Saturday, April 9, 2011

Not So Rough

Title: Not So Rough
Rating: NC-17
Author: Sxymami0909
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Dean/Jo, Castiel
Word Count: 1,482
Prompt: sunburn (beyond_wonder)

“Ouch, damn it Dean!”

Dean rolled his eyes as Jo squirmed against the rough motel room sheets. Dean grunted as he leaned over her naked back.

“Well if you’d quite movin’ around maybe it wouldn’t hurt as much.”

Jo pouted as she laid her head on the pillow. Dean squirted the cold gel in his hands before rubbing them together. Jo heard the squishing of the gel and laughed. He raised an eyebrow as he glanced at her back before following it to the curve of her ass with his eyes.

Dean shook his head and attempted to focus on the task at hand. He reached forward and rubbed the gel onto her back starting with her shoulders. He heard her deep intake of breath as he massaged it into her red skin.

“Ouch Dean not so rough.”

“Jo I can’t do it any softer. Stop being such a baby.”

She glared into the pillow.

“You know, this is your fault.”

His hands stopped their circular motion as he leaned to the side so he could meet her eyes.

“My fault?”

She nodded and mimicked his voice.

“Come on Jo; let’s go for a drive in the middle of bum fuck. I’m horny…we don’t need to go inside the car it’s more exciting out in the open. Blah, blah, blah.”

Her voice trailed off and Dean furrowed his brows at her.

“I didn’t hear you complaining at the time.”

“Yeah well my back and part of my ass wasn’t sunburn at the time. How is it that you didn’t get any sunburn at all?”

Dean shrugged and went back to rubbing the gel in circles onto Jo’s back.

“Cause you were on top and if I recall correctly that was your idea so really this is your fault not mine.”

Jo sighed and stilled her body as Dean’s hand slid down to the small of her back. He felt her body tense and he could hear her breathing quicken. He smirked as he let one of his hands drift over her ass. She moaned softly and Dean felt himself harden.

Her skin was a creamy white color, with patches of red on her back from the sunburn. Dean’s eyes raked over her naked flesh and he licked his lips. Her skin was soft and supple against the coarse flesh of his hand and he couldn’t help it. His hand slid further down the round globes of her ass and slipped between her thighs.

Jo felt his hand moving between her thighs and she shifted her legs slightly to give him better access. When she felt one long, gel covered digit slide inside her moist folds she bit her lip and rubbed her body against the sheets.

He added another one and pumped both in and out of her. Dean groaned at the feel of her against his fingers. She was wet and warm and the thought that it was all for him had him straining against his pants.

Her hips started to move with his hand when she hissed loudly. Dean stopped and Jo let out a sigh of frustration.

“Dean don’t stop…I was close.”

“I hurt you?”

“No I hurt me…the god damned sunburn.”

He chuckled and she shifted carefully on the bed succeeding in sinking his fingers a little deeper inside of her.

“Come on Deano focus.”

He made a face at his demanding girlfriend and moved his fingers torturously slow on purpose. Jo’s moans were growing louder and Dean couldn’t wait any longer. He pulled his fingers out, ignored Jo’s startled whimper, and undid his belt before pushing his pants half-way down.

He pulled Jo up and flipped her on her back. As soon as he did it he realized his mistake. He swore as Jo yelped loudly and a look of distress crossed her face. He lifted her quickly, pulled her against him so her chest was flush against his, leaned back, and lost his balance making them crash to the motel room floor.

They landed with a resounding thud, Dean grunting and Jo biting her lip to keep from crying out. A look of concern flittered across Dean’s face.

“You okay? I’m sorry. It was an accident I swear. I got caught up in the moment.”

Jo opened her eyes and right as she opened her mouth to answer him the motel room door opened. Their heads whipped around to the door and Castiel stood there bathed in sunlight, frowning. He glanced at the naked blonde on top of Dean and frowned.

“I heard a large crash. I thought you might need my assistance, but I can see that is not the case.”

Dean grunted.

“Cas, you might want to avert your eyes here.”

Castiel gave Dean a look of confusion.


“Uh cause Jo’s naked.”

He nodded.

“Yes I can see that. Hello Joanna.”

Jo shook her head and buried it in Dean’s neck before mumbling into his shoulder.

“Hi Cas.”

Dean stretched forward and pulled the edge of the blanket off the bed to cover Jo’s body. Castiel stood there watching the pair and shook his head.

“I was unaware that you and Joanna were, what did you call it? Making merry?”

Dean chuckled and Jo slapped his chest lightly.

“We’re not, well not at the moment anyway. Jo’s got sunburn.”

Jo lifted her head and looked at Castiel.

“And Dean is trying to kill me.”

Castiel’s brows furrowed.

“Dean, I cannot let you kill Joanna. We need all of gods warriors for the coming battle and well I think she is my friend.”

She grinned.

“Aww Cas, that’s probably the sweetest thing you’ve said to me.”

Castiel gave her what looked to Dean like a goofy smile and he rolled his eyes.

“You know what I think Cas. I think you have a thing for Jo.”

Castiel’s gaze shifted to Dean and the smile left his face.

“A thing?”

Dean nodded.

“I don’t know what ‘a thing’ is but I’m sure I don’t have it.”

Dean and Jo broke out into fits of laughter and Castiel shook his head at the pair. They were like naughty children. No matter how much you punished them, they constantly misbehaved. Dean’s hand ran down Jo’s back and her laughter stopped.

Dean winced with Jo.

“Sorry, you know this is really inconvenient.”

Jo glared down at Dean.

“Oh I’m sorry my pain is inconviant for you. Ass.”

Dean sighed and Castiel tried to peer at Jo’s back curiously.

“What is sunburn?”

“It happens when you’re in the sun for too long without sunscreen. That’s why Jo’s back is red.”

Jo pouted.

“It hurts Deano.”

Dean patted Jo’s arm.

“You’ll be fine.”

Jo snorted and Castiel cut into their conversation.

“May I see this sunburn?”

Both Dean and Jo raised their eyebrows at Castiel and he shifted uncomfortably and felt like he needed to explain his request.

“I might be able to heal it, if the damage is not too bad.”

Jo smiled and started moving the blanket, but Dean caught her arm.

“Uh, I’m not really sure you should be looking at Jo naked Cas.”

“Why? Was everyone not born in their natural form? It is just a body and besides I’ve already seen it.”

Dean glared at Castiel.


“When I walked into the room. Do you not remember? I think you hit your head quite hard the other day. Maybe it’s best to get it looked at.”

Dean could feel Jo’s body shaking with giggles against him and he rolled his eyes. Stupid girlfriend. Stupid Angel. He placed his hands behind his head as he laid on the floor with Jo on top of him.

“Well have at it then.”

Jo moved the blanket and Castiel glanced at her reddened flesh. He leaned down, pressed his hand against her back and focused. A minute or so later Jo could feel the heat recede from her back. Castiel opened his eyes and the skin was again flawless.

His eyes were drawn down and he swallowed hard as he examined her exquisite skin. He felt something stir inside of him and he wasn’t quite sure what it was, but it made him warm. Dean watched the pain leave from Jo’s face and he smiled.

He looked up to thank Castiel and saw the features on the Angel’s face had changed and shock registered on Dean’s face for about two seconds before he barked at Castiel.


The Angel’s head shot up and he stood in one motion.


“Thanks, now get out.”

Castiel fumbled backwards and nodded his head as he tripped over Dean’s duffle bag.

“Right, yes enjoy your…merry making.”

The door shut heavily behind Castiel and Dean shook his head before glancing at Jo’s confused face. Dean smirked at his girlfriend as he wrapped his arms around her.

“Dude…you just made the Angel horny.”

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  1. haha Cas is right, Dean and Jo are just children in adults' bodies