Saturday, April 9, 2011

Broken and Scared

Banner By: Eva
Title: Broken and Scared
Rating: NC-17
Author: Reportergirl13
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Sam/Ruby
Word Count: 1318
Warning: Graphic sex, violence, knife play, Evil Sam…
Prompt: “the first cut is the deepest” (Fandon_Fridays)

The first cut is the deepest; the jagged tip of the knife slicing through Ruby’s skin. Sam had put too much pressure on it, his other hand holding her down on the bed as she moved against him trying to free her arms.

His heavy body pressed her into the mattress as his warm mouth closed over the wound on her arm. Ruby winced as Sam’s forceful tongue plunged out of his mouth and caressed the gash. She arched her body against him as he drained the blood from her.

She could feel him hard against her leg as the hand holding her down slid to the hem of her shirt, and pushed up and under it. Sam’s large hand closed over her breast as his mouth continued to move against the river of blood flowing from her arm.

She moaned as his hand kneaded her breast, tweaking her nipple making it harden against its confines. All of a sudden his weight was gone and confusion settled on her face. Before Ruby had a chance to ask what was going on, Sam had hauled her off the sheets, and slammed her against the wall.

Ruby’s first instinct was to fight back. She wasn’t the type of person that let people manhandle her, but one look at his face and she’d changed her mind. Her brown eyes met his black ones and a shiver ran through her.

She was scared, exhilarated and weary all at once. The Sam she knew was nowhere in those eyes. The cold metal ran across her skin as he trailed the knife lightly against her stomach. Her breathing quickened and she bit her lip.

“Take off your shirt.”

The tone of his voice left no room for argument. She lifted the shirt over her head and tossed it aside. It wasn’t until her shirt was on the floor that she noticed the blood stains and the tickle of liquid still dripping from her arm.

He motioned to her pants with the knife and within seconds she was unbuttoning them and sliding them down her legs. Sam’s eyes took in her body, beautiful and tan. Flawless skin stared back at him. Her perfection made him angry.

He wanted her to look the way he felt, broken and scared. He lifted a hand between her legs, rubbing her through her already wet panties. Sam pushed them aside and the minute his fingers touched her heated flesh, Ruby’s head reared back and hit the wall.

She moaned loud grinding her hips against his probing digits. He moved his body closer, trapping her between him and the wall stopping her movements as his thumb came up pressing over her clit hard.

Her body tensed around his fingers as he moved his head against her ear and quickened the pace, shoving them rough and hard inside of her. Breath hot on her ear as his coarse voice echoed in the silent room.

“I hate you…I hate you for turning me into this.”


He didn’t let her finish her sentence. He pinched her clit firmly and she cried out as she came on his hand, the knifes sharp edge skimming against her abdomen drawing blood. He pulled his hand out of her body, and she sagged against the wall.

Sam slid to his knees, grasped her hips and closed his mouth over the open wound on her stomach drinking her in, power flowing through his body. He left a trail of wet kisses to the top of her panties, fingers sliding beneath the elastic, snapping it against her skin.

Ruby hissed as it stung her, his head descending between her thighs. He jerked her leg over his shoulder and she gripped at the wall to keep her balance. She was feeling slightly woozy, the bleeding on her arm and stomach finally starting to slow.

His tongue flicking out against her clit and she slid her hands into his hair as he fucked her with his mouth. She was dripping and he could feel her body tightening again. He pulled back and she whimpered trying to reach for him, but he evaded her grasping hands.


“Shut up.”

He shoved her, knocking her into the table in the middle of the room. Before she could right herself he was leaning over her pushing her face down on the table. The cut on her stomach rubbed against the edge of the table and water pooled in her eyes.

“Damn it Sam. That hurts.”


He ran a hand over her ass the other one following the path with the knife. She swallowed hard unsure of where this was going when the knife sliced through her shoulder. Sam’s teeth bit her gently as he sucked down the new stream of blood flowing from her.

He tossed the knife aside, spread her ass cheeks and positioned his cock at her opening. He pushed forward and Ruby cringed. Her body was bruised, sore, and she wasn’t sure how much more abuse she could take.

Yeah, she’d had worse, but her meat suit wasn’t exactly the strongest she’d ever possessed and compared to Sam’s taller frame she was small. She was knocked from her thoughts as he shoved himself fully inside her ass making a single tear fall.

He knocked the wind out of her and his size stretched her to the point of being too painful. Her voice was soft, but irritated as she spoke around clenched teeth.

“Slow down…”

He did the opposite. His Hands dug into her fleshy hips and he pulled out and slammed all the way back in quickly. Sam’s other hand moved around to her clit rubbing it as he licked the blood dripping on her back. The mixture of pleasure and pain had Ruby panting.

He’d never been so careless with her before and the sick part was she liked it. He marked her body with bruises and each time the knife had cut through her it hurt a little less; the numbness taking over. She was tight and he savored the way her body clenched around him.

His thrusts were hard and quick as he reached up and grabbed her hair making her head arch back towards him. She groaned and when he caught a glimpse of her face he could see pain on it. He grunted.

“Am I hurting you?”

When she didn’t’ answer him, his grip on her hair tightened.

“Answer me.”



He could feel his orgasm approaching. He leaned in and sucked the gash on her shoulder as he pumped into her three more times before calling out her name and spilling his seed inside of her. He stilled and Ruby shifted her body against him. She was so close.

“Sam don’t stop, I’m close…please.”

She clenched her muscles and tried to move her body against him but he stopped her. He pulled and left her lying over the table as he searched for his clothes. She turned on shaky legs glaring at him.

“God damn it! Why are you such a freaking bastard?”

He looked at her angry face and shrugged as he pulled his pants up.

“Because I can be.”

“I’m not finished with you yet.”

Sam rolled his eyes as he pulled his shirt on.

“Too bad, I’m finished with you. I got what I needed.”

He grabbed the keys to the car and walked toward the door. Ruby moved in his way attempting to stop him and Sam waved his hand making Ruby fly into the wall. He shook his head.

“I’ll call you.”

She slid down the wall to the floor and watched his back as he left. What had she created? That wasn’t even Sam in there anymore. She shifted and stood slowly, wincing. Her body broken and bloody, the cut on her arm throbbing. She glanced at it and swallowed hard…the first cut really was the deepest.

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