Saturday, April 9, 2011

His Undoing

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Title: His Undoing
Rating: NC-17
Author: Sxymami0909
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Sam/Ruby
Word Count: 1,430
Song: “Let me tell you brother she's been sleeping in the devils bed” “Witchy Woman” The Eagles from Deansmistriss22

"You know the last person who looked at me like that...I got laid."

She waggled her eyebrows as he glared in her direction.

"Be serious would you?"

Ruby shrugged before plopping down on the bed and shifting her shoulder until one thin strap slid to the side. Her lips turned up in a sexy smirk.

"I am being serious. Come on Sammy, I'm bored. You've got me locked up in this abandoned house, devil traps around all the exits. A girl needs a little fun."

His brows creased as he leaned against the dresser, arms crossed over his chest, a slight frown gracing his features.

"I think you've been having enough fun don't you?"

She snorted a laid across the bed, head turned to the side so she could see him.

"Hardly and I'm tired of being your dirty little secret. Why don't you just tell your stupid brother I'm back?"

Sam shook his head.

"He'll kill you."

Ruby rolled her eyes.

"I didn't come to you so you could lock me away like some prisoner. I told you, I gave up on the whole devil takes over the world thing while I was in the pit."

It was Sam's turn to snort as he pushed away from the dresser and walked in front of the bed glancing down at her, hard look on his face.

"And why should I believe that huh? You betrayed me and what you just think I'm going to hand my trust over? How do I know you're not lying again?"

She let out a puff of air, her chest rising and falling with each deep breath. She caught his eyes wandering over her body and she smirked. Ruby stretched her arms over her head, arching up and pushing her chest forward, voice low and seductive and he licked his lips.

"If I hadn't given up on the plan you never would have been able to trap me in your little love me. Like what you see?"

Sam smirked as she ran one small hand down her neck and over her cotton covered breast before sliding it down her stomach slowly and stopping at her jean clad crotch. She bit her lip; eyes never leaving his lust filled ones.

"Mmm oh god Sammy...what's a girl gotta do to get a little help here?"

He swallowed hard as her hands cupped her own breasts kneading them as she moaned and arched her body further off the bed. Sam didn't know how she got her body back and he didn't care. He was just happy she did.

Deep brown hair fell in waves around her head, spreading across the comforter like a halo. It made him smirk. Deceptively innocent, that’s what she was. She looked small, delicate, but she wasn't either of those things.

Ruby liked everything rough. She liked when he held her tight enough to bruise, when he bit her flesh and left a mark, when he made her bleed, when he made her come until it hurt. She relished it and he loved being in control.

Her moans grew louder, his voice breaking through them making her open his eyes.

"Lose the pants."

She ran her tongue over her lips before popping the button open, lifting her hips and nudging them down before kicking them the rest of the way off. He could see her hardened nipples through her top and when he didn't say anything else she raised an eyebrow.

He cleared his throat and shifted before pulling a chair in front of the bed and sitting down. He nodded in her direction, tone commanding as he spoke.

"I want you to pretend those are my hands. Show me what you want me to do to you."

Ruby moaned as she pushed her panties aside plunging two fingers into her wet passage. Sam groaned at the sight of her. Face contorted with a mixture of pleasure and frustration, breaths coming quick as her body moved against the bed in time with her hand. She was beautiful.

His hand moved down, unbuckling his belt and sliding down the zipper before delving into his boxers. He leaned back briefly as he grasped himself tightly, stroking slow as Ruby let out a frustrated sigh. There was a pleading note in her voice when she spoke.


"Add another finger and I want to see you playing with those gorgeous tits."

One hand slid up her torso and she pinched her nipple before cupping her breast and squeezing it. Sam's stroke quickened to match the pace of Ruby's fingers. She cried out in annoyance, body stilling as she lifted herself up on her elbows facing Sam.

"I can't...Sammy please it's not working I need more...I need you."

He smirked and shrugged.

"Why should I? Give me one good reason why I shouldn't walk out right now and leave you like that."

She growled eyes flashing black. He could see her control slipping. Ruby never did like to be toyed with. A feral grinned curved on her mouth as she slipped two fingers back inside her body and threw her head back briefly, spreading her legs wide so he could see exactly what she was doing to herself.

A few flicks against her clit and she was pulling her hand away and moving it up to her lips. When she sucked the fingers into her mouth Sam's hard flesh jerked against his hand. She met his eyes and caught the hungry look in them, voice low as she spoke.

"Because you know you want me as bad as I want you. Because you can still remember the taste of me on your tongue. Because sinking into me is the best fucking feeling you've ever had Sammy. You like tossing me around, fucking me hard...making it hurt. So what the fuck are you waiting for?"

He was out of the seat in seconds, pants sliding down his legs as he kicked them off and leapt at her. Large body covering her small one as he grabbed the side of her panties, ripping them clear from her body. Sam gripped her hips pushing her legs painfully wide and then he was inside of her.

Ruby let out a startled yelp as he shoved his full length into silken folds, breath knocked out of her as nails latched onto his back. He didn't wait or slow down, just kept thrusting. Hard quick movements and she met him each time.

He shifted moving back and pulling her legs from around his waist. He held her thighs in a bruising grip tossing a leg over each arm as he shoved back inside of her. Ruby's moans filled the room as he stretched her.

It had been difficult to get this body back. Nearly impossible, but she was beyond glad she did. It was small and frail and it could feel every time Sam's body overpowered it. He was so large compared to her and it made the pain so much more delicious.

Callused hands pushed her tank top down, not even bothering to pull it off as a warm mouth closed over her nipple. He sucked greedily making her lift his shirt and claw at him, nails drawing blood on his back. Sam didn't care he just moved harder. He bit the nipple in his mouth before shifting his hand and rubbing her clit.

Her head shot back as he continued moving inside of her, tongue, fingers and teeth dragging her over the edge. He squeezed her clit and she was screaming his name walls clenching around him, milking him as he exploded inside of her.

They lay there entangled together as they caught their breath. Sam grunted before pushing off of her and rolling to the side with a sigh. Ruby grinned, aching limbs extending as she turned on her side to face him. He glanced at her eyebrow raised at the amusement on her face.


"See...I told you the last time someone looked at me like that I got laid."

He shook his head and let out a deep chuckle as he pulled her against his side.

"What am I gonna do with you?"

She smirked, a mischievous glint in her eyes.

"I think the question; Mr. Winchester is what can't you do with me?"

He opened his mouth and she was already straddling his waist. She arched a brow and he sighed giving in and leaning up to capture her lips. Oh yeah, Sam was definitely a goner. Forget the devil, Ruby was gonna be his undoing.

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