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Snapshots: Alongside The Impala


Banner By: Franica
Title: Snapshots- Alongside The Impala
Rating: NC-17
Author: Sxymami0909
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Sam/Jo
Word Count: 1,663
Verse: ‘They used to be Happy’ snapshots into Sam and Jo’s life before the apocalypse and the downfall of their relationship.

Jo moaned as Sam’s mouth pressed against her neck sucking hard. It was three in the morning and they’d just gotten back from one of the local bars. She hadn’t seen him in over a month and as much as she appreciated Sam taking their relationship slow, she was tired of waiting.

Jo leaned her body back alongside the impala pulling Sam against her by his belt. He pressed into her and when she shifted, rubbing against him he groaned. Jo reached for the zipper on his pants and his body tensed, hand moving over hers stilling its movements.

Jo glanced at him eyebrow raised, an inquisitive expression on her face. He swallowed as his voice squeaked lightly.

“What are you doing?”

Jo chuckled lightly.

“What does it look like I’m doing?”

Sam glanced around the empty parking lot before turning his head back toward Jo. It was dark, a light breeze blowing through the air, lifting tendrils of her hair and whipping them around her face. He could feel the goose bumps on the flesh of her arm.

“The room’s only a few feet away, come on.”

He started to move away from her, but she entwined their hands and shook her head as she yanked his body back towards her.

“I can’t wait that long. God I’ve been waiting forever Sammy…no one’s here.”

He hesitated as she pulled one of his large hands to her hip. Jo stood on her tips toes, hot breath on his ear as she spoke in a throaty voice.

“I’m so wet for you Sammy…please.”

Sam inhaled deeply as she took his other hand as if to prove her point, and starting at her knee moved it slowly up her silky leg. With her guidance callused fingers ran up her thigh pushing the thin cotton of her dress with it.

She bit her bottom lip as she pressed one of his fingers against her center moaning deep in her throat. Sam was close to losing control. He could feel the warmth through her panties and Jo was right, she was ridiculously wet.

He bent his finger slightly and her breath hitched. He’d wanted their first time together to be special. He didn’t want to have sex with Jo in some random motel parking lot, but he wasn’t sure he could stop himself.

Sam flexed his fingers and started rubbing her through her panties as he moved in crushing her body between his tall frame and the impala. Jo grasped onto his bicep as he pushed past her panties and slid one long, thick finger inside of her.
He bent his head down, speaking against her ear never breaking the rhythm his hand had set up.

“This isn’t how I wanted things to go. You’re better than some quick fuck against the impala Jo…we can still go inside…I can stop…”

She opened her mouth right as he thrust a second finger inside her and the only thing that came from her was a mewling noise. His pace quickened and Jo knew they weren’t going anywhere despite Sam’s words. She was close, her hips undulating in time with his hand.

Sam looked down at Jo, face flushed, eyes closed in concentration as she rode his hand. His eyes traveled lower, her nipples visible through the fabric of her dress. He licked his lips before bending down, hot mouth closing over her nipple as he pushed his thumb hard against her clit.

Jo cried out, body arching, pushing her dress covered breast further into his mouth. Sam sucked hard, flicking her clit in time with his thrusting fingers. He could feel her muscles clenching around him which only spurred him on.

He pushed a third finger inside of her, pinched her clit and she came hard with a startled cry, her juices saturating his fingers. Her body was limp against the impala and when she felt Sam’s body shifting her eyes fluttered open.

She frowned lightly as she watched him bending down. His eyes met hers and he sent her a mischievous grin. His hands slithered up her legs grasping her thighs spreading them apart. Jo swallowed hard at the darkened look in his eyes,

Sam took one of her legs, lifted it, and placed it over his shoulder before pushing her dress aside and sticking his head between her legs. He snapped the elastic on the sides of her panties before gripped her hips tightly.

The scrap of satin fell to the pavement and she felt his warm breath against her heated flesh. He blew a stream of cool air on her sensitive skin and a wave of moisture pooled between her thighs.

“Oh god…please…”

Sam grinned as used two fingers to open her to his eyes. At the first touch of his tongue her head slammed back against the impala. She couldn’t believe this was happening. He slid two fingers inside of her, his tongue delving into her body before his lips closed over her clit sucking in time with his plunging fingers.

Jo was on the verge of another orgasm as Sam worked her over with his mouth. Hands tangling in his hair, yanking, pulling as she panted his name her voice echoing in the empty lot. He knew she was close, he curved his finger inside her, hitting her g-spot.


Her body tensed as she came, Sam lapping up every last drop. Sweat dripped down her back and her body was drained. He placed her leg back on the ground as he stood, face glistening in the dim light. Jo’s legs felt like jello and she watched as he wiped his mouth on the sleeve of his shirt.
He nudged her towards the trunk of before lifting her body easily onto the impala. Jo’s ass met the cool metal and she hissed as the rasp of a zipper caught her attention. She licked her lips as Sam pushed his pants and boxers out of the way.

Her eyes widened at his size and he stroked his cock a few times before positioning himself at her entrance. His hand dug into her hip as he slid the head of his cock past her slick folds teasing her.

“You still wanna do this?”

“God yes…stop teasing Sammy just…”

The words were lost as he slammed into her body hard. Jo let out a startled cry as he stretched her body to the point of being painful. His strokes were long and hard and Jo met him thrust for thrust. One large hand reached up pulling down the strap of her dress, exposing her bare breast to the cool night air.

He watched her nipples peak even more if it was possible as he leaned over her capturing one in his mouth sucking her like a new born. Too many sensations were going through Jo at once. His tongue and teeth against her breast, the cool breeze against the other.

His cock sliding in and out of her with ease. Every nerve ending in her body was on fire. She grasped at his back nails racking down leaving marks, but that only seemed to spur him on. He mouth switched breasts, and he quickened his pace as his hand slipped between them rubbing her oversensitive clit.

She could feel herself coming apart again but right before her body was able to reach its climax Sam pulled away from her leaving her feeling empty and vulnerable. She opened her eyes and whimpered at the loss. He pulled her body off the car and held her steady.

“Relax, turn around and put your hands on the trunk.”

She turned and the minute her hands where on the trunk Sam was plunging back into her from behind. His finger moved back to her clit as he pushed her over the impala, flesh slapping hard against flesh. Sam groaned.

She was tight her body gripping him like a vice. He flicked her clit faster as his other hand stretched up pinching her nipple. He felt her walls clenching around his cock as she cried his name for the third time that night. Squeezing him, two more thrust and he let out a growl as he came inside her.

His arm stretched out hand on the trunk, body pinning her front against the car as his other hand still moved against her clit, her muscles continuing to spasm around him. Her voice was hoarse as she put her hand against his moving it away from her body.

“No more…please…I can’t…”

Her breathing was heavy and he let her push his hand away. It was silent for a few minutes before he slowly pulled out of her, tucking himself back into his clothes. Jo shifted, wincing as she pushed her dress back down. She leaned against the car, grin on her face.

“Jesus…I don’t think I’ve ever come so much in one sitting.”

The awe in her voice made him chuckle as he leaned in cupped her cheek and placed a chaste kiss on her lips.

“You haven’t seen anything yet.”

She peeled her sticky skin off the impala. Sam glanced at his brother’s car and winced. Thank god Dean was asleep in his motel room or he’d kick his ass.

“What’s wrong?”

“Dean will kill me if he finds out we had sex against his car.”

Jo wrapped her arms around Sam’s neck.

“Well let’s make sure he never finds out then.”

Sam nodded.

“Go idea…come on its cold out here.”

He placed an arm around her shoulders pulling her towards his chest, her arms on his stomach as they walked across the lot to their room, shutting the door behind them. A curtain shifted in the distance before slipping shut.

He took a deep breath, ran a hand over his face and shook his head, lips sliding into a smirk as he chuckled while walking back to bed. Go for Sammy, but his brother was definitely a dead man com morning…

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  1. Dean is totally a peeping Tom! lol
    I loved this one but I'm not a huge fan of "newborn" imagery during porn lol
    Other than that, great work!