Saturday, April 9, 2011

True North

Title: True North
Rating: PG-13
Author: Reportergirl13
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: John/Ellen
Word Count: 1,082
Prompt: from xlivvielockex lonely nights

It was late and Ellen had just finished kicking everyone out for closing time. She stood behind the bar drying glasses when she heard the door creak open. She sighed to herself. She thought she told Jo to lock the damn door.

“We’re closed.”

“Even for old friends?”

Her hands froze, cloth dangling from the glass. Ellen swallowed hard. She’d know that voice anywhere. She looked up slowly and was met with deep brown eyes. Half a smile formed on his face as he stood waiting for confirmation that it was alright for him to be there.

Ellen cleared her throat, turned over the glass she had been cleaning and filled it to the brim with beer from the tap. John walked toward the bar, took down a stool, and sat on it before clasping his hand around the beer she slid to him and taking a long sip.

She watched his weary movements, the tired look on his face, and she held in a sigh. John Winchester had been in and out of her life ever since her husband Bill was killed on a hunt that he and John went on. For the first year, he didn’t show up at all. Just took off without a word.

But after that year of no contact, every few months or so he’d stop by, look in on them, but from the looks of it tonight wasn’t one of those nights. He took another swig of his beer and Ellen pulled out a bowl from under the counter and placed it in front of him. He glanced up and grinned.


She shrugged.

“What’s on that mind a yours?”

He shook his head and she could see him going through his thoughts…cataloging them, trying to focus enough of his left over energy to get out what he needed to say.

“I’m tired.”

“That ain’t surprising…John…why are you here?”

He met her eyes and that was enough of an answer. She knew why he was back. The same reason he always came back.

“It’s a lonely night Ell…I could use some company…”

When she didn’t say anything he sighed and put his glass down.

“Say the word and I’ll go.”

Ellen rolled her eyes heavenward at his theatrics.

“Nobody’s kickin’ you out…when have I ever turned you away John?”

He reached out and took her hand in his. His rough fingers glided across the soft skin as he brought it to his lips placing a warm kiss there. Ellen smirked as she saw a flicker of the spark she used to know enter his eyes.

“Mom where do you want these?”

Jo used her back to push through the door and when she turned around she saw John sitting at the bar. She grinned, put the bin down on the counter before, and jogging around the bar to John.

He smiled as she flung her arms around him. He laughed and hugged her back. Jo pulled away not long after and sat on a stool across from him.

“When’d you get here?”

“Couple minutes ago. Let me look at you…you’ve grown up since the last time I saw you. How’s that shot of yours coming?”

Jo smirked.

“Getting better…”


“Bulls eye.”

He nodded.

“I’m not surprised.”

Ellen watched the smile on her daughters face as she talked to John. Jo adored him and if Ellen didn’t know better she’d say John was pretty fond of Jo too. She knew he had two sons, hunters. He talked about them a lot. One of them was even Jo’s age. Her daughter’s voice broke through her thoughts.

“How long you stayin’?”

The smile left his face as he spoke.

“Gotta head out in the morning…”

She saw disappointment sweep through Jo, who tried to hide it.

“Oh…guess that makes sense. Well I’m gonna head to bed.”

She got off the stool and started to walk off when she turned, gave John another hug, and smirked slightly.

“You’ll stay for breakfast?”

Ellen watched as John gave Jo a tired smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes.

“I will.”

She nodded smiled at her mom and made her way in the back towards her room. Ellen glanced at John and he shrugged.

“You shouldn’t lie to her.”

“I’ll stay for breakfast.”

Ellen raised an eyebrow…

“You assume I’m inviting you to spend the night…”

Her voice trailed off as John got up and brushed a piece of her hair behind her ear. His eyes roamed over her face, body, everything. Drinking her in. He was closing in on the yellow eyed demon and he was pretty sure he wouldn’t make it out of the fight alive.

“Come on Ell…you know I hate to disappoint Jo…I told her I’d be here for breakfast.”

Ellen just chuckled and shook her head. There was amusement in her voice when she spoke.

“You’re a real bastard sometimes Winchester…you know that?”

He chuckled as she made her way around the bar so she was standing next to him. He cupped her cheek slowly, leaned in, and captured her lips with urgency. When he pulled away Ellen was breathless. She looked up at him and frowned.

“What’s goin’ on? Is everything okay John?”

He nodded quickly.

“Let’s go to bed.”

She opened her mouth to say something, but decided against it as she nodded. She knew she couldn’t press him for information he wasn’t willing to give. It never worked. Ellen shut the lights off in the bar as they made their way to her bedroom John’s arm around her waist, holding to it tightly.

Mary was the love of his life. He’d never love anyone the way he loved her. She was the reason for this fight, his life…but Ellen…something about her hard exterior had captured him from the beginning.

He regretted the hunt he had will Bill…he wished things had gone differently, but he didn’t for one second regret what he had with Ellen…it’s not too serious…and he’s not here all the time, but she’s his one constant…the thing he always finds his way back to no matter what.

If this was going to be their last night together he’d have to tell her everything…including what really happened with Bill…but not right now. Right now he just needed her. Because Ellen Harvelle was John Winchester’s guiding light.

When he felt himself being pulled into the darkness he came to her because she always knew how to light his way…she was his True North...

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