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Everything I Need (1/10)

Title: Everything I Need
Rating: R
Pairing: Dean/Jo Sam/Madison
Spoilers: All of Season 1 and Season 2
Disclaimer: I own nothing; Kripke is the keeper of all…although if I were him I would have taken better care of Jo and Ellen. *Sigh*
Author’s Note: Okay seriously…I realize this series can go on forever. I’m only in season two episode 18. So if at any point this story gets stale please let me know. I will mostly follow the episode plots, but with…well some cannon obviously. I have a plan…sort of an end point to this little mini-series, but I’m not sure you guys will…like it LOL. So when it gets closer to the end I’ll give you a choice and post a poll to see where your heads are at. Anyway sorry for the rant. On with the story!
Category: Romance, Supernatural, Humor,
Summary: Sam and Dean head back to the Roadhouse, ditch Jo and Madison (not ditch ditch lol) before hitting up Hollywood! Hilarity ensues…and with a Shotgun wielding Ellen, a Hormonal Jo, and a not so cured werewolf, the Winchester brothers might not be welcome back at the Roadhouse when their job is done…

Chapter 1

The Roadhouse

Dean ran a hand through his hair as he stood outside the passenger side of the Impala. He took a calming breath and tried the handle again. It was still locked. He growled as he slammed his hand on the roof of the car. Madison jumped slightly at the noise, and Sam gave Dean a sympathetic look as he yelled.

“Open the door Jo!”

He watched as she ignored him and flipped to the next page in her magazine. Dean was fuming. They got to the Roadhouse twenty minutes ago. Sam and Madison had gotten out of the car to get the bags, and when Dean got out to help them he left the keys in the ignition.

Seconds later Jo had shut the car off and proceeded to lock him out of it. Apparently she was still pissed about him deciding to drop her off at the Roadhouse before he and Sam went back to California for their next job. Waste of time yes, but he had wanted to bring Jo home before working another case.

He was trying incredibly hard to be mature, really he was, but she was making it increasingly difficult. Jo had been pissy the whole ride to Nebraska and had barely spoken to him. Now he couldn’t even get her to let him in his own car. He counted to ten, silently apologized to his car for hitting it, and spoke again in a deceptively quiet voice.

“Jo…I swear…if you don’t open the damn door I’m gonna…”

Sam placed a hand on his brother’s shoulder cutting off his sentence abruptly.

“Dean come on…you’ve spent the last ten minutes trying to get her out of the car. Leave her be. She’ll come out when she’s ready. I want to introduce Maddie to Ellen.”

Dean ran a hand over his face, bent down so he was level with Jo’s window, and pointed at her.

“We’re not done. You don’t want to come out? Fine. I’m gonna go old school on your ass. I’m telling your mother.”

Jo continued flipping through the pages as she heard Dean swear several times before they made their way into the Roadhouse. When she couldn’t see them anymore she put the magazine down and leaned back in the seat. She didn’t like fighting with Dean, but he was an ass.

Jo knew that Dean had made the right decision. She was pregnant and it was time she stopped putting their child in danger. That didn’t mean she’d give up hunting though, it just meant she’d stop going on hunts until the baby was born.

But still, he hadn’t even consulted her and that’s what she was mad about. He’d made the decision alone. Basically even if she didn’t agree, he didn’t care. He absolutely refused to keep her on the road with him anymore.

The thought that there was more to it than protecting her made Jo’s eyes tear up. Maybe he was looking for an out. He was probably tired of her always being around. This thing that started between them months ago…she knew he never intended it to be long term.

And now he was stuck with her, because Dean would never walk away from his responsibilities. That’s just not how he was raised. She swiped the tears away angrily and shook her head. These damn hormones were driving her crazy.

She was tired of the fluctuating mood swings. No wonder Dean didn’t want to be around her. She sighed. It had been nice having another girl on the road with them though. Madison was sweet, but not too sweet to be dating a Winchester. She held her own in the arguments, which proved to Jo that Sam had made the right choice.

He seemed happy and she was glad. At least someone is…her stomach growled and she made a face before rubbing her slightly swollen stomach. She glanced down at it and raised an eyebrow.

“You’re hungry huh? Make that two of us. Mmm I could go for some pie. How’s about you and mommy take daddy’s car for a little ride?”

She patted her stomach lightly and slid over to the driver’s seat before inserting the keys. The Impala purred to life and she grinned as she shifted the gears and pulled out of the Roadhouse lot. Let’s see how Dean likes this…

Dean led the way into the Roadhouse. Ellen was in the process of restocking the bar when she heard the door. She spoke without turning around.

“We’re closed.”

Dean grinned slightly. He’d never admit it in a million years, but he was glad to be back at the Roadhouse. It’s one of the only two places that felt remotely safe anymore, dare he say slightly homey.

“Even to us?”

Ellen’s head whipped around and she smiled, before making her way quickly around the counter.
“It’s about damn time you boys got here.”

She reached up and hugged Dean before moving towards Sam and the dark haired girl he had with him. Ellen raised an eyebrow at Sam. He gave her a wide smile.

“Ellen this is Madison, Maddie, this is Ellen, Jo’s mom.”

Madison shook Ellen’s hand.

“It’s nice to meet you. I’ve heard a lot about you.”

She glanced between Dean and Sam.

“Mmm from which Winchester? ‘Cause I’m sure anything said about me would be more flattering coming from Sam.”

Sam laughed, Dean snorted, and Ellen frowned as she glanced at him.

“Where’s Jo?”

Dean sent a glare towards Ellen and pointed toward the door.

“Your daughter locked herself in my car and won’t let me in.”

Ellen bit her lip to keep from laughing.

“What’d you do?”

Dean gave her an incredulous look.

“I didn’t do anything!”

“Mind your tone with me boy…”

Dean groaned before slapping a hand to his face.

“Can you please just come outside and get your daughter out of my car?

Ellen sighed as Sam and Madison snickered. Dean turned his glare on his brother.

“You two shut your pie holes! You haven’t made the situation any better.”

His outburst only made them laugh harder as Ellen fought to control her smile.

“Sam you know where the rooms in back are. Why don’t you and Madison get settled in while I help Dean?”

Sam nodded.

“Yes ma’am…come on Maddie I’ll show you around.”

When they disappeared around back Ellen turned to Dean.

“Come on…let’s go see what’s wrong with that daughter of mine.”

“She’s crazy that’s what’s wrong with her…”

He mumbled and Ellen shook her head at him. They made their way outside and came to a halt a foot or two outside the door. Ellen glanced around confused as a look of horror crossed Dean’s face. Before she could say anything Dean’s horror filled voice broke the silence.

“Jesus H. Christ….she took my car…for the love of god….damn it…she…she took the Impala…”

Ellen turned to Dean and his face had paled. She wasn’t sure how one person could be so attached to a car. Ellen nudged Dean and pushed him back into the Roadhouse. He went calmly, which she knew meant he was having some kind of car induced breakdown.

Ellen had no clue where Jo was, but wherever her daughter was she did know she better get back before Dean had a heart attack.

Chapter 2

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