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Practical Jokes and Mayhem (1/2)

Title: Practical Jokes and Mayhem: Trick or Death
Rating: R
Pairing: Jo/Dean
Edited By: dh1031
Category: Two part Sequel to Who Says You Can’t Go Home

February (10-weeks)

Sam sat on the couch by the table in the corner of the run-down motel room, looking through a stack of books. He rubbed his hand over his eyes and sighed. Jo sat in the chair next to him with a large book across her lap. Dean was lying on Sam’s bed, listening to music and eating a plate of greasy fries.

Sam could see Dean shoving fry after fry into his mouth and he finally had enough.

“Dude, you mind not eating those on my bed?”

Dean glanced at Sam and shoveled another handful of fries into his mouth.

“No, I don’t mind. How’s the research going?”

Sam slammed the book closed and glared at Dean.

“You know how it’s going? Slow. You know how it would go a heck of a lot faster? If I had my computer…”

Jo was getting more irritated by the minute listening to them fight. They are being ridiculous. Dean’s voice grated on her nerves when he spoke.


She watched Sam attempt to control his anger at Dean before speaking.

“Can you turn that down, please?”

Dean nodded.

“Yeah, absolutely.”

Dean made the volume louder and started bobbing his head along to the music.

‘You know what? Maybe you should just go somewhere else for a while, huh?”

Dean abruptly shut the music off and sat up. His voice held an aggravated edge when he spoke.

“Hey, I’d love to. That’s a great idea. Unfortunately, my car’s all screwed to hell.”

“Dean, I told you, I have nothing to do with…”

Before Sam could finish his sentence Jo threw her book across the room. Both Sam and Dean shut up and looked at her in confusion. She was glaring at Dean, but addressing both of them.

“I’m gettin’ real sick and tired of the two of you bitchin’. Both of you need to just shut up. How do you expect Sam to focus on finding anything when you’re so damn annoying?”

Dean glared at Jo.

“After everything that happened back in Duluth I don’t know why you’re defending him.”

Jo flinched and Dean could see the hurt in her eyes. He sighed. Probably not the best thing to bring up especially after all the time it took getting her to open up to me, thought Dean. She stood, moved the books aside, and grabbed her jacket.

Dean stood quickly and blocked her path to the door.

“Jo…I’m sorry…”

She snorted.

“You’re sorry? For what Dean? For being a jerk? For making out with that blonde chick in the bar the other night? Or for making the situation between the three of us even more awkward by bringing up Duluth?”

Dean scratched the back of his head and gave her a sheepish look.

“All of it? Besides…I told you I wasn’t making out with that girl.”

Jo shook her head.

“Get out of my way. I need some air.”

“You shouldn’t be wondering around alone at night.”

“I’m a big girl. I can take care of myself.”

Sam glanced between them and it took a minute before Dean moved aside. Jo slid her jacket on before speaking.

“Call me when Bobby get’s here.”

She opened the door only to see Bobby standing there poised to knock. She sighed and he gave her a small smile.

“Hey, Bobby.”

She opened the door wider so he could walk in and closed it.

“Hey Jo, Boys.”

Dean and Sam spoke in unison.

“Hey, Bobby.”

He glanced around the dingy motel room and cringed.

“It’s good to see you three again so soon.”

Sam nodded and spoke.

“Yeah, thanks for coming.”

Dean nodded and Jo spoke

“Thank God you’re here.”

Bobby raised an eyebrow.

“So…what didn’t you wanna talk to me about on the phone?”

Sam pulled a seat over and motioned for Jo to take it. She gave him a half a smile and sat down. Bobby sat on one bed, Dean on the other, and Sam on the couch. Sam cleared his throat and spoke.

“It’s this job we’re working. We weren’t sure you’d believe us.”

Bobby chuckled lightly.

“Well, I can believe a lot.”

“Yeah, I know. It’s just; we’ve never seen anything like it.”

Dean cut in.

“Not even close.”

Before Sam could say anything Jo cut him off.

“And we thought we could use some fresh eyes…truth is if I have to spend another minute listening to those two girls argue I’m gonna put them both down.”

Bobby laughed and Sam and Dean rolled their eyes at Jo. Bobby shrugged before speaking.

“Why don’t you begin at the beginning?”

Sam nodded.

“So, it all started when we caught wind of an obit. See, a professor took a nosedive from a fourth-story window, only there’s a campus legend that the building is haunted…”


Five Days Ago

Dean pulled the Impala into the parking spot outside the motel. He shut the car off and rubbed a hand over his face. It was late and the tension in the car was palpable. Sam sat quietly in the passenger seat, his left cheek sporting a pretty nasty bruise. Dean glanced in the rearview mirror at Jo, who was lying across the back seat asleep.

Sam gave Dean a sideways glance and cleared his throat softly before speaking in a hesitant voice.


He cut Sam off.

“Can it Sam.”

Sam sighed.

“Dean you’ve gotta talk to me at some point.”

Dean glared at him and pushed open his door.


Sam gave him a confused look.


“We’re not having this conversation here. Get out.”

Sam followed Dean out of the car and they shut the doors lightly so they wouldn’t wake Jo. About a week after they left Bobby’s they got word on a job from Ellen and spent the next week exercising a ghost.

The night they got rid of the ghost was the night Jo finally told Dean what happened in Duluth. They stood in front of the car just looking at each other. Sam swallowed hard before speaking.

“Dean…I don’t know how many times I can apologize…to Jo…to you. I’m so sorry for what happened in Duluth…for what I did to Jo while I was possessed, but you can’t stay mad at me forever. It wasn’t my fault…”

His voice trailed off and Dean shook his head as he moved a few steps closer to Sam.

“You don’t get it Sammy…I know it wasn’t your fault. I know you were possessed and this is probably as bad for you as it is for Jo…but how could you keep something like this from me? Especially when it involves Jo?”

“I’m sorry…she asked me not to tell you…she said she’d tell you when she was ready to talk about it…I didn’t want to give her another reason not to trust me.”

Dean’s jaw clenched, but he nodded.

“I’m sorry I hit you…”

Sam gave Dean a small smile.

“I probably would have hit me too.”

Dean nodded, leaned against the Impala, and rubbed both hands over his face. He was tired, with everything going on, Sam being possessed, finding out Jo’s pregnant, dealing with Ellen, and taking Jo on the road with them, it’s started to take it’s told on him.

Sam leaned against the car next too Dean and nudged him lightly.

“What’s on your mind?”

“I dunno what I’m doin’ here Sammy…I think right now I’m more mad at myself than at you. Jo and I have been keepin’ this thing between us for these past few months because at the time I felt like it was the only way to keep her safe…and still it wasn’t enough. My kid’s not even in this world yet and I almost got Jo and the baby killed…just by caring about her.

“Dean it wasn’t your fault. You couldn’t have known.”

“I know that…I do, but it doesn’t help. I just don’t know how I’m gonna do this…I don’t want to drag my kid all over and raise him in motels like Dad did us…On the other hand I don’t wanna leave Jo somewhere without me…she can handle herself pretty good…she’s gotten a lot better, but it would be a distraction for me that we can’t afford.”

The air was cold as they stood outside talking. Dean rubbed his hands together and blew in them as Sam nodded.

“You’ll figure it out Dean…right now, let’s just deal with things as they come…I’m gonna go check us in okay?”

Dean nodded.

“I’ll grab Jo.”

While Sam was at the front desk Dean walked around the Impala, opened the back door, and leaned in the back to wake up Jo. He shook her lightly and she groaned. He noticed the light bruise on her arm from when she was thrown into the door on their last job and shook his head.

“Jo…come on princess, we made it to Ohio in one piece.”

Her eyes fluttered open slightly and she pouted. Her voice was hoarse when she spoke.


Jo’s eyes slid shut and she snuggled further into the seat of the Impala. Dean rolled his eyes, reached in, hefted Jo into his arms, and carefully took her out of the car. She shifted in his arms, wrapped hers around his neck, and moved her face against his throat.

She grinned and kissed his neck lightly.

“Mmm…I thought you were asleep.”

Her voice was low and it held amusement in it.

“I am.”

He chuckled and when he turned around Sam was walking toward them. He frowned and motioned to Jo.

“She okay?”

“She’s fine, just milking her tiredness for all it’s worth.”

She chuckled and turned her head to face Sam. The look on her face softened slightly and the look in her eyes was serious as she spoke.

“We left in a hurry after gettin’ rid of that ghost so I never got a chance to thank you for before. I appreciate you looking out for me…if you hadn’t gotten there in time…”

Her voice trailed off and Sam gave her a small smile.

“You're welcome…besides I can’t let anything happen to you and that nephew of mine can I?”

She shook her head.

“You know, you two are gonna be so sorry if this baby is a girl…”

Sam made a face and Dean shrugged as he shifted Jo and hoisted her over his shoulder. She grunted and he grinned at Sam.

“Did you get the rooms?”

“One room, two beds.”

Dean’s grin faded and the look on his face was the kinda look you’d see on a kid who just got his candy taken away.


“They only had one room Dean.”

Dean sighed and motioned toward the Impala.

“Grab the bags will ya Sammy?”

Sam rolled his eyes, gave Dean the key, and headed towards the trunk to grab the bags.

Present Time

Bobby frowned.

“Okay stop…what does this have to do with the job?”

Sam opened his mouth, but Dean cut him off before he could say anything.

“It doesn’t. Sam’s just setting the scene apparently.”

He glared at Sam and then turned back toward Bobby.

“Anyway after we checked in we crashed for the night. The next day we looked into the history of Crawford Hall and the school. We thought maybe it was a haunting. So, we went to a bar were the students hang out and posed as reporters from the local paper…”


Four Days Ago

Sam and Jo sat at a table talking to a frat boy, Curtis, and his girlfriend, Jen, about what happened to the professor. Meanwhile Dean was at the bar talking to a grad student who was studying Anthropology and Folklore. Jo smiled at Curtis before speaking.

“So do you two know the professor that killed himself?”

Curtis nodded.

“Yeah, we both had that professor for Ethics and Morality.”

Sam raised an eyebrow and spoke.

“Yeah? So, why do you think he did it?

Jen shrugged.

“Who knows? He was tenured, wife and kids. His book was, like, a really big deal. Then again, who’s to say it was suicide?”

Curtis rolled his eyes.

“Jen, come on.”

Jo cut Curtis off before he could finish his sentence.

“Well, what else could it be?”

Jen leaned across the table with excitement in her eyes.

“Well, you know about Crawford Hall.”

Sam shook his head.

“No. We don’t, actually.”

Curtis rolled his eyes.

“It’s a bunch of crap. It’s a total urban legend.”

“Yeah, well, Heather’s mom went to school here, and she knew the girl,” Jen said.

Jo raised an eyebrow and glanced at Sam before looking back at Jen.

“Wait, what girl?”

“Like, thirty years ago, this girl was having an affair with some professor. He broke it off. She jumped out the window and killed herself.”

Sam spoke before Jo could open her mouth.

“You know her name?”

Jen shook her head.

“No. But they say she jumped from Room 669. Get it? You turn the nine upside down…So, now she haunts the building. And anyone who sees her…they don’t live to tell the tale.”

Curtis chuckled.

“Well, if no one lives to tell the tale, then how does the tale get told?”

“Curtis! Shut up!”

Jo glanced at Sam and made a motion with her head. He nodded and addressed Curtis and Jen.

“You know what, thanks a lot, guys, excuse us.”

They nodded and Sam and Jo stood up and headed to find Dean. Jo stopped in her tracks when she spotted Dean at the bar taking shots with some blonde. She glared in his direction and Sam groaned. When they made it over there Dean was taking his last shot of a purple drink.

Sam raised an eyebrow before speaking.

“Dean, what are you drinking?”

He grinned

“I don’t know, man. I think they’re called purple nurples.”

He chuckled and glanced at Jo, who didn’t look at all amused. He cleared his throat before Sam spoke again.

“Listen, I think maybe we should go check out the professor’s office.”

He shook his head and motioned to the woman next to him.

“Oh, no, no. I can’t right now, because I’ve got a feisty little wildcat on the hook, and I’m about to reel her in. She had information we need…I’ll introduce you.”

Sam took one look at Jo and turned back to Dean.

“I don’t think that’s such a good idea…”

Dean rolled his eyes, turned to the girl and opened his mouth and before he could say anything the girl attached himself to his mouth. Dean’s arms flayed lightly before settling on the girl’s shoulders…

Present Time

Dean punched Sam on the arm lightly.

“Hold on a minute. Who said you could break in on my story telling?”


Dean glared at Sam.

“Come on, dude, that’s not how it happened.”

Jo cut in.

“Really? Cause that’s what it looked like to me.”

“Damn it Jo…I didn’t kiss that girl. She kissed me.”

“So that makes it better?”

“No…I mean...Jo…the girl launched herself at me. I was surprised…I pushed her away...”

His voice trailed off and Jo snorted.

“Yeah, eventually.”

Dean opened his mouth, but this time Bobby cut him off.

“Settle the domestic issues’ on your own time. What happened next?”

Dean sighed and Sam finished telling Bobby about the case. He told him how they check out the professor office, about the frat boy, Curtis, and his alien abduction, Sam’s computer, Dean’s car, and how Jo’s clothes vanished. He finished up with telling him about the man and the alligator in the sewer.

They checked everything out, but it all came up clean. Sam and Dean started arguing again when Bobby’s voice boomed through the room and startled Sam, Dean and Jo.

“Okay, I’ve heard enough. I’m surprised at you three. I really am. Sam, first off…Dean did not steal your computer.”

“But I…”

Bobby cut him off.

“Shh! Dean, Sam did not touch your car.”

Sam nodded.


“And Jo, Dean didn’t hide your clothes. If you three bothered to pull your heads out of your asses, it all would’ve been pretty clear.”

The three of them spoke in unison.


Bobby sighed.

“What you’re dealing with.”


“I’ve got nothing.”

Jo shrugged.

“Me neither.”

“You’ve got a Trickster on your hands.”

Dean snapped his fingers and spoke.

“That’s what I thought.”

Sam and Jo rolled their eyes before she spoke.

“No, you didn’t!”

Bobby shook his head and smirked.

“But I’ve gotta tell you…you three were the biggest clue.”

Sam frowned.

“What do you mean?”

“These things create chaos and mischief as easy as breathing. And it’s got you so turned around and at each other’s throats, you can’t even think straight.”

The three of them looked at each other understanding dawning on their faces.

“The laptop.”

“The tires.”

“The clothes.”

“It knows you’re onto him. And it’s been playing you three like fiddles.”

Dean grunted.

“So, what is it? A spirit? Demon? What?”

“Well, more like demigods, really. There’s Loki in Scandinavia, there’s Anansi in West Africa…dozens of them. They’re immortal, and they can create things out of thin air. Things that are as real as you and me and then they can make them vanish just as quick.”

Dean nodded.

“You mean, like an angry spirit or an alien or an alligator?”

“The victims fit the M.O., too. Tricksters target the high and the mighty…knock ‘em down a peg, usually with a sense of humor. Deadly pranks, things like that.”

Jo was sitting there with a thoughtful look on her face. She glanced up at Bobby and spoke.

“Bobby, what do these things look like?”

“Lots of things, but human, mostly.”

Jo turned to Dean and they looked at each other. Dean nodded and looked at Sam.

“And what human do we know who’s been at ground zero this whole time?”

The three of them looked at each other before speaking.

“The Janitor…”

Practical Jokes and Mayhem part 2

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