Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Road To Hell


Banner By: Juliete
Title: The Road to Hell
Rating: R/NC-17
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters: Sam/Ruby
Word Count: 970
Prompt: Gift Fic for Nactemus prompts ("You’re my bitch now” & "It was distasteful, but part of the job" & “All roads were leading to this, you knew that.”) at spn_hetexchange

The setting sun cast an eerie glow through the curtains of the dingy motel room. His large hand sliding up her silky leg until callused fingertips reached the edge of her panties. He glanced down at her face, eyes shut in ecstasy, teeth biting into her bottom lip, body arching against his. She almost looked like an angel.

But he knew better. Behind that innocent fa├žade was a conniving, devious little bitch of a demon just waiting to come out and destroy any semblance of normal he’d ever created for himself. His other hand slipped up and under her shirt, caressing her skin gently.

Ruby was warm and her body writhed beneath his talented hands, but she wanted more. She shifted her hips against his and he let out a ragged groan as something primal inside of him snapped. She could feel the minute his demeanor changed.

Gentle caresses turning into brandishing touches, soft grips into bruising yanks. His hands roamed her body with a mind of their own. They were forceful and unyielding as he gripped her wrists in one hand pulling them over her head.

His knee moved between her thighs spreading them wider so he could fit between them. Sam was angry. He was angry at the hand he’d been dealt, angry at Dean and his inability to trust that he knew what he was doing.

Angry at Ruby for leading him down a path that he now knew he’d never be able to come back from, but most of all he was angry at himself for letting her. He knew what was going on, how she was manipulating him and yet there he was.

She winced and opened her eyes as his fingers dug into her wrists. She arched an eyebrow, tongue sliding across her upper lip seductively as dark menacing eyes glared down on her. His rough hand slithered down her body, grasping one side of her flimsy panties and tearing them.

She felt the snap of elastic against her skin and he saw her flinch. He grabbed at her thigh lifting it against his hip as he ground against her. She moaned his name hands jerking against his hold. A deep chuckle surrounded her as warm breath touched her neck.

“What’s the matter Ruby? Don’t like being the one who’s not pulling the strings? You’re my bitch now.”

She knew what he meant by those words. For months she’d been leading him down the rabbit hole, molding him into something strong, something more than human and he’d let her. He’d been her bitch and now he was returning the favor. There was a warning in her tone when she spoke.


The rest of her sentence was cut off by him slamming into her body. Her head jerked back eyes closing at the feel of him inside her. She’d never admit it to anyone, but she loved when he took charge. When he got mad enough to actually hurt her.

There was nothing that made her get off harder than the combination of pleasure and pain. She bit her lip as her hips met him thrust for thrust. She was wet, hot, tight and every time Sam plunged back inside her he could feel himself sink a little deeper.

His hand dropped her wrists, cupping her breasts through the t-shirt she was still wearing. She moaned, her hands immediately going to his back, egging him on as he bit and nibbled at her flesh. She could feel the anger and hate coming off him in waves.

With every touch of skin, he lashed out at her and she let him. Ruby let Sam take his frustration and fear out on her body because if she was honest with herself, something that had started out distasteful, part of her job had turned into more.

She never meant to fall for him. It was an accident, a casualty in the war. She had pretended to feel human emotion to draw him in, but she never actually thought there would be a time where she truly did feel. His hand slipped between them brushing against the sensitive bundle of nerves as her nails clawed at his back for purchase.

She felt herself explode around him, calling out his name as he continued to move inside of her. One final thrust and Sam fell over the edge. His body shook as he found release in her warmth. He stilled head downcast against her neck as he breathed her in.

Ruby ran her fingers through his hair and sighed. He was heavy, but she didn’t care. His weight against her, pinning her to the bed, wrapped around each other…it was…comforting in a way. She closed her eyes as he tightened his hold on her.

She shushed him as he placed a gentle kiss against her neck. She was in trouble. She’d known it for a while, but this just confirmed it. She should be pushing him away, yelling biting remarks at him, but she couldn’t.

She just held him in her arms and basked in the way he made her body and her heart hum. It was disgusting that he could make her feel these ridiculous emotions and yet she couldn’t seem to make them go away…she didn’t want to.

Her voice was soft, almost pained as she spoke breaking the impenetrable silence that had eclipsed the room.

“All roads were leading to this Sammy, you knew this.”

She felt his head moved against her as he nodded.

“I did…it doesn’t mean I have to like it.”

She was quiet and he shifted pulling her with him as he moved so he was lying against his back, Ruby curled into his side. The road to hell was paved with good intentions, and Sam…well he had paved the damn road.

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