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Sharing is Caring

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Title: Sharing is Caring
Rating: NC-17
Author: Sxymami0909
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Dean/Jo/Sam
Warning: Graphic Sex, DP
Word Count: 2,300
Prompt: Dean/Jo/Sam –sex- written for the SPN women Kink Meme

Dean glanced down at the naked blonde strewn across the table. Hair fanned out beneath her, eyes darkened with lust and alcohol, a light sheen of sweat covering her pale body. Her knees bent, feet flat on the table legs slightly parted as she glanced at him.

He moved forward hands touching her knees before sliding them up her legs, parting them gently. When he caught a glimpse of her already wet flesh, he groaned. Jo could feel his hands sliding around to her inner thighs and she moaned the closer he got to her core.

Callused palms caressed her soft skin and right when she was about to tell him to stop being such a bitch and get on with it, he shoved two fingers deep inside her. Jo let out a startled moan and her arm jerked up and back, hand knocking into a solid chest.

She tilted her head slightly and caught a glimpse of Sam’s desire filled eyes. Her heart beat picking up speed as he stroked her hand and arm gently before giving her a reassuring smile. She’d never done anything like this before.

Jo was nervous and exhilarated all at once. They were in the middle of the Roadhouse and her mother could wake up at any minute, but she didn’t care. She had never wanted anything so bad in her life. Dean brushed over her clit with his thumb and Jo’s body arched up and off the table.

“Oh god Dean…more.”

She didn’t have to ask twice. He pressed his thumb against her clit and rubbed hard bringing forth an even louder moan. Just as she felt a third finger being speared inside her, large hands came up palming her breasts.

Jo bit her lip as rough hands pinched her nipples, rolling them between his fingers. Her whole body was on a sensory overload. When Dean pushed, Sam pulled. She could feel the pressure gathering low in her belly as she gasped for breath.

And then as a warm mouth closed over her rigid nipple, sucking frantically she came with a loud cry, shivers running up and down her body as she clenched around Dean’s still moving fingers, her juices spilling down his hand.

“Jesus Jo…”

Her eyes were closed and she could hear them moving around. Sam’s mouth was still toying with her nipple, tongue flicking the sensitive bud when another mouth joined his on her other breast. She could feel the difference in their touches as they feasted on her.

Where Dean stroked her body softly, Sam gripped it severely. While Dean’s mouth circled her nipple, teasing her with gentle brushes and small kisses, Sam’s bit her, scraping his teeth against her in an almost aggressive manner.

They were night and day, dark and light and the combined feelings made another wave of moisture pool between her legs.

“Oh god yes…please…”

She hated begging, but at this point she was so far gone she didn’t care. Dean grinned against her breast, voice husky as he spoke around her nipple.

“Please what sweetheart?”

She had no clue what she was asking for; she just knew she needed more. Sam let her nipple go and moved back. The cool air of the bar sweeping over her as he nipped at her stomach, head descending until he reached the apex of her thighs.

When she felt his breath against her core, Jo’s eyes flew open, body tensing slightly. Dean felt the shifting of muscles, lifted his head and stroked her face lightly.

“Relax Jo…”

He leaned in capturing her lips with his as she wrapped an arm around his neck. Long fingers parted her folds and at the first touch of Sam’s tongue against her heated flesh she groaned into Dean’s mouth. Jo was almost positive that if a demon walked in on them right now and killed them all she’d die happy.

Sam’s mouth devoured her, caressing her, tongue curled plunging inside of her as he slid two fingers into her welcoming heat. His fingers moved quickly as he twirled his tongue around her clit before pulling it into his mouth.

She was so close to coming again it was sad. Dean slid a hand down her arm, moving it to his boxers. Jo took he hint and slid her small hand inside them. He grunted when her hand curled around him, stroking him.

Sam could feel her muscles quivering as he fucked her with his mouth. He knew she was close. He could see his brother’s hips pushing forward into her hand as Jo squirmed beneath his lips. He quickened the pace of his fingers as Jo thrust her body to meet them.

“Oh god Sam…I’m gonna come…”

Dean licked his lips at the pure unadulterated desire he saw on her face. Her fist stopped pumping him as she cried out his brother’s name, body jerking wildly as she came again, this time in Sam’s mouth. He watched his younger brother as he consumed every last drop of her.

When he stood back up his face was glistening with her essence. He wiped his mouth off on his arm and moved back up her body raising an eyebrow at Dean’s smirking face.


Dean shrugged as he glanced at Jo attempting to catch her breath.


Jo pushed herself up on shaky arms and Sam moved in cupping her cheek and melding their lips together. She could taste herself on his lips and it made her moan. She felt Dean’s mouth against her shoulder blade as Sam’s hand took hold of her hips pulling her off the table onto shaky legs.

He turned her around so she was facing Dean and bent her so she was leaning over the table. She didn’t think she could get any wetter, but when she felt Sam’s hard flesh against her ass her body proved her wrong.

He stroked himself a few times before pushing the head of his cock into over stimulated body. She gasped at the size of him, one hand gripping the table tightly. Jo was no virgin, but she hadn’t been with that many men either.

He pushed in slowly and she bit her lip until he was fully sheathed inside her. Sam groaned as his hands curled into her flesh in a bruising grip.

“Fuck she’s tight Dean.”

“I know she is idiot.”

Jo glared at them.

“I’m right here, think you boys can focus?”

They chuckled as Sam pulled out of her and thrust back in, in one move. She moaned and reached an arm out for Dean who moved within her reach. As Sam plunged into her from behind, she took Dean into her hand again before dipping her head and letting her tongue graze against the tip of his cock.

Dean’s body jerked and Jo grinned as she opened her mouth and closed it around him, sucking hard as she moved her tongue around the head and stroked his shaft with her hand. Dean moaned, one hand gripping the edge of the table the other burying itself in her hair.

He was in heaven. Jo gave the best head he’d ever had and that was saying something. He moved his hips slowly, which just increased the pace of her hand and the bobbing of her head. She could taste the pre come leaking onto her tongue as she took him deeper into the cavern of her mouth.

Each time Sam pushed into her body Dean’s cock went a little deeper into her throat. Sam could feel Jo’s muscles tightening around him so he slid his hand down her stomach to the bundle of nerves between her thighs.

He pressed a thumb against her and circled her moisture around it. Jo’s mouth opened releasing Dean, but keeping a tight grip of him with her hand.

“Oh god…Sam yes…harder…I’m almost there…”

Sam’s pace on her clit quickened as Dean moved out of Jo’s hand. He glanced at his brother and nodded toward the bar.

“Sammy move back toward the bar.”

He raised an eyebrow at Dean, but did what he asked. He pulled out of Jo, hand stilling and moving against her stomach as she whimpered and he moved back until his back hit the bar. Jo could feel her heart pounding against her chest. She’d been so close.

There was a deep ache inside her. She spoke, voice hoarse as she glanced at Dean, but spoke to Sam.

“I was so close…”

Dean cut her off.

“Change of plans baby, relax we’ll take care of it. Sam sit on the stool.”

Sam sat down and pulled Jo toward him. It took a second, but he knew what his brother was doing. His hand started working Jo again. She moaned her head dropping back against his neck as he coated his fingers with her wetness.

As Dean’s fingers joined his, Jo spread her legs to accommodate their wondering hands. When she was thrusting against their hands Dean nodded at Sam who moved his fingers around trailing her juices to her back passage.

Jo felt a long finger push inside her puckered hole and her eyes shot open. Sam’s unoccupied hand went to her shoulder holding her in place as he stretched her slowly with his prying digit. He moved his head against her ear, speaking softly.

“Just relax and it’ll feel good.”

She swallowed hard and tried to force her muscles to unwind. As Dean pushed against her clit she could feel the warmth in her belly again as her body prepared itself for yet another orgasm. Sam removed his fingers, and spread her ass cheeks as he lifted her slightly.

She felt his head press against her ass and she winced as he pushed inside of her slowly. Jo’s hands grabbed onto Dean, nails biting into his skin as his brother penetrated her virgin ass. Dean placed feather light kisses against her face as he whispered promises of pleasure to her.

Once Sam was fully inside her, he waited for her body to adjust before starting to move. Dean watched her face as Sam built a slow but steady rhythm before taking himself in his hand and placing his cock at her front entrance.

The next time Sam pulled out he thrust inside her in one quick motion. As they started moving in perfect synchronization she felt the wind being knocked out of her. She’d never been so full in her life. When one of them left her, the other entered.

Her small body was sandwiched between the two Winchester brother’s as they drove deeper into her with each thrust. Dean’s head was back at her breast, Sam’s on her neck and she could hear how wet she was as they moved inside of her, flesh slapping against flesh.

She felt consumed and when she pushed back against Sam he pushed her forward into Dean. It was slightly painful, but in a good way and when Dean shifted his body she keened as he hit a spot inside of her that no one else had.

Her head was thrown back, ecstasy on her face as her body writhed between them. Dean knew that look. She was close to coming he could feel her clamping down on his cock. Her mouth opened and Dean clamped a hand over it as her body exploded.

Her muscles milked at their cocks, squeezing, pulsating until it threw them over the edge. Sam came first, come filling her ass. Dean reached down and pinched her still sensitive clit as Sam pinched her nipples.

She hadn’t even come down from her orgasm when another overtook her bordering on painful as her body was pushed to new heights of pleasure. Two more thrusts and Dean came, spilling his seed inside of her. His body stilled in an attempt to catch his breath.

Jo’s eyes were closed, body limp between them. When her breathing was near normal again she opened her eyes to find green ones staring back at her. She reached out, hands on Dean’s shoulder and he motioned for Sam to move.

Sam gently pushed Jo forward and slipped out from her body. She winced as Dean wrapped an arm around her waist keeping her steady while Sam stood and searched for his clothes. Jo had an arm wrapped around Dean as he leaned in and kissed her neck gently.

“You okay?”

“Okay? Jesus…I don’t think I’ve ever come so much in one night. For that matter I don’t think I’ll be able to again.”

Dean chuckled before smirking.

“Is that a challenge?”

Her eyes widened as his hand dipped past her waist, but before he could reach his destination she stopped him.

“Don’t you dare, I think you might kill me…”

Sam laughed from across the room as he tossed his brother his jeans and t-shirt. Dean let go of Jo to pull on his jeans and handed Jo his shirt. She pulled it over her naked body as Dean pulled her against him. Sam watched his brother kiss Jo lightly and he cleared his throat.

“Uh…I guess I should go.”

Dean turned toward Sam.

“Good call Sammy. Pick me up tomorrow afternoon and we’ll head out to the next job.”

He nodded, smiled and waved at Jo before taking off. The pair turned toward the hallway that lead to the back, Dean’s hand coming to rest on her hip as they headed to her bedroom, Jo’s voice broke the silence.

“So, that was…wow…sharing really is caring.”

“Mmm…well don’t get used to it. One fantasy per birthday. Speaking of birthdays…how do you feel about other females in the bedroom cause I think I know what I want for my next birthday…”

She smiled.

“We’ll see.”

Dean smirked. He’d ware her down…he always did.

Sequel: Best Birthday Ever


  1. Dean's pretty accommodating with Jo's fantasies...but i love the idea of them getting one fantasy a birthday lol.
    it's cute.