Saturday, April 9, 2011

No Turning Back

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Title: No Turning Back
Rating: NC-17
Author: Sxymami0909
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Sam/Ruby
Warning: Dark, Rough Sex
Word Count: 1,100
Prompt: “After Dark” Blue Oyster Cult from Lightthesparks

There's no turning back now

He paid the man for three days, but he only planned on staying the night. He pushed open the door, leaving the small office, and walking down the barely lit walkway to their room. He slipped his key in the slot, light flicking green before he pushed the door open.

The room was cast in a light glow from the lamp in the corner. She glanced up at his entrance, the corner of her lips sliding into a sensuous smile. He caught her eyes, pulling his jacket from his body and tossing it on the chair before moving in her direction.

She’d tricked him, lied and manipulated him. This whole time she’d been preparing him to set Lucifer free. He wanted to hate her, make her hurt like he did, but he couldn’t. Tonight when he’d killed Lilith, the power that coursed through him was immense.

He’d never felt anything like it. So when his brother had brought down the knife to stab Ruby, Sam had knocked it out of his hands, grabbed her and ran, leaving Dean in the middle of the old mausoleum, never once looking back as his brother called his name.

He’d been so high on power at the time, he hadn’t even felt bad about it, but now…his heart ached at the thought of what he’d done, what he’d become. It made bile rise in his throat. There was no turning back now. Dean would never forgive this

My fate is traced in blood

She beckoned him and he came willingly. Rough hands shoving her back on the bed as his body covered hers. Her mouth sought out his as Sam reached over to the night stand, hand closing on the smooth handle of her dagger.

She bucked her hips against his as he shifted his knee between her legs, spreading them. His empty hand roamed over her body, stopping at the hem of her shirt. Ruby lifted herself on her elbows as he slid the soft cotton up her body.

His cool hand grabbed her hip, fingers caressing flesh as she pulled the fabric the rest of the way off her body, tossing it on the floor. Sam nudged her and she let her body fall back to the bed as he brought his dagger wielding hand against her skin.

She sucked in a heavy breath as the cool tip of the blade glided gently across the tops of her breasts, nipples hardening under the touch. She licked her lips, breathing accelerating as Sam’s eyes dilated with lust.

His gaze found hers and in one quick motion he slid the metal across her right breast making her cry out as a line of deep red blood pooled in the open wound slowly dripping down to her erect nipple. He followed the trail like a starving man.

This is where it all started and this is where it would end. His fate was traced in her blood. His head swooped down capturing the hardened peak in his mouth groaning at the rich taste of her. Sam used his thumb to gather the blood, moving his mouth and smearing it across her nipple before taking it back in his mouth and sucking hard.

I've tasted true salvation

His other hand slid down her body deftly unbuttoning her pants before slipping it inside grazing his finger tips against her heated flesh. Ruby arched into his hands as Sam fingers found shelter inside her body. Stroking, rubbing and thrusting in a rhythmic motion.

He could feel her blood swirling through his body, filling him with purpose making him forget the loss and pain he felt. Sam had tasted true salvation in her blood and it was intoxicating. Her body ground against his fingers as his mouth moved to her other breast.

Small hands flitted across his body in every direction leaving a trail of sparks that had Sam growling in her ear. Soft gasps of pleasure filled the room as he flicked her clit before pulling his fingers from inside her warm body.

Your power is my drug

She whimpered at the loss, but he was already yanking down her jeans and tossing them aside. Sam’s pants hit the ground next. She reached forward hand slipping into his boxers, stroking him. She used her legs to pull his body closer settling him between her thighs.

He pulled her hands away from him, holding them over her head as he thrust forward sinking into the depths of her tight hole. The power she gave him was his drug and he was falling fast.

His hands left her reddened wrists as he lifted her legs higher so they were over his forearms as he pressed their bodies together, chest to chest before pulling out as much as he could in their current position and plunging back in hard and fast.

Ruby let out a startled cry at the new position, an ache forming low in her belly as Sam fucked her with a fierceness she’d never felt before. Hands pinching, tongue, licking, lips sucking as he slammed into her hitting places she hadn’t known existed.

His deep voice broke the silence as he twisted his hips making her keen and tighten her grip on his arms, nails biting into his skin.

“Open your eyes and look at me.”

She struggled to open her eyes and when she did pure black irises stared back at her. She sucked in a surprised breath as his eyes gleamed.

“I want you to see whose making you come you lying whore.”

She opened her mouth, but before she could speak he reached between them pinched her clit and thrust inside her. Ruby felt her walls clench around him, pulsating as her climax overtook her.

Sam watched her as she came, head thrown back in ecstasy, sweat soaked body glistening in the light, and blood stains across her chest from where his mouth had been.

She looked like sin and it made him forget everything else around them as his pushed into her three more times before following her over the edge, filling her with his essence.

As he lay above her panting to catch his breath, Sam realized that nothing hurt anymore. No more guilt or pain. No more responsibility or worry. He was free from a life he hadn’t wanted to begin with.

There was no turning back now and Sam was okay with that. Today was the beginning of a new life, a way to let his true nature loose. Sam Winchester had finally found his way.

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