Saturday, April 9, 2011

Comin' Back To My Place

Title: Comin’ Back To My Place
Author: Reportergirl13
Rating: NC-17
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Dean/Jo
Prompt: Maybe it's the way you touch me…
Warnings: Spoilers through season 2
Word Count: 2,644
Summary: I have a mini-series where Jo and Dean are together that starts from ‘Born Under a Bad Sign’ and goes AU from there. This is a little one-shot on how they got together. A Prequel if you will to ‘Possessed’ You don’t need to read the others to get this. It’s basically stand alone. (This fic was inspired by the song “Bad Girlfriend” by Theory of a Deadman.
Notes: Written for Prompt 3 at fandom_fridays

Jo aimed, pulled back, shot forward, and released. The dart sailed through the air and landed dead on the bulls eye. She turned to Dean with a grin on her face.

“That’s game. Pay up.”

Dean’s brows scrunched up as he made a face and pointed to the dart board.

“No way…you cheated. No one and I mean no one is better at darts then me.”

Jo moved in close to him and Dean swallowed hard, but didn’t back down. Her eyebrow was raised and he could smell the shampoo she used on her hair. The money was in his right hand and Jo slid her hand over his shoulder and down his arm slowly as she spoke in an airy voice.

“Apparently I’m better than you…”

She snatched the money out of his hand quickly and he frowned as she pulled back from him while counting it. She stuffed it in her pocket and gave him a toothy smile.


“Is that how you treat someone who drove all the way from South Dakota to help you with a job?”

“I appreciate that by the way.”

Dean nodded as they walked over to the bar.

“Yeah, you’ve got some way of showing it. You’ve picked up some new moves…”

She nodded and turned her body so her back was leaning against the bar as Dean ordered two beers.

“I been working on improving my skills.”

Dean smirked.

“I don’t doubt it.”

Jo rolled her eyes as their beers were placed in front of them. Dean took a swig and then looked at Jo. She could see the mischievous glint in his eyes.

“How’s about another bet?”

“What kinda bet?”

Dean pointed to his beer.

“I bet I can out drink you.”

Jo opened her mouth and closed it. She frowned.

“You’re twice my size…”

He raised an eyebrow at her.


Jo glared at him. Dean knew exactly what to say to get her to agree. She stuck out her hand.

“You’re on.”

He shook it, smirked, and polished off his third beer before they started. Dean had been drinking since he was fourteen years old. There was no way Jo was going to out drink him, plus she was right he was twice her size. He’d get his money back and enjoy the win.

Jo watched the smug look appear on Dean’s face and she wanted to slap it off. If he thought she was going to just roll over and let him win he was out of his mind. If it was one thing Harvelle women knew how to do it was drink.

Two beers and three shots later Dean was starting to feel the alcohol. He was drinking too fast. He had forgotten that he’d had three beers before they started this little bet, but he wouldn’t give Jo the satisfaction of knowing that.

He watched her lift her third shot glass and he egged her on.

“Well you gonna drink it or just stare at it all night?”

She glared at him and threw back the shot. She shook her head slightly and motioned to the bartender who was watching them closely.

“I think it’s about time I cut you two off.”

Their heads snapped around in his directions and they spoke simultaneously.


They glared at each other before looking back at the bartender. He laughed as he cleaned out a glass.

“You two are finished. Hey Jerry call a cab for these two lovebirds.”

Dean grunted.

“A cab? I’m not leaving my baby at this place…that’s a classic car buddy…I love that car.”

Jo chuckled.

“Deano…we walked here…remember my motel’s right up the road.”

Dean frowned. Why didn’t he remember walking to the bar? He shrugged and got up off the stool.

“Right…well come on then…we can finish this back at your place.”

Jo nodded as Dean slapped a few twenties down on the counter. The walk back to the motel was uneventful. When they were standing in front of Jo’s motel room door she started going through her pockets looking for the key.

“What’s the hold up?”

“I can’t find the key…I know I had it earlier. We tracked down those vamps…cleared out the nest…came back here…and then went to the bar. I know I had it when we left for the bar.”

Dean glanced at the door and then at Jo. She bent down slightly and he titled his head to get a better look at her ass. Jo had certainly filled out since the last time he’d seen her. She wasn’t a little girl anymore. Dean scrunched his eyes as he watched her ass.

There was something in her back pocket. He smirked and shook his head as she stood up straight with a frown on her face. Jo turned to him and noticed his facial expression.


He moved in until she was up against the motel room door. His hand wound around her and slid into her back pocket. Jo’s breath caught in her throat as her eyes met his. His hand groped around slightly before he pulled it out, key in hand.

His voice was gruff when he finally met her eyes.

“This what you’re looking for?”

She didn’t trust her voice so she nodded. He leaned over pressing his body against hers in the process as he slid the card in and yanked it back out. The door beeped and the light turned green. Dean twisted the handle gently and Jo moved back with the door.

She took a deep breath and walked into the room. He followed her inside and shut the door. Jo turned to face Dean and opened her mouth, but before she could say anything his lips attacked hers. She knew she should put up a fight.

Tell him this was wrong and they shouldn’t be doing it, but damn it, she had wanted this since she met him. She wanted to feel his lips on her…his hands…everything. She groaned into his mouth and wrapped her arms around his neck.

He half-carried, half-dragged her to the wall, and pinned her against it with his weight. Dean released Jo’s mouth and trailed hot kisses down her cheek to her neck. His tongue flicked out against her pulse point and Jo bit down on her swollen lips.

Dean heard her moan as he cupped her breast through the thin fabric of her t-shirt and grazed a thumb against her nipple. Her hands cradled his head, clutching on to him, holding him to her neck. Jo’s eyes slid shut as Dean nipped at her neck.

She could feel his teeth against her skin and all she wanted to do was push him onto the bed and ride him until she came. When she had called him for help on the job, she hadn’t planned this, but she’d hoped. She shook herself from her thought’s when she felt Dean shifting.

Jo’s eyes widened when his mouth left her neck and continued placing wet kisses downward, as he slid to his knees before her. He looked up at her with a smirk on his face before lifting her shirt lightly and kissing her right where her shirt ended and jeans began. Dean could feel himself harden and he groaned.


He spoke against her skin.

“I’m busy…”

She rolled her eyes and threaded her fingers through his hair while lifting his head up. He raised an eyebrow at her.

“Stop teasing. Get up here…”

He grunted, stood up, cupped her cheek, and took her mouth in a hard kiss. His other hand wound around her waist as he walked them backwards towards the bed. When his legs hit the bed he plopped on the edge as Jo stood in front of him.

She watched his eyes darken as she grabbed the bottom of her shirt and lifted it over her head tossing it aside. He licked his lips and she unbuttoned the top button on her pants. His hand shot out and stopped her. He yanked her towards him by a belt loop.

Jo’s body jerked between his legs as he watched her closely. His voice husky with want.

“I wanna do it.”

She smirked.

“You gonna take ‘em off or you just gonna look all night long?”

Dean’s hands had the buttons undone and zipper down in less than a minute. Jo opened her mouth, but before she could say anything Dean’s hand was inside her pants stroking her through her panties. She held onto his shoulders as her head dropped back and she whimpered.

“Jesus Jo…”

“Oh god…”

Dean chuckled and glanced up at her.

“God has nothing to do with this.”

He removed his hand and she made a noise at the loss of his heat. He tugged on her pants and she helped him get them off her. When they were gone she stood in front of him clad only in a pair of black panties. Dean swallowed hard.

He’d been with a lot of woman, but he’d never craved any of them the way he wanted Jo right now. He pulled his shirt over his head, undid his pants and slipped them off. She watched him and he could see the raw lust on her face.

If it was possible it made him harden even more. Jo was getting impatient she wanted him inside of her. She moved forward at the same time he placed his fingers in the waist band of her panties. Dean hesitated for a brief second and Jo moved closer and rubbed him through his boxers.

“I want you…”

He glanced up into her eyes and the hesitation disappeared. He pulled them down and she stepped of them. Dean spoke in a rough voice.

"Straddle my legs."

Dean moved back slightly and Jo straddled his lap. She could feel him through his boxers and when he shifted and rubbed against her pleasure shot through her to her core. Jo could feel herself responding to the hardness staining against her.

Dean watched Jo’s face as he spread his legs, which shifted hers, further apart, moved his hand between them and thrust two fingers inside of her.

"Oh, god!"

The cry had a surprised ring to it. His fingers were thick and she could feel the cool metal of his ring inside her. Dean watched as lust overwhelmed her and she rode his fingers. Jo was no virgin, but Dean was making her feel things she’d never felt before.

Dean smirked as he saw pleasure building on her face. His fingers were slowly twisting, and spreading her. Dean wanted to bury himself inside her, but he could wait a little longer. As he quickened the pace of his fingers and pressed a thumb against her clit he spoke in a husky voice.

“You were so fucking hot out there tonight Jo…when you sliced that bitches head off…Jesus…”

She bit her lip and felt her muscles clenching around his fingers. When he added another finger she let out a loud cry as her body clamped down on him. Dean watched as Jo came on his hand and as she rode out her orgasm he shifted, moved his boxers aside, grabbed her ass, and thrust up into her as he pulled her down on him.

Jo felt Dean enter her in a sharp, hard movement and her body arched back as another wave of pleasure hit her. Dean moaned and swallowed heavily as he was engulfed by the tightest passage he'd ever been in, and that was saying something.

So much feeling everywhere. Dean could feel himself throbbing inside of Jo. It was incredible….she held onto his shoulders as she started to ride him. His hands on her hips guided her movements as their bodies picked up speed.

Dean could feel himself reaching the brink and he didn’t want it to end. He wasn’t sure what it was, but Jo was driving him crazy. Her small moans each time he pulled out of her body…the way she bit into her lip when he pushed back into her.

Her finger tips left trails of electricity on his back as she dug her nails into him the closer she got to coming. He’d slept with a lot of women, but there was just something about Jo that made this…better than the rest. Maybe it’s the way you touch me, thought Dean.

Jo’s touch was soft and hard all at once. Caressing and yet brandishing. He could feel her scent surrounding him, filling him and it made him drive into her harder. He gripped her back tightly and rolled them from their sitting position until they were laying on the bed.

He continued to thrust into her as he leaned down and captured her lips with his. One of Dean’s hands was pinching her nipple while the other reached between them and pinched her clit. She writhed beneath him, she was so close to coming again, but she wanted him with her this time.

She wrapped her legs around his waist pulling him closer as she squeezed her inner muscles around him. Dean closed his eyes and ground his teeth.


He thrust into her one more time before her muscles clenched again and squeezed him for all he was worth. Dean yelled out and Jo felt him come inside of her. He collapsed against her and she grunted as they caught their breath.

He shifted, plopped down next to her, and moved an arm so she could lay against him. The room was quiet except for their heavy breathing. Jo’s whole body tingled and she felt like she was floating on cloud nine. Dean rubbed an hand over his face and sighed.

She felt his breathing slow down and assumed he had fallen asleep. She started to slowly get up when his grip on her tightened.

“Going somewhere?”

“I thought you were sleeping…”

Dean raised an eyebrow at her.


She cut him off with a wave of her hand.

“It’s fine…no big deal right? Listen…I should probably head back. I have another job I should probably get to.”

Dean frowned and grabbed her arm as she moved away from him. She turned and gave him an inquisitive look.

“We just had sex and you’re gonna take off?”



She rolled her eyes.

“Come on Dean…I know how this works…this was just two hunters blowing off some steam after a few drinks…”

“Is that what you think? You thought I’d what…sleep with you and then walk out?”

She turned away from him and shrugged. He sighed, sat up and pulled her back down with him.

“You’re such a drama queen. Does everything need to be defined? One night stand…relationship…can’t it just be something in between?”

Jo looked at Dean who met her eyes and she swallowed hard.

“I dunno…can it?”

Dean gave her a one armed shrug and her head moved with his body.

“Anything’s possible.”

Jo relaxed against him again and let out a long breath. Dean was right. This could just be what it was…it didn’t need a label…she felt him tense beneath her and she lifted her head to look at him. His face had gone slightly pale.

“What’s wrong?”

“You’re mother’s gonna shoot me.”

Jo grinned and then broke out into laughter. He frowned and mumbled to himself. He didn’t find it amusing. If Ellen ever found out that he defiled her only daughter Dean’s balls were as good as gone. Jo’s finger tips danced across his chest as she leaned up and kissed him.

“No worries princess…I’ll protect you from my Mother.”

She was still chuckling lightly to herself as she placed her head back against his chest. Dean watched her as she traced patterns against his skin. He let out a content sigh. It was definitely the way she touched him…


  1. Dean would like so cute snuggling with someone.
    i love how Jo kicked his ass, Dean needs his ass kicked every once in a while

  2. Reading possessed series all over again =)
    Loved it