Saturday, April 9, 2011

Everything I Need (2/10)

Chapter 2

The Roadhouse

Ellen checked on the burgers as Sam messed around with the fries in the deep fryer and Madison got drinks. She sighed. Ellen could hear Jo and Dean fighting from the front of the bar and she shook her head.

“Are they always like this?”

Sam shook his head as he pulled the fries out.

“No, well yeah, but things have been better lately…until Jo was…attacked. Then everything went to hell. Dean started being Dean and Jo…well she’s Jo…”

Ellen shook her head. She wasn’t sure which was worse, the fact that all Jo and Dean seemed to do was fight or that she agreed with Dean bringing Jo home. Ellen didn’t like Jo hunting in the first place, but Jo was an adult who could make her own decisions.

But after finding out she was pregnant, Jo should have been realistic about the situation and stayed here, but of course she went off half cocked with the Winchester brothers to go fight evil. Madison’s voice interrupted her thoughts.

“So Mrs. Harvelle do you enjoy owning a bar?”

Ellen turned toward Madison and chuckled.

“It’s Ellen sweetie and yeah, most days it’s pretty decent. So tell me how you two met?”

They looked at each other before Sam rolled his eyes good naturedly at Ellen.

“We saved Maddie from becoming a werewolf.”

Ellen nodded.

“One less werewolf is always good. When are you guys heading out on your next hunt?”

Sam scratched the back of his head.

“Uh soon actually. We gotta head back to California. I was actually wondering Ellen…is there any chance that Maddie could stay here with you and Jo until we get back?”


Relief filled Sam’s face and Madison smiled.

“Thanks Ellen…and I can earn my keep…I’ve bartended before and I’m not a horrible waitress.”
“Well we can use all the help we can get. Having you and Jo here will be nice.”

There was a crash from the other room and the three of them winced. It was time to finish cooking lunch and fast before her daughter killed Dean…or vice versa.

Dean ducked as Jo tossed a beer bottle in his direction. He grunted and glared at her.

“Stop it! This is ridiculous. You’re in the wrong here Jo. You stole the Impala!”

She rolled her eyes.

“I didn’t steal you precious car. Your spawn was hungry so I ran to the dinner down the road and got some pie! I even brought a piece back for you…It was gonna be a peace offering, but now you can shove it up your ass!”

Jo was trying to calm down, she knew all this fighting probably wasn’t good for the baby, but Dean had pissed her off to new levels. When she came back from getting pie and decided to try and patch things up with him before he left she had no clue she would be walking into a war zone.
Dean had practically attacked her when she came through the door screaming about his car. Yeah, she knew he’d be pissed, but she hadn’t thought he’d get that mad. She glanced up and watched Dean lift his hands in a frustrated gesture.

“You locked me out and then took it without asking. That’s steeling!”

“Yeah and that’s something you’d know all about. Isn’t it?”

He glared at her and she shrugged.

“It’s the truth.”

“You’re being a bitch.”

“And you’re being a douche…”

Dean let out a frustrated yell before pointing in her direction.

“You drive me INSANE! Do you realize that? I don’t care what you want…I don’t care why you’re mad. Just get over it. Sam and I are leaving. We have a job and you need to stay here. End of story. You don’t like it too bad.”

Jo felt her heart clench at his words. She could feel the tears coming, but she fought them off. Her face turned hard as she looked at Dean. Over her shoulder he could see Ellen, Sam, and Madison making their way into the room as Jo spoke.

“Fine! You know what I think that’s a good idea. Better yet why don’t you leave right now and don’t bother coming back!”

Ellen, Sam and Madison froze and the anger drained off of Dean’s face. They glanced between the two and saw shock flitter across Dean’s face before it was covered by his impassive mask. His voice was low when he spoke.

“You don’t mean that.”

Jo nodded.

“Yes I do. Get out…Get out and don’t come back Dean. I don’t want you here…this thing between us was a fling from the beginning…you never wanted more and I don’t want you to be stuck with me just because the condom broke.”


She cut him off.

“No…I’m done.”

She turned and noticed the three people watching her. Tears pooled in her eyes as she started walking toward her old room. Dean took a step forward and called out to her.

“Damn it Jo! Stop being such a drama queen. Come back…we’ll talk…”

His voice trailed off when she turned and yelled at him.

“I don’t want to talk. I’m serious Dean…after today I never want to see your face here again!”

As she turned away from him again his jaw clenched and he balled his fists. He was irritated…frustrated and angry, but most of all he was hurting…Fine Jo wanted to be that way he didn’t need her. He’d do fine without her just like he did before she came along.

He was no one’s bitch. He didn’t need some chick. Not even Jo Harvelle…His brows furrowed and he screamed back at her as she was turning the corner to the back rooms.

“Good! Thank god ‘cause I don’t wanna be here anyway!”

She was gone when he finished his sentence and he swallowed hard before glancing over at Ellen, Sam and Madison. Madison was giving him a look of disapproval. She handed Sam the food she was carrying and she went in the back after Jo.

Dean rubbed a hand over his face, moved toward the bar and sat down. Sam plopped down next to him and Ellen went around the counter and got a bottle of whiskey. She poured some in a glass and slid it over to Dean.

He glanced up and she could see the pain in his eyes. She sighed. Jo and Dean were two of the most stubborn people Ellen had ever known. At this rate her grandbaby would never have a real family. Dean took the glass and the liquor was gone in seconds.

“What happened?”

Dean let out a bitter chuckled.

“I have no clue. We were fighting…and then she just…”

His voice trailed off and Sam gave Ellen a worried look. Before he could say anything Dean pushed the glass away lightly and stood.

“We should head out Sammy. It’s gonna take us a while to get back to California.”

Sam stood and frowned.

“You can’t be serious.”

“Of course I’m serious…we got a job to do.”


“Don’t. It’s none of your business Sam. So stay the hell out of it. Go say goodbye to your little girlfriend and let’s go.”

Sam glared at his brother before going to find Madison. Ellen watched Dean pace around like a caged animal. She wasn’t sure what was going through his head right now and she was almost afraid to ask. When they first told her Jo was pregnant she had worried Dean would take off.

And he told her he wouldn’t go anywhere unless Jo told him to. If Jo asked him to leave he’d go if that’s what she felt was best. Right now though, Ellen didn’t think her daughter knew what the hell she was doing. Dean and Jo were so much alike and Ellen felt that was part of why things were so hard for them.

Ellen’s voice broke the silence.

“Dean…sweetie sit down and wait for Sam.”

Dean made a face, but he sat down on one of the stools. The tension in the room was thick and Ellen wasn’t sure if she should ask him what was going through that thick skull of his. She was about to open her mouth when he spoke.

“The job shouldn’t take more than a couple of days.”

Ellen nodded and busied herself with cleaning things near her.

“And then what?”

Dean raised an eyebrow.

“And then nothing…I’ll be back until the next job.”

Ellen looked up in surprise and met his eyes. She should've know by now never to judge Dean by outward appearances. She’d keep it in mind for the future.

“You thought I’d just leave?”

Ellen looked away and picked up a dish cloth.

“You said a while back if she asked you to, you would…”

Dean waved Ellen’s words off.

“She was angry…that wasn’t a rational conversation where she said ‘hey Dean by the way I think you’re a menace to my life and our child’s life please leave so we can be happy and safe without you.’ That was an 'I’m mad because you yelled at me about a car fight.' She can’t get rid of me that easily.”

Sam and Madison took that moment to walk toward Dean and Ellen. Sam was rubbing Madison’s back as she glared at Dean.

“You’re an ass you know that?”

“Aww thanks Maddie…love you too.”

She motioned to the hallway.

“Your pregnant girlfriend is balling her eyes out because you’re an insensitive bastard!”

Dean glared at Madison and spoke in a warning tone.


Sam sighed and motioned for Madison to stop.

“I’ll call you when we get to California okay?”

She crossed her arms over her chest and nodded.

“Okay, be careful and kick some ass.”

Sam grinned and leaned in placing a gentle kiss on her lips. When they broke apart she smiled. Dean nodded towards Ellen.

“I’ll call in a day or two…see if she’s calmed down any.”

“Make sure you check in…”

Dean grunted and Sam nodded.

“Yes ma’am.”

Ellen walked over and stood next to Madison as they watched the boys get in the car and leave. She could see the worry on Madison’s face and she placed an arm over the girl’s shoulders.

“Come on…let’s go check on Jo…you know I think I know something that’ll cheer her up.”

They turned and started in the direction of the back. Madison smiled.

“Oh yeah? What?”

Ellen grinned.

“Have you ever shot a gun before?”

Madison shook her head and Ellen chuckled. It would definitely be an interesting week or so.

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  1. i cant wait for the Ellen/Jo/Maddie dynamic to really play out, i love them!