Saturday, April 9, 2011

Breaking Point

Title: Breaking Point
Rating: Hard R
Author: Reportergirl13
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Dean/Jo Sam/Jo
Word Count: 1,750
Prompt: Written for the Fandom_Fridays prompt “You taste like heaven, but god knows you’re built for sin”

It took him three days to figure it out. He grabbed a small bottle of holy water slipping it into his pocket; Dean was nothing if not prepared. He made his way toward the motel room and waited. He could hear Jo’s voice through the door and he had to stop himself from breaking it down.

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, mind filling with images he wanted to ignore, but couldn’t. He’d cared about women before, but no one the way he cared about Jo. It hadn’t always been that way. Sure there’d been a pull when they’d first met, something that sparked interest inside Dean.

He’d found her attractive, but the emotions, those had come years later. A moan sounded through the walls and he pressed his head back, gritting his teeth. They didn’t have secrets from each other. He never lied to her there was no reason to.

No promises made or romantic notions of how they’d settled down after the war and live happily ever after, hell Dean was almost positive he and Sam wouldn’t make it out of this fight alive. After everything they’d been through, Dean wasn’t even sure he believed in happily ever after or love.

In his world, love meant weakness, death. His father had loved his mother, Sam had loved Jess…it was a never ending circle. He wouldn’t lose Jo that way. Dean ran a hand over his face as he heard Sam’s mumbled voice.

Sweat soaked bodies moving against each other, skin glistening and flushed, head thrown back, lips parted in ecstasy. He’d thought he was the only person who could put that look on her face. Pure rapture as he devoured her. She tasted like heaven, but god knows Jo had a body that was built for sin.

He tried shaking the picture out of his mind, pain filling him to his core. It wasn’t his brother’s first betrayal and he was beginning to realize it wouldn’t be his last. Eyes red rimmed Dean glanced at the sky, pain and anger etched on his face.

“When did my brother get so damn lost? I don’t even think he gets what’s right or wrong anymore…what we’re fighting for…what family means…please I just…I need my brother back.”

His voice trailed off, voices inside the room quieting. He took a deep breath, swallowed hard and kicked open the door.


It had been three days and she’d given up hope of Sam figuring it out. Bile rose in her throat as her head arched back, hands against his sculpted chest as her body rode him of its own accord.

Her heart clenched as the demon inside her laughed, taunted her. Each time his large hands swept over her body, clutched at her skin desperately disgust filled her. She tried to picture Dean beneath her. Jo could taste him on the tip of her tongue.

He tasted like heaven, sweet and spicy, but god knows Dean Winchester was built for all kinds of sin. The demon nudged her, placing her safe place just out of reach as Sam’s rough movements brought her back to reality.

When the demon wearing her body had come to him, propositioned him…he never even took a second to consider it wasn’t really her.

How could he think she’d betray Dean that way? Sam couldn’t hide behind ignorance. He knew she was with his brother and it was clear he didn’t care. When did he get so lost? When did right and wrong stop meaning something?

Jo used to be jealous of their relationship. Anyone could clearly see how much Dean loved his younger brother, how he’d do anything and had to protect him. Hell, Dean sold his soul for his brother and what had he got in return?

Pain…she prayed they’d figure this out without Dean having to see how far his brother had truly fallen.


It had been three days of bliss and Sam had given up feeling bad for what he was doing. His body tightened as she rocked back and forth squeezing him with her muscles. No wonder Dean couldn’t get Jo off his mind, she was amazing.

Her small, tight body brought him to new heights of pleasure. His hands caressed her silky skin, satisfaction crossing her face as he hit a particularly sensitive spot inside her. Sam had spent hours at a time learning her body.

He’s not sure why she came to him, but he’s glad she did. His lips tasted every inch of her, breathing her in for as long as he could. Jo tastes like heaven, fresh and innocent, but got knows her supple body was made for the best kind of sin.

Moans grew louder as he felt her release approaching. Five minutes later he called out her name following her over the edge. They caught their breath before Jo lifted herself off him and gathered her clothes. He watched her deliberate movements and sighed.

His brother would be back soon. A wave of shame washed over him. What was wrong with him? After everything Dean had done for him, how could he disregard his feelings the way he had? If his brother found out about him and Jo, it might truly be the last straw that pulled apart the fragile relationship they had left.

He stood boxers on and Jo turned mouth open as the front door was kicked in. Sam automatically moved to protect Jo when his eyes met green ones. Dean stood there and Sam swallowed hard at the look in his brother’s eyes.

Dean caught the beginning of a smirk on Jo’s face and he had to stop himself from slapping it off. He didn’t know who was possessing her and he didn’t care.

“Dean…I can explain.”

“Don’t bother.”

Hurt crossed Sam’s face, but he held his body tall.

“We care about each other…”

His words were cut off by his brother’s snort. Dean’s arm came out, tossing the bottle of holy water at Jo. She screamed body rearing back as the water splashed across her. Her eyes blackened as she propelled her body at Dean.

Sam stumbled back, heart clenching as the wind was knocked out of him. It wasn’t Jo…it had never been Jo. Dean didn’t even look at him as he shoved Jo toward the other bed. She went to launch her body at him again, but hit an invisible barrier.

Jo smiled to herself as the demon raged inside of her. Relief filled her. He knew it wasn’t her...knew she’d never hurt him like that. Sam watched as Jo’s body slammed itself against the barrier as Dean chanted in Latin.

His brother had planned this…the holy water the devils trap. He wasn’t sure how Dean knew Jo was possessed, but more importantly another realization hit Sam like a ton of bricks. This had been just another tactic to split him and Dean apart.

A test, something to make them lose faith in each other and it had worked, just like the last few attempts had. He’d let Dean down more than once lately and they’d been trying to fix it…get back to what they had, but something told Sam this might be the end of the line.

He was falling fast and it seemed like there was no light at the end of the tunnel. Jo’s head jerked back, black smoke expelling from her body before she hit the ground. Dean bent down hands moved tenderly over Jo, checking for injuries.

She groaned as he hoisted her into his arms before turning towards Sam. He could see the shock, hurt, and then realization on his brother’s face. The room was quiet and he could see Sam struggling with what to say to fix the situation.

“How’d…how’d you know?”

Dean let out a humorless chuckle, his eyes betraying the pain he felt.

“She wasn’t acting like the Jo I know and then last night when I came back from picking up dinner…I saw you two and I knew.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Are you? Cause it sure don’t seem like it. I can’t keep doing this with you Sam. One step forward two back…I’ve done everything I can think of to keep you safe and you keep choosing the wrong path, you keep going against me, your brother…your blood. Jesus…”

He looked away from Sam, tears building in his eyes. This isn’t how he wanted things to be. He wanted his brother back, he wanted to live in a world where the people he loved didn’t die and where Angels and Demons alike weren’t vying for him and his family.

But wishing for something that was never gonna happen was useless. Red rimmed eyes met Sam’s. Voice low, but hard as he spoke.

“Tomorrow, when she wakes up I’ll forgive her. This wasn’t her fault, it was mine. I should have known the second something crawled inside her body…but I didn’t. You…this is something I don’t think I’ll ever forgive you for. Why Sammy? Just tell me why?”

At the broken sound in his brother’s voice something tightened around his heart. Dean didn’t have many things that were his alone. Sam knew how much time his brother spent looking out for him, protecting him. Dean’s whole life had revolved around keeping him safe

The one thing Dean had in his life where he came first, that was his and his alone was Jo and Sam had taken that from him. It would forever be tainted by this moment, by his deceit. He didn’t know why he did it, and really even if he did the answer wouldn’t’ fix things.

It wouldn’t put his broken family back together. When Sam said nothing Dean nodded, closed his eyes for a second to fight off the tears as he turned and walked out of the room, away from Sam. Away from the one person he never thought would leave a gaping hole in his chest.

Sam watched him go, the damn breaking as a few tears slid slowly down his cheek. Sam felt the weight of his choices bare down on him. The one person he never thought would turn his back on him had finally reached his breaking point and it was his fault.

Guilt and anger filled him, but all he could do was sit there. When did he get so lost? When did right and wrong stop meaning something? Everything he’d done was a choice…and now…now Sam Winchester had to live with the consequences.

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  1. Sam!! Sammy used to be such a good guy, all straight and narrow and here he's sleeping with his brother's girl.
    I love how Dean blames himself and not Jo, that's so him.