Saturday, April 14, 2012

What'd I Do


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Title: What’d I Do
Rating: PG-13
Author: Sxymami0909
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Dean/Jo
Word Count: 450
Verse: This is a drabble in my ‘Happy Endings’ Verse

Dean paced outside the motel room bathroom a mixture of concern and confusion on his face. They had just finished a hunt and stopped at a convenience store to stock up on essentials before hitting the road for the next job.

The minute they walked through the door Jo headed straight for the bathroom and she’d been in there ever since. He grunted and Sam watched as his brother’s frustration levels rose. “Calm down Dean. Maybe it’s you know…that time of the month and she needs some privacy.”

Dean shook his head. “It’s not.”

Sam scrunched his nose and made a face. He wasn’t sure whether to be comforted or grossed out by the fact that Dean followed Jo’s cycle. Although knowing his brother it was less about being supportive and more about when he wouldn’t be able to have sex.

Dean knocked on the door for the tenth time. “Jo you okay? What’s going on in there?”

They heard a clink before her voice floated out from behind the door. “God damn it!”

Dean frowned when another thunck was heard this time against the door, her voice growing louder with each noise. “Crap…”


“Son of a bitch…”


“Holy mother Mary of god…”

Dean made a face at Sam. “Is she praying in there?”

Sam shrugged as another noise sounded from inside the small bathroom.



Dean opened his mouth, but before he could say anything the bathroom door burst open a wild eyed Jo glowering at him. Dean took a few steps back as she stalked into the room and chucked one white plastic stick after another at him.

Dean yelped and ducked, hands covering his face as each stick flew at him, hitting him in a different spot every time. “Damn it Jo! What in the hell is your problem?”

Sam glanced between them before looking down at the flying objects. He moved off the bed and bent down picking one stick up off the floor. His eyes widened. “Oh shit.”

Jo’s irritated voice filled the room. “Look at what you did you…you stupid man child!”

Dean’s brow creased. “What’d I do?”

She walked toward him with the last stick and poked him in the chest with it, motioning for him to take it. He raised an eyebrow and took it cautiously from her hand, afraid to make any sudden movements. He turned it over and gave it a quick look.

Dean froze as he glanced down at the pregnancy test in his hands. He looked up at Jo and opened his mouth floundering for words. “Is this…are you…”

Jo nodded. “That’s right douche bag…you knocked me up.”

Son of a bitch…”


  1. OMG!!!!! There can't be a funnier way to tell someone that they knocked you up! Hahaha! lol :D
    Cute Dean 'What'd I do?' Hahaha! :D