Saturday, April 9, 2011

Never A Dreamer

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Title: Never a Dreamer
Rating: PG-13
Author: Sxymami0909
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Dean-Centric
Word Count: 490
Prompt: “If there was one thing I could change, I would change…” written for week #29 of Fandon_Fridays

Dean Winchester was a lot of things, but a dreamer wasn’t one of them. Even when he was a kid, you’d never find him with his head stuck in a book living vicariously through a main character like Sammy or convincing himself as soon as they ganked the demon that killed their Mom, things would go back to normal, like his Dad.

He’d always been one to live in the real world, experience things first hand. If he wanted adventure he’d go out and find it. If he wanted booze or tail he’d go out and get some. Dean lived by his own set of rules and he never left himself wanting.

So, when it came to Jo Harvelle, why hadn’t he taken his chance? He knew she was sweet on him from the minute he walked into her mother’s bar and yet he’d passed up the opportunity to be with her. At the time he’d made excuses.

If he slept with Jo and hurt her, Ellen most likely wouldn’t really be open to helping them in the future, and shit when it came down to it they needed all the help they could get. And after their first meeting, well he always sort of overlooked her.

Not because she wasn’t good looking or because he didn’t like her, just because it was never the right time, right place. There were other woman, woman who were easier, who he could love and leave and not feel guilt over because he had enough of that emotion on his own.

Things changed when she came back into his life. She was harder, had seen more of the world and for the first time he was her as his equal, not some girl playing hunter. She was bad ass, had stories and the scars to back them up.

They sat there one night at Bobby’s comparing scars and it made him think back to the girl he met that day in her mother’s bar, and how different the one in front of him was. It gave him hope that maybe after they ganked the devil maybe they’d finally get their right place, right time.

It never happened though and really he shouldn’t have been surprised, but he was. When he watched the building blow with Jo and Ellen inside, it broke something in him…like a cord that was on its last life snapping in half.

If there was one thing Dean could change, he never would have let them come. Never would have gambled with their lives. But he was old enough now to know how the world worked. That people, especially the Winchesters, didn’t always get what they wanted.

Dean Winchester was a lot of things, a dreamer wasn’t one of them, but sometimes late at night when Sam and Bobby were asleep he’d let himself wonder what if and he’d dream of a better life with Jo Harvelle by his side.

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