Saturday, April 9, 2011

This World or The Next

Title: This World or The Next
Rating: PG-13
Author: Sxymami0909
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Dean-Centric implied Dean/Jo
Word Count: 1,200
Song: “Home” Daughtry from lightthesparks

It figured that in this moment he would notice every trivial detail around him, everything he always took for granted. A light breeze blew through the air, the faint smell of honeysuckle and decay invading his nostrils. The sky was a blanket of darkness filled with embers of light that burned deeper than he’d ever seen them.

Somewhere in the back of his head he heard the resounding bang of a rifle being fired, but he ignored it. It didn’t matter. It was as if time itself had stopped around him. He could feel the tension ebb out of his body as he stared into the night trying to hide the pain he felt.

It was as if everything in that moment had become clear. He’d spent his teenage years trying to hold together a family that had only existed in his mind, a memory gone awry. And he’d spent every day since his father died looking for a place to belong.

Traveling through countless states, cities, towns and yet he was still an outsider. Saving people, hunting things, the family business. Changing lives, but never sticking around long enough for someone or something to change his. It had taken years, and at first he disregarded the feeling because he didn’t understand it.

But he did now. There was only one place he’d ever felt at home, one place where no matter what he did, he was surrounded by understanding, comfort, love. How could he not have seen it? How could he have wasted all that time?

He’d had a place all along, people right under his nose that considered him family, he just hadn’t realized it, or he’d been too stubborn to admit it. But it was time. He was tired of running, fighting. He didn’t regret the life he had chosen for himself.

He revealed in it, it’s who he was. But the places and the faces all around him were getting old. His body was battle weary and not for the first time he admitted to himself that he wanted more. He wanted the house, the family, hell maybe even a wife and a rugrat or two.

The past few weeks it had felt like they’d never get there. It seemed the miles were getting longer the closer he got to his destination, but here he was and there was no going back. It was time for him to go home.

His eyes blinked rapidly as he tried to focus on his thoughts. The breeze had picked up, the cold seeping in and for a minute he wished he had his dad’s leather jacket, but seconds later the thought was gone.

He squeezed his eyes shut and he felt the air around him shift and still. His body felt warm and when a glare appeared behind his eyes he opened them out of sheer curiosity. He was startled as he glanced at the empty field before him.

He spun around and sucked in a ragged breath. Heartbeat thumping erratically against his chest as he swallowed hard. Blonde curls shimmered in the sunlight, as her curvy body leaned against the Impala. Her lips glistened as they turned up at the corner smirk forming on her face.

She raised an eyebrow at the confusion on his face and at her wave his body was propelled into motion. He was in front of her in less than ten steps, hands cupping her cheeks, awe on his face. She bit her lip, humor dancing in her eyes as he gaped at her.


She chuckled, and her soft laughter flowed through him sending a wave of warmth through his entire body.

“You expecting someone else?”

He had never been good to her. He wasn’t always the best man or friend, but he was there when it counted. He went to her when she called for help. Stood by her side and fought with her and when she saved his life it had broken his heart.

He had understood then, but he ignored it. Tried to go on pretending it didn’t hurt, that he wasn’t wrecked inside and out and it had almost cost them their lives. So in the end he’d accepted it and her love had kept him going. Her unyielding faith, how she seemed to always give him another try even when he didn’t deserve it.

His thumb unconsciously brushed against her cheek as her small hand reached out gripping his shirt and pulling him closer. He breathed her in and he didn’t think he’d ever smelt anything better in his life. Head against her hair, mouth by her ear as he spoke.

“How? Am I dreaming?”

She pushed him back lightly brown eyes meeting green and shook her head.

“No, you’re not dreaming.”

He opened his mouth when memories rushed through him like a rollercoaster. One image after the other blending together to form a picture of the last few months and then the last few hours. She watched him as everything came back and then he understood.

Red-rimmed eyes met hers as a smirk appeared on his lips.

“I guess technically this counts as later.”

She gave him a chastising look.

“Mmm, I guess it does. How long?”

“Six months almost to the day.”

He watched her face soften as she reached out hand grazing his face.

“You’ve been counting the months?”

He leaned in slowly giving her a chance to pull away before placing a brief kiss against her lips. His voice was hoarse, eyes wet.

“Months, days, occasionally hours if I’m really bored.”

She chuckled and he felt like he would burst.

“I see some things never change. So…you ready?”

He frowned.

“For what?”

She rolled her eyes and motioned to the car.

“To go home. Everyone’s waiting.”

He swallowed hard as she let go of his hand and moved around the car, but before she could get far he spun her around to face him, confusion filled her face as he smiled.

“Just one minute. There’s something I need to say first.”

“Well let’s have it then.”

“I love you…and I’m sorry it took an apocalypse for me to realize it.”

She moved into his arms placing a chaste kiss against his cheek.

“Better late than never Winchester. Let’s get a move on…it’s a pretty long road.”

She turned and finished her trek around the car, pulling the passenger door open before glancing up at him a mischievous look in her eyes.

“Oh yeah, and by the way I kinda love you too.”

He chuckled, pulling the door open and sliding behind the wheel. She tossed him the keys. He started the car, engine purring beneath him. He let out a content sigh and placed an arm around Jo. When he glanced up, a road had appeared in the middle of the field.

He grinned, shifted the car in gear and then they were speeding down the highway. Wind whipping around them, sun blazing high in the sky, on his way to see the people he cared about most.

Dean Winchester was finally going home, back to the place where he belonged and nothing in this world or the next could have made him happier.

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