Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Promise Made, A Promise Kept

Title: A Promise Made, A Promise Kept
Rating: PG-13
Author: Reportergirl13
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Sam/Sarah
Word Count: 1,249
Prompt: from Countessmary second chances

New Paltz, New York

Sam sat in the car as he glanced at the building in front of him and sighed. It had been about a month since their dad died and Sam had needed a break. Ever since they’d gone to the Roadhouse and met Ellen and Jo his brother had been in this weird mating dance with Ellen’s daughter.

So thinking he was doing Dean a favor he asked if he could borrow the Impala for a few days to visit an old friend. Dean had wanted more details, but Jo told him to lay off and let ‘your little brother’ have some fun, and that’s when Sam decided he liked Jo Harvelle.

So he’d taken the Impala, with a warning from Dean that if he hurt his car he’d kick Sam’s ass, and drove all the way from Nebraska to New Paltz, New York…to Sarah. He still remembered their last conversation like it was yesterday. Sam closed his eyes and his thoughts drifted back to that day.

“There are a million things that I want to say to you, but for the life of me, I can’t think of one.”

Sam laughed as he swallowed hard.

“Yeah, I’ll miss you, too.”

She gave him a hopeful look when she spoke.

“You know, there’s a lesson in all of this.”

“What’s that?”

She smiled.

“We all got through this in one piece. I didn’t get hurt.”

“Yeah, I’m glad for that.”

She looked at him expectantly, gleam in her eye.

“So, maybe you’re not cursed. Maybe….maybe you’ll come back and see me.”

Sam nodded.

“I will. I promise.”

He turned and walked away. He heard the door close and he stopped, turned back around and knocked. She opened the door slightly startled as he reached in, pulled her to him and captured her lips with passion. She moaned into his mouth as he wrapped his arms around her.

Sam opened his eyes and swallowed hard. He could still feel the taste of her lips against his. She was the first girl he’d connected with since Jessica died and even though they’d only spent a few days together, he felt like he’d known her forever.

He pulled the keys out of the car and got out. It was now or never. He couldn’t sit outside her house all night long. There was a word for that, stalker. He pocketed the keys, walked up the path, and stood nervously in front of her door.

He reached up his hand to knock when the door was pulled open and Sarah practically barreled into him. She was startled by the chest she ran into and she rushed to apologize.

“Oh god, I’m sorry I didn’t realize…”

She looked up and her voice trailed off. Sam smiled at her, but there was an anxious look on his face. She could see him fidgeting as he stood there. Sam wasn’t sure what to expect. If she’d remember him, if she was angry or not so when she threw her arms around his neck and squeezed him tight he frowned.


It took him a minute to wrap his arms around her as his body relaxed, realizing that she wasn’t going to push him away. He closed his eyes and breathed her in. She smelled amazing. Like vanilla and cherries. When they pulled apart he brushed a piece of hair behind her ear and smiled.


She held the hand he had against her face and her eyes softened as she looked at him.


“I was worried you might have forgotten about me.”

She snorted lightly and he laughed.

“Not likely. Where’s your brother?”

Sam shrugged.

“I left him at a bar in Nebraska. I…I wanted to see you. Is this a bad time?”

She shook her head and pulled him inside.

“I was going to run to the gallery for a bit, but it can wait. How long are you staying?”

“A couple of days.”

Her face sobered and she swallowed hard as she tried not to look too disappointed.

“Right…well let’s not waste them then.”

She reached up and pulled his face to hers. She kissed him and he deepened the kiss, pulling her against him. She moved her hands to his shirt and he stopped her and pulled back so he could look at her face. He grinned.

“I’m happy that you missed me that much, but we have a few days. How about you let me take you to dinner. We’ll eat, maybe see a movie and uh I mean I can get a motel…”

She cut him off.

“You can stay here.”

He nodded and pulled her closer as he spoke in a low voice.

“Thanks. I just, I’d really like it if we could just be normal for a little while.”

She glanced into his eyes and she could see the pain there. It was worse than the last time she’d seen him and all she wanted to do was take away his pain. A bright smile emerged on her face.

“That sounds perfect to me and I know this great theater not far from here.”

She moved out of his arms and he watched her in awe as she rummaged through her purse. He was surprised that she could just pick up where they left off all those months ago. Most girls wouldn’t be able to do that, but as he watched Sarah, Sam realized she wasn’t most girls. That’s why he came here.

She turned around and raised an eyebrow at the look on his face.


He chuckled.

“I just don’t understand. Most people would be pissed. Me just showing up here no warning expecting things to pick up where they left off.”

Sarah smiled and moved forward as she placed a soft kiss on his lips. Her voice was playful, but her eyes held a seriousness that made Sam’s heart melt.

“I know what you do and I understand it. And you promised you’d be back. It’s not like you said when, and it isn’t like I haven’t been living my life, but I missed you and if you only have a few days here I’m not going to spend those days being angry.”

She shrugged.

“It’s energy wasted that could be better spent somewhere else.”

She smirked and Sam let out a hearty laugh. It had been a while since he laughed like that. She really was amazing. Sarah tugged on his hand and he followed her back out the door.

Sam led her to the impala, opened the door for her before making his way around the other side, and getting in. They smiled at each other as he started the car. Her hand on his thigh had him glancing at her.

“The only thing I ask is that before you take off this time…how about leaving me a number.”

Sam laughed again and smiled at her with a warm look on his face.

“I’ll give you mine if you give me yours.”

She grinned.


He nodded and steered the impala down the street as Sarah pulled his arm up and placed it around her shoulders. This was exactly what he had needed. Somehow even though they barely knew each other there was an undeniable connection there.

He might not be able to offer her forever right now, but maybe someday he could. This was his second chance and there was no way in hell he was gonna waste it.

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