Saturday, April 9, 2011

Liquid Courage


Banner By: Sanae
Title: Liquid Courage
Rating: NC-17
Author: Sxymami0909
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Sam/Jo
Word Count: 850
Song: drunk sex (Sam and Jo have sex)

A loud groan echoed through the motel room making Jo giggle. Sam’s hands clenched the sheets as her mouth vibrated against his shaft. Her warm mouth covered him as she bobbed her head up and down several times before letting him go with a pop of her mouth.

Her hand took her mouths place as she leaned further down and licked his balls. Sam’s body practically lifted off the mattress her rough tongue against his balls sending waves of pleasure directly to his cock.

He yanked her body up the bed and she grunted as he flipped them so she was underneath him on the mattress. He grinned at her as he lifted the bottle of vodka and poured some into her belly button. She sucked in a breath as his tongue touched her skin.

He swirled it around her belly button before sucking out the alcohol. Jo moaned arching her body into his mouth as he did it again. He moved up her body spreading her legs and lifting her hips so he was positioned between them.

He took a long swig from the bottle before leaning down and pulling a nipple into his mouth. The heat from him mouth and the cool temperature of the alcohol against her sensitive flesh made her push her lower body against his harness.

He swished the alcohol around her breast several times before sucking hard and swallowing. She gripped his hair holding him to her, his teeth biting down on her making her cry out.

“Sammy…oh god Sammy…”

He smiled as he tossed the practically empty bottle aside and moved his lips to her neck as his other hand dropped to his shaft and rubbed it against her opening.

Jo could feel him grazing her clit and she bucked against him trying to take him further into her body, but he wouldn’t let her.

He rubbed over her clit a few more times before pulling back and shoving inside her body in one quick motion. He set a quick pace and her hands clawed at his back as she met him thrust for thrust. Sam was in heaven.

Her body was wet and tight. She fit him like a god damned glove. He angled his hips the next time in slid into her body and she panted beneath him. He leaned forward taking a nipple in his mouth, nibbling on it as his body moved inside of her.

He could feel her muscles quivering and he knew she was close to coming but he needed more. He moved back unhooking her legs from around him. He lifted her ass, hooking her legs over his forearms before driving back into her hard.

Jo felt the air leave her body as he jack hammered into her, the position sending him deeper than before. She reached up tweaking her nipples as he shifted hitting into her clit each time their bodies made contact.

She could feel the heat in her belly building as her orgasm drew near. A couple thrusts later and she was coming, inner walls pulsating around him. Sam closed his eyes and focused to hold off his own orgasm. He felt her body loosen.

He grunted and pulled back pinching her clit lightly making her eyes fly open as she gasped. He nodded and motioned for her to move.

“Roll over Jo, hands and knees, we’re not done yet.”

A shiver ran up her spine and in her drunken haze she flipped over and pushed herself to her hands and knees. He didn’t even wait until she’d steadied herself before he was slamming back inside of her from behind.

Sam leaned over her body; one hand pressed against her stomach the other pulling her hair for leverage as he fucked her hard. Jo could feel another orgasm building inside of her and Sam slipped his hand sown her belly to the bundle of nerves between her thighs.

He pressed hard rubbing her and speeding up his pace. Jo cried out again hands gripping the sheets as another wave of pleasure spilled over her, but Sam didn’t stop. His finger just quickened against her and she panted trying to close her legs fighting the practically painful pleasure of another orgasm so quickly.

But his legs were holding hers apart. He could feels his balls finally tightening so he pinched her clit and her walls clenched his cock again, squeezing him as he exploded inside of her, come slipping from their entwined bodies.

He leaned over her for a minute to catch his breath before pulling out and falling beside her on his back. She rolled over so she was on her back looking at the ceiling. Her head was spinning and she was finally coming down from the alcohol.

She turned her head, glanced at Sam, whose eyes were already shut before she did the same. Whoever said alcohol was liquid courage knew what they were talking about.

Tomorrow she’d dwell on the fact that she had sex with Sam Winchester, tonight…well tonight she was going to bask in the post orgasmic goodness.

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