will find us a table to sit at.”

He navigated her through the crowd of people, smoke and sweat permeating the musky air around them and Anna shook her head lightly. Castiel taking charge and leading her around. Who would have thought? He spotted a table not far from the bar and pulled out a chair for her.

She sat and glanced around at the red, pink, and white streamers that filled the bar. She looked back at Castiel whose eyes were taking in the room around them.

“So what is this Valentine’s Day event? And shouldn’t a girl get some flowers or chocolate hearts when going out on a day like today?”

Castiel frowned.

“It is customary, but St. Valentine’s Day has become too commercialized and I do not wish to add to the hype. If I bring you flowers or candy you will expect things like that on all of our dates. It’s been established that I should set the bar low for our relationship, that way things can only get better from here.”

Anna did a double take. Did he really just say that out loud? What did that even mean?

“What? It’s been established that you should keep the bar low? What does that even mean?”

Castiel opened his mouth to answer her, but was interrupted by loud shouts and catcalls from the other end of the bar. They turned, her eyes widening, mouth dropping open as women in makeshift diapers and light pink t-shirts stood on one side of the bar pouring jugs of water over themselves.

“Cas, is the special Valentine’s Day event a…wet t-shirt contest?”

Castiel shrugged. His eyes were drawn to the women on the bar and they widened as their wet shirts left nothing to the imagination. Anna smacked him causing his head to jerk in her direction, brows creased. He saw the glare on her face and knew things were not going as he planned.

“What? I mean ah, yes it seems their shirts are wet. What a strange custom don’t you think?”

That was obviously not the correct thing to say as Anna’s eyes flickered and annoyance crossed her features. He gave her a nervous smile, but it didn’t alleviate the expression on her face.

“You took me to a bar that’s running wet t-shirt contests for our first date?”

Confusion crossed his featured.

“I thought it would be a good idea?”

“Is that a question or a statement?”

“A statement?”

Anna gave Castiel a bemused look and practically rolled her eyes.

“Castiel in what world, heaven or earth, would you think it would be a good idea to bring me to a bar where half naked woman are parading around pouring beverages on themselves?”

Castiel frowned. He wasn’t sure how his date had spiraled out of control so quickly. He’d done everything Dean had told him to do. He complimented her, smiled, and took her to the bar that was suggested.

He even leered at the half naked women to make her jealous and yet the look on her face was not one of jealousy, but a mixture of annoyance and exasperation. Maybe he had forgotten something. Castiel racked his brain, but nothing came to him.

“I do not understand. What have I done wrong? Are you angry because I forgot to offer to get you a drink? I have money. I can buy you as many as you’d like, I’d prefer you to drink a lot.”

“What is wrong with you Cas? I thought this date was supposed be a fresh start with us, but somehow between leaving the motel and walking into the Twilight Zone you’ve gone and lost your mind.”

“We are in the Twilight Zone? What is that? If you do not like it here we can leave and go back to your motel room. I have supplies.”

Anna raised an eyebrow.

“Supplies…for what?”

“A condom…for copulation. I’m told it’s how humans end dates. I have one here in my pocket. Would you like to see it?”

Anna closed her eyes, took a deep breath and counted to ten before opening them and speaking in a deceptively calm voice.

“You have been told by who?”

“I do not understand the question.”

“Cas, did you speak to someone about our date tonight?”

Castiel nodded.

“Yes, I was unsure of the methods humans use for courtship and I did not want to disappoint you because I know you are more familiar with human traditions than I am so I asked Dean for his advice.”

Anna clenched her jaw. She was going to throttle Dean Winchester. She stood abruptly and Castiel followed suit.

“We’re leaving.”

His brows furrowed as he walked quickly to catch up with her fleeting form.

“Why? Are we going to copulate now? Anna slow down, where are we going?”

She turned and Castiel stopped as to not bump into her. The glare in her eyes made him swallow hard and step back.

“We’re going to pay Dean a little visit…”

Castiel sighed. This can’t be good…

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