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Banner By: Franica
Title: Cravings
Rating: PG-13
Author: Sxymami0909
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Dean/Jo Sam
Word Count: 650
Prompt: chocolate from Nani1986
Verse: This is a drabble in my ‘Happy Endings’ Verse

Dean grumbled as he pulled open the door to the impala, shoved himself behind the wheel, and started the car. He glanced at the read out on the clock as he pulled out of the motel parking lot.

The red numbers glared back at him as his sleep fogged brain tried to remember which direction the Seven Eleven they’d passed on the way into town was. It was three in the morning and Jo was craving chocolate. Dean was irritated.

They had spent four hours earlier dealing with a ghoul who just wouldn’t die and he had just gotten to sleep less than two hours ago only to be woken up by his pregnant girlfriend telling him she needed chocolate. He cared about Jo, honest he did, but that woman was gonna be the death of him.

It took him fifteen minutes to find the store. He had just parked the car when his cell phone rang. Dean sighed and dug around in his pocket before pulling it out and flipping it open. “Yeah?”


He rolled his eyes. Who the hell else would be answering his phone at 3:15 in the morning? There was a slight edge to his voice when he spoke. “Yes, Jo.”

“Are you on your way back?”

He got out of the car slamming the door shut harder than he meant to. “No I just got here.”

“Great! Do you think you can pick up some ice cream too? Chunky Monkey?”

Dean frowned as he pushed the doors to the Seven Eleven open heading for the candy isle. “Chunky who?”

“Chunky Monkey. Ohh and maybe a snickers bar…no wait that one with the coconut in the blue package.”

Dean clenched his jaw; he was two seconds away from pulling his hair out. He scanned the rows of candy and found the Mounds. He lifted a few bars in his hand as he ignored Jo’s prattling on the phone.


He winced holding the phone away from his ear. “Christ Jo, what?”

“Don’t forget the ice cream, oh and Sam wants some gum.”

Dean sighed. “Sam’s up?”

“Uh, yeah I sorta had to wake him up because I couldn’t find my phone.”

“Wonderful. I’ll see you in a little bit.” He didn’t wait for a reply just snapped the phone shut. He moved around the store grabbing a bunch a candy bars, some chips, and a pack of gum. He made his way to the register and the kid behind the counter raised an eyebrow as he dumped a load of stuff on the counter.

“Dude…that’s a lot of food.”

He glared at the kid and tossed his credit card of the week at him. “Yeah well I’ve got a crazy pregnant woman in my motel room. Do you have pie here?”

“Nah man no pie.”

It took ten minutes to get everything paid for and in bags before he was walking back to the car and heading back to the motel. Another fifteen minutes later he was parking back in the motel lot, struggling to keep his eyes open.

He pushed the door open and found his brother sitting up flipping through channels on the TV. Dean grunted as he tossed the bags on the table. He raised an eyebrow at Sam. “Where’s Jo?”

Sam pointed to the bed. Dean turned and his shoulders deflated. There in the middle of the bed, two pillows under her head, bundled in covers was Jo fast asleep. “When did she conk out?”

“Maybe ten minutes ago.” Sam gave Dean a sympathetic look.

He plopped down in a chair head in hands as he whined. “Damn it Sammy…I don’t think I can survive another seven months of this.”

Sam chuckled as he got up and rifled through the bag. He stopped and turned slowly to face his brother. “Dean…”


“Where’s the ice cream?”

Son of a bitch!”


  1. hahaha poor Dean!!

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