Saturday, April 9, 2011

Talk Dirty To Me

Title: Talk Dirty To Me
Rating: R
Author: ReporterGirl13
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Dean/Jo, Sam
Word Count: 1,643
Prompt: from Beyond_Wonder Dean and Jo naughty text messages

Sam pushed the button, pulled out the nozzle, opened the gas tank, and starting gassing up the impala. A deep chuckle floated out of the car and Sam raised his eyebrow as he tilted his body and glanced at his brother. Dean was sitting in the driver’s seat looking at his phone with a smirk on his face.

“What are you laughing at?”


Dean turned his head toward Sam briefly before moving his eyes back to his vibrating phone. He glanced at the new message.

‘Yeah, douche you woke me up. Some of us aren’t on a hunt. Some of us are sleeping in a nice warm bed.’

Dean hit reply, typed a message back, and hit send. It was six in the morning and he and Sam were heading to another hunt. Dean was bored. They’d planned on making their way back to the Roadhouse, but someone called with a job that happened to be on their way back.

He had just closed his eyes when his phone vibrated again. He opened the new message and groaned.

‘I swear Deano sometimes you live in your own little world of porn LoL and to answer your question No, I’m not naked, I’m in your shirt.”

It might sound weird, but Jo wrapped in his clothes was possibly the sexiest thing he’d ever seen and Dean had seen a lot of sexy things. He didn’t even know his t-shirts could be sexy until they’d started sleeping together.

He fingers moved quickly as he typed back a message. Dean was in the middle of pressing send when Sam’s head popped up next to the window startling him.


He jumped slightly and glared at his brother.

“What man?”

Sam frowned as he looked at the death grip his brother had on his cell phone.

“Seriously…what’s going on? Is everything okay?”

Dean rolled his eyes.

“Everything’s fine Sammy, as a matter of fact, I’m gonna let you drive today.”

Dean slid across the seat until he was on the passenger side of the car. Sam stood there with an odd expression on his face before Dean waved him in.

“Come on, we don’t got all day. I thought you were all gung ho about seeing Madison. Sooner we get this job done, the sooner we can get back.”

Sam got in the car, started it, and pulled out onto the road. The music was playing softly, not nearly the loud decibel it’s usually at, as his brother glanced out the window phone in hand. Something was definitely up.


Jo shifted in the bed as she felt the phone vibrate against her arm. She grinned. Dean didn’t use his phone much, but ever since he’d seen her and Madison texting each other while in the same room he’d been playing around with it.

He said he liked the thought that he could be in a room with her mom and send her dirty messages without getting in trouble. He also tended to say mean things about his brother while they were in the same room. Sometimes she thinks she never should have taught him how to use the messaging feature.

But she liked that he was thinking about her and he was always more verbal in text messages than on the phone, which technically was, odd, but Dean was an odd person. So for him it worked. She opened her phone a laughed quietly.

‘You’re in my shirt? The ACDC one? Is there anything under it? Jesus Jo…it’s possible I might miss…parts of you.’

She shook her head as an idea popped into her mind. She smirked at the phone as she started typing out her next message. She pressed send with a devious glint in her eyes and snuggled into her pillows while she waited for Dean’s response.


A couple minutes into driving he heard Dean’s phone vibrate. Dean lifted up a bottle of water to take a sip. Sam watched his brother flip open the phone out of the corner of his eye. Dean’s eyes widened as he started to choke on his water.

Sam frowned, reached over and patted Dean’s back.

“You okay man?”

Dean didn’t say anything just nodded as he stared at his phone. Dean felt his groin tighten as he read Jo’s message again.

‘Yeah, there’s something under the shirt…me. Mmm I miss parts of you too Deano. Wanna play a little game? RUH?”

Dean cleared his throat as he glanced at Sam. His brother was watching the road. Dean was new at the whole texting thing and he wasn’t sure what the hell RUH meant, but he wasn’t sure he wanted to ask Sam either.

“So, Sammy…you’re nerdy with all this tech stuff. I’m sure you text people right?”

Sam laughed.

“Is that what you’re doing? You’re text messaging?”

Dean shrugged and Sam chuckled harder as he shook his head.

“Yeah Dean, I text people why?”

Dean scratched the back of his neck.

“Well I’m not sure what something means.”

“What’s it say?”

“Dude, don’t be nosey, just tell me where I can found out you know, text messaging short hand or whatever they call it.”

Sam stifled a laugh as he shrugged.

“I don’t know. Take my phone and Google it.”

And that’s exactly what he did. His jaw dropped when he finally found the meaning. His pregnant girlfriend was a perv, and the sad part about that was he found it incredibly hot. He put Sam’s phone on his lap as he texted her back.


It had been ten minutes since she sent her last message. She hated that Dean and Sam got to hunt without her. It was annoying being stuck at the Roadhouse with her mom, especially when she started missing Dean. She let out a deep breath and was about to close her eyes when her phone vibrated.

She grabbed it, and flipped it open.

‘A game? I’ll bite…tell me about this game and I’m always horny baby, you should know that.’

Jo let out a giggle and she typed in another message. Oh this was gonna be fun.


Dean was tapping his foot frantically as he waited for Jo’s next message. Sam kept giving him these strange sideways glances and finally Dean snapped.

“What? Why do you keep looking at me?”

“Whoa…relax. I keep looking at you because you like a ball of nervous energy. What’s wrong with you?”

“Nothing, how long until we get there?”

“Maybe another thirty minutes.”

Dean nodded as his phone vibrated. He glanced down at the message and swallowed hard. Its official, Jo’s trying to kill him. He went over the words again.

‘You know…when you’re not here Deano I get so frustrated. Like right now, talking to you…all I want to do is have you FMLAW right against the wall, or maybe the pool table in the bar. God…just thinking about it has me hot. Maybe you can help me relieve a little tension tiger. TDTM’

Sam watched as Dean’s grip on the phone had his knuckles white and before he could say anything his brother was back using his phone to Google away. A couple minutes later Dean grunted. He shook his head.



“Nothing, can we stop?”

“We just got back on the road. Relax Dean we’ll be there in another thirty minutes.”

Dean shifted in his seat; he was never going to make it through this trip. Jo quite literally just told him she wanted him to fuck her like a whore…and to talk dirty to her.

He was starting to get uncomfortably hard and she was probably over there laughing her ass off knowing what kind of effect she’d have on him. Fine two can play that came. He grinned as he sent back his next message.


Its official, Jo was horny. It had started off as a joke, a way to pass the time and make Dean uncomfortable driving around with Sam because he woke her up. Unfortunately thinking about having sex with Dean after not being with him for close to two weeks, just bumped her hormones into overdrive.

Her phone vibrated and she grabbed it, opened the new message, bit her lip and moaned. She needed to see Dean, now. Her eyes glimpsed over the message again.

‘The pool table huh? Do you know how many times I’ve thought about bending you over it and making you come? I love the noises you make; they drive me wild…or slamming you against the hood of the Impala and taking you where everyone can watch? Christ Jo…we’re about to be an hour and a half from the Roadhouse. I’ll send you the name of the motel. Meet me there.’

Her breathing had quickened as she wrote back to him. She needed a cold shower. There was no way she was getting back to sleep now.


Dean waited somewhat impatiently for Jo’s message. His whole body was tense. When he felt the phone vibrate he flipped it open quickly and smirked as he read it.

‘send me the place and time…I’ll be there.”

Sam glanced at the stupid smile on his brother’s face and raised an eyebrow.

“What are you grinning like an idiot about?”

Dean turned to Sam and his grin widened as he shrugged.

“I got a pretty amazing girl Sammy; I was just sitting here wondering how I got so lucky.”

Sam snorted.

“You knocked her up…otherwise she would have left your ass for a better model months ago.”

Dean frowned as Sam let out a loud laugh as they made their way to the small town. He leaned back in his seat, slipped sunglasses over his eyes, and sighed. Dean didn’t care what his brother said because tonight, he had a booty call and it was gonna be all kinds of naughty.


  1. Dean has a booty call with his pregnant girlfriend who he was just dirty texting while road tripping with his brother.
    i love it.