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Secondhand Reward

Banner By: Sanaesira
Title: Secondhand Reward
Rating: PG-13
Author: Sxymami0909
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Jo-Centric, Gabriel, Dean
Word Count: 1355
Prompt: “it’s come to my attention that humans have a knack for choosing precisely the things that are worst for them” written for Fandom_Fridays week #31

Jo peered through the window from across the street as a small boy tugged on Dean’s hand causing a smile to break out on the oldest Winchester’s face. She glanced away and took in her surroundings. The trees, basketball hoop, and even a small swing set towards the side of the house in the backyard.

Suburbia at its best. Her heart clenched, but she ignored it and turned away from the domestic scene in front of her. Dean had finally gotten what he’d always wanted…a family. He seemed happy and she wasn’t going to be the one to ruin that.

Jo was about to head down the street and back toward her car when she heard a fluttering of wings beside her. She sighed and glanced over her shoulder. Gabriel was leaning against a tree, smirk firmly planted on his face as he waved at her.

She frowned and shook her head.

“I’m not doing it.”

“He needs to know about Sam.”

She let out a frustrated growl, spinning around toward him as she threw her hands up in the air.

“It’s not gonna happen Gabe, so back off do you hear me? Or I’ll sick Anna on your ass.”

Gabriel held his hands up in a ‘relax’ gesture as he pushed away from the tree making his way to her.

“Whoa chill out there Barbie. What have I told you about flying off the handle?”

She raised an eyebrow.

“What have I told you about calling me Barbie or Combat Barbie? It’s insulting, cut it out.”

He rolled his eyes and made a face.

“It’s affectionate. When I told you it was time to find Dean and Bobby you were happy…what changed?”

Jo shrugged and kicked at a pebble on the sidewalk.


He frowned at the woman in front of him. Her body was tense and she seemed upset.


She glanced up at the use of her name and when their eyes met he could see the pain in hers.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

Gabriel sighed as he studied her carefully.

“Because…I needed you to be the one to tell him and I knew you wouldn’t do it if you knew about it.”

She shook her head, crossing her arms over her chest as she stood her ground.

“You had to have known I’d figure it out the minute I got here.”

“I did, but it’s come to my attention that humans have a knack for choosing precisely the things that are worst for them and so I figured the temptation of being here, seeing him would be enough to get you to approach him.”

She shook her head, body deflating slightly, voice soft as she spoke.

“Well not this time and not this human. He’s got a family Gabe. I’m not pulling him back into this life. We can handle this without him.”

He watched her turn and start to walk away again. He called out to her, voice loud.

“He’d want to know Jo! He’d want to know about Sam…and about you.”

“Then get Bobby to do it, because I won’t.”

Gabriel should have known she’d react like this. That she’d see his new life and play martyr. Jo would never believe him if he told her Dean had tried to sell his soul three times to bring her back.

That he had yelled at the sky almost nightly for the first two months he lived there about how everyone he loved, including Jo was taken away and it wasn’t fair.

Gabriel shook his head, glanced back at the house one last time and froze as he caught sight of Dean. But the retired hunter didn’t notice. He was too busy looking at the blonde making her way down the street.

Dean was joking around with Ben when he caught movement outside out of the corner of his eyes. He let out a chuckle at Ben’s attempt to grab the CD before handing it to him and telling him to go find his mom. He watched the 10-year-old go with a smile as he moved over to the window.

Dean sucked in a deep breath when he caught a glimpse of shiny blonde curls. His body tensed as the pettite woman argued with someone before walked away. When she turned his heart stuttered, hammering in his chest. Jo.

All thought left his mind as he ran to the front door, pulled it open and practically leapt down the porch steps. Gabriel swallowed hard. He watched as Dean’s body picked up speed and called out to her.


Her body tensed, but she didn’t stop moving, if anything she sped up.

“Joanna Beth Harvelle….I know that’s you, I’d know that ass anywhere! Damn it Jo stop! Jo please…”

The pleading in his voice almost had her turning to face him, but she couldn’t, she wouldn’t do this to him. She’d let him go once she could do it again. They had a group of people; enough to fight whatever was coming and let Dean have his normal life. After everything he’d been through he deserved it.

Gabriel could feel waves of panic and pain coming from Jo the closer Dean got to her. Before he had a chance to second guess himself he was by her side grabbing her arm. She glanced at him and nodded.

Dean finally recognized the archangel and pushed himself even harder as he realized what the Angel was doing.

“Gabriel…no don’t you do it you son of a bitch…NO!”

Dean’s startled cry rang out in the empty street as they disappeared from sight leaving him panting hands on his knees with a deep agony settling in his chest. He’d lost her…again. Jo jerked from Gabriel’s hand as they appeared in the motel room in Nebraska.

The laughter in the room stopped as a startled Anna, Ava, and Madison glanced up at their sudden entrance. The atmosphere grew tense and Gabriel opened his mouth, not really sure what to say.


“Don’t…just don’t.”

She moved away from him and towards the bathroom with tears in her eyes. The door slammed shut behind her and he winced. Worry crossed Ava and Madison’s faces as Anna sighed.

“I told you to tell her.”

He glared at the red haired Angel.

“Yeah well, I didn’t think it was a good idea.”

“Did he see her?”

Gabriel nodded.

“He’ll come for her…you’re aware of that right?”

“I know.”

Anna raised an eyebrow before understanding settled on her face, disapproval coloring her tone.

“You really are a bastard aren’t you? That was your plan all along wasn’t it? That’s why you wanted Jo to go? The minute he saw her face you knew he’d come looking for answers and find all of us. Damn it Gabriel…you can’t keep manipulating things to your whim. If you keep it up you won’t be any better than the traitors up there.”

She pointed to the sky and he shook his head.

“I’m setting things right, keeping balance. That’s my job. Dean was never supposed to settle down with some women he barely knows and you know that. The final battle should have been his last where he would have been rewarded with the life he’d always wanted, not a secondhand knock off.”

Anna was silent for a moment before she spoke quietly.

“And what about Jo, Gabriel? Do you care about the pain she’s feeling right now? The pain you caused?”

He sighed. He did care, but he wished he didn’t.

“Yes, but she’ll thank me for it later. Listen I’ve gotta go, Castiel has a twenty on Sam. Follow up with him before you guys take off for your next hunt. I’ll be around.”

Anna heard the fluttering of wings and he was gone. She shook her head; sometimes she just didn’t understand him. She could almost feel Dean packing his bag, getting ready to go on the road, scour the globe for Jo if he had to.

She sighed. Gabriel was right about one thing humans really did have a knack for choosing precisely the things that are worst for them.

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