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No One Chooses This Life (1/5)

Title: No One Chooses This Life
Rating: R
Pairing: Jo/Dean
Disclaimer: I own nothing! Everything belongs to the creators of Supernatural. Although I wish Sam and Dean were real…they’d be awesome to chill with lol.
Edited By: dh1031
Category: Sequel to Practical Jokes and Mayhem

Chapter 1
Back on the Road Again…


Highway 41

Sam was tired of listening to them fight. It’s all they’ve done for days. Between Jo’s mood swings and Dean’s ability to piss her off, he was actually afraid his head might explode or they would kill each other. Either way things didn’t bode well for him.

Sam sighed, pushed himself up off the back seat and forward so he was leaning between them. He watched as Jo sent a glare Dean’s way. Her mouth opened and Sam cut her words off before they could come. The tone in his voice held a mixture of irritation and tiredness.

“Guys…don’t you think we should focus on the job? We’re supposed to be checking out the road for the Ghosts. Can we please focus?”

Dean grunted, Jo nodded and leaned forward to turn off the radio in the car. Sam sat back, pulled out the research they went over before coming out here, and was about to go over it with them again when he heard his brothers angry voice.

“I was listening to that.”

“We’re gonna go over Sam’s notes and I can’t hear him over your stupid music.”

“My music isn’t stupid.”

He reached forward and put it back on before giving her a sideways glare.

“Leave the damn radio alone Jo…I mean it.”

Jo folded her arms across her chest and sighed before looking away from Dean and out the window. Sam shook his head and looked up. Why…why do I have to get stuck with these two? What did I ever do to you? Sam’s thoughts were interrupted by Dean’s voice.

“Sammy…come on, tell me about Highway 41?”

Sam sifted through the papers and then glanced over at a few newspaper articles he had printed out from the library.

“Twelve accidents over fifteen years, five of them fatal, all of them happening on the same night.”

Dean nodded and Jo frowned before shifting in her seat to face Sam.

“So, what are we looking at? Interstate Dead Zone, phantom hitchhiker, what?”

Sam shook his head and looked at her.

“Not quite. I mean, year after year, witnesses said the same thing made them crash…a woman appearing in the middle of the road, being chased by a man, covered in blood.”

Jo frowned and Dean looked at Sam through the rearview mirror before speaking.

“Two spooks?”

Sam nodded and held up the newspaper articles.

“Her name was Molly McNamara and the guy she and her husband hit was Jonah Greeley.”

Dean opened his mouth, but Jo cut him off.

“Do we know where Molly is buried?

“Well, see that’s where there’s a problem. When I spoke to her husband he said she was cremated.”

Dean made a sound of frustration as he shook his head.

“Well, so much for burning her bones.”

Sam looked towards Dean with confusion on his face as they continued to drive down the road.

“Yeah, but then what’s keeping her here?”

Dean gave a one armed shrug and Jo sighed before speaking.

“Maybe she’s got unfinished business…who knows. What about the other guy?”

“I dunno…he could be buried anywhere.”

Dean let out a humorless chuckle.

“Great…whatever, let’s just get this over with. Are we almost at the mile marker Sammy? How much further until we get where we need to be?”

Sam read through the articles again, glanced over at the map, and shrugged.

“Well I’m assuming you’ll notice the ghost running towards your precious Impala covered in blood…that’s how you’ll know when we get there.”

Jo chuckled and Dean sent a glare towards Sam.

“Smart ass…”

Jo reached forward and changed the channel on the station and Dean's jaw tensed.

“I told you to leave the stereo alone.”

She raised an eyebrow at him.

“Well I didn’t like the song they were playing.”

“Damn it Jo!”

She rolled her eyes as she moved around in her seat to get comfortable. Being pregnant was no picnic and being on the road with Dean was both frustrating and exciting. Although lately it had been more frustrating than anything.

“Why don’t you shut up Dean? I’m sick and tired of you being such an ass. Focus on the job and stop being such an idiot.”

Dean opened his mouth, but slammed it shut a second later and just shook his head. He was so tired of Jo’s mood swings. Dean didn’t ask for much, all he wanted was to listen to his music while they were on the road. After their last job he thought things had gotten better.

But he was wrong. It was finally time for Dean to admit that having Jo on the road with him and Sammy was a bad idea. He couldn’t keep this up. Sam’s voice brought him out of his thoughts.

“Dean STOP!”

Jo’s hands reached out and held onto the dashboard to prevent herself from flying forward when Dean slammed on the breaks.


Dean’s voice cut off as the Impala screeched to a halt. Outside the car was Molly McNamara. Dean’s eyes widened. Jesus, Sammy was right…thought Dean.

Chapter 2

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