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Motel Room Rendezvous

Title: Motel Room Rendezvous
Rating: NC-17
Author: Reportergirl13
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Dean/Jo, Sam
Word Count: 1,860
Prompt: from Deansmistress22 wiley temptress
Notes: This is the Sequel to 'Talk Dirty To Me'

Dean was exhausted. He dragged his duffle bag toward the motel room Jo had told him to go to. Sam was following behind him and when his brother didn’t stop at their door he frowned.

“Where you going Dean? Our room’s over here.”

He turned his head, grinned at his brother and shrugged.

“No, my room is down here. I’ve got other plans Sammy. I’ll see you in the morning.”

Sam glared at his brothers back.

“If you cheat on Jo, Dean…I’m not keeping your dirty little secret.”

Dean just nodded and waved before pulling out the key he got in the front office and walking through the door. Sam shook his head. Sometimes his brother could be really sweet and other times Dean was probably the biggest douche bag he knew.


The motel room was dark when Dean pushed the door open and the smile left his face. Maybe she wasn’t here yet. As he shut the door behind him the bedside light flicked on and he turned. Not fifteen feet in front of him was Jo lying propped up on the bed, in one of his flannel shirts, grin plastered on her face.

Dean’s bag fell from his hands as the dim light caught her smooth skin, blonde hair tumbling down her shoulders. He’d been waiting for this moment all day.

“Hey Deano.”

He forced his tired feet to move forward as he dropped his jacket, boots, and shirt along the way, leaving a trail from the door to the bed. He smirked as he moved onto the mattress.

“Hey back beautiful.”

Jo raised an eyebrow at Dean’s word choice, but he ignored her. He moved his body over hers and his lips found her neck, placing small warm kisses along it and her collar bone. She moaned and arched her body against him. Jo’s whispered voice floated to his ears.

“I missed you…and I hate that.”

Dean pulled his head back as confusion settled on his face.

“You hate that you missed me? I’m not really sure how to take that information.”

There was humor in his voice, but his eyes held a seriousness that Jo didn’t see in them often. She shrugged as her fingers slid across Dean’s bare arms and met his eyes.

“Sometimes…I feel like I’m too attached to you.”

Dean sighed, cupped her face, and leaned in placing a slow and gentle kiss against her lips. When they broke apart he gave her a lopsided smile.

“It’s possible I enjoy knowing you miss me enough to send me dirty texts all day long.”

She smirked at him as she stroked his back.

“It’s called sexting…get with the times old man.”

Dean pushed himself up on his hands and raised an eyebrow at her. There was a playful glint in his eyes.

“Did you just call me old?”

“If the shoe fits…”

“You’re only four years younger than me sweatheart.”

“Four years is a big difference. Just think when you’re in thirties and you’re old and gray I’m still going to be in my mid-twenties.”

Dean stifled his smile as he pretended to be offended.

“Mmm you’re probably right. Dealing with you all day would probably have me going gray by the time I’m thirty.”

She glared at him as his hand slid down her side to the hem of his shirt that she was wearing. She felt his callused hand slid up her thigh and when his fingers came in contact with her flesh he groaned.

“Jesus, do you have anything under this?”

Jo smirked.

“Just me…”

“You’re killing me.”

Her lips slid into a slow smirk and her eyes darkened with lust. She looked like some kind of siren or wiley temptress, hair fanned out across the pillows, skin flushed. Dean bent down and his mouth moved hungrily against her skin. Jo grasped at his back as he shifted his body against her.

His lips felt amazing against her skin, she’d missed this. Missed having his hands embrace her body. Dean might not like public displays of affection, but when they were alone, every time he touched her, she could feel how much she meant to him.

She was moaning as Dean’s hand cupped her breasts through the shirt before unbuttoning the flannel and pushing it aside. He grunted as he glanced down at her naked breasts. He still couldn’t believe how much bigger they’d gotten in such a short amount of time.

Pregnancy works wonders. His demanding lips found her breast and a loud moan ripped from her as his mouth closed over her nipple. Jo felt flames engulf her as she arched her body into his mouth.

“Dean…don’t stop.”

Her fingers grazed his scalp as she drew him closer, keeping him in place. Dean toyed with her nipple, nibbling at it, biting it; sucking it…he enjoyed seeing all the different reactions he could elicit from her.

Jo’s head rolled back against the pillow and Dean reluctantly let her nipple go with a pop, he kissed his way to her other breast, while covering the one he’d left with his hand. She mewed happily and her hands wandered down his torso to his jeans.

The moment Jo’s hand came in contact with the bulge in his jeans; she felt Dean’s body jerk slightly. He groaned and closed his eyes. It had been over two weeks since he’d had any kind of female contact. He’d never cheat on Jo, it’s just not the kind of guy he was, but sometimes it was hard not having sex as often as he was used to.

He helped her get his pants off and she tossed them on the floor. His boxers and the flannel she was wearing followed soon after. Dean trailed his hands up her inner thighs, softly spreading them. He leaned in and captured her lips as he pushed two fingers inside of her, stretching her.

When they broke apart his lips made their way to her neck as his fingers quickened their pace. Her breathing was erratic as her body writhed against him.

“Dean please...I can’t wait anymore. I want you.”

He nodded, slipped his fingers from her body, pulled one of her legs over his hip, and thrust inside of her without any preamble.

“Christ Jo...”

She was warm and tight and Dean had to focus as she shifted her hips and squeezed her muscles around him. He glared at her.

“Cut it out.”

She laughed, but a second later it was turned into a startled noise in the back of her throat as Dean withdrew and slammed back into her hitting a particularly sensitive spot. He leaned down and their mouths met in a fierce kiss.

Hands fondled and bodies melded as Jo met Dean thrust for thrust. Sweat dripped down his back as he reached between them and rubbed her clit. She let out a loud cry as she came, carrying him over the edge with her as he emptied himself inside her.

They collapsed against the bed, breathing heavy as Dean pulled Jo to his side. The room was quiet for several minutes, Jo drawing pictures on Dean’s chest with her fingers and Dean basking in the afterglow of great sex.

He cleared his throat as he smirked.

“My brother thinks I’m cheating on you.”

Jo’s hand abruptly stopped and she lifted her head to look at Dean worry in her eyes.

“Why would he think that? I mean you’re not...”

Dean raised an eyebrow at her. Her sentence was more of a question than it was a statement.

“You think I’m with other woman while Sam and I are hunting?”

Jo looked away from him.

“No, of course not. I trust you, I just worry sometimes. That’s all.”

Dean slid a hand down her naked side and pulled her closer.

“You don’t need to. He thinks I’m cheating because I got a separate room.”

Jo laughed.

“You didn’t tell him we were meeting up?”

Dean shook his head.

“Nope, I kinda liked the whole sneaking around thing. It was hot and the texts...Jesus Jo what in the hell possessed you?”

He turned to look at her and she met his eyes while chuckling.

“I’m serious, I had no idea you were so...”

His voice trailed off and Jo cut in.


Dean snorted.

“You’re far from a whore, although when you said you wanted me to fuck you like one, part of me wanted to reject the thought, I never wanna treat you like some bar slut, but the other part of me came a with a whole buncha ways to get the job done.”

She giggled against him and he laughed before kissing the top of her head.

“Where do you come up with this shit? You had me hard all day. Thank god the hunt was an easy one or you’d be patchin me up right now.”

Jo grinned and went back to tracing designs on his chest.

“Actually it’s a funny story. The other day Madison and I were hanging out; relaxing and I asked if I could see her phone. She has one of those new techy ones that look all complicated.”

“Hmm like Sammy.”

Jo nodded.

“Yeah. So, anyway I stumbled across her inbox by mistake and that’s when I saw the texts.”

Dean’s eyes widened as his eyes drifted to Jo’s face as she bit her lip.

“You found texts like that in Madison’s phone.”

“Oh my god they were worse! You thought the fuck me like a whore comment was bad, that was only part of the text, I couldn’t bring myself to text you the rest. I mean yeah we try new things and you know I’m open to anything you want o try...”

Dean cut her off, eyebrows raised, boyish grin on his face.


She rolled her eyes.

“We’ll see...anyway yeah it was graphic. I never knew Madison was so I don’t even know.”

Dean shook his head.

“Sammy’s always getting on my case about how I’m such a perv. Truth is my brother is one kinky bastard.”

Jo opened her mouth, but the pounding on the door cut off anything she could say.

“Dean! I know you’re in there. Get out. Jo deserves better than that!”

Dean smirked as Jo climbed over him and grabbed the t-shirt he discarded when he came in. She pulled it over her head, went to the door, and pulled it open. Sam opened his mouth and then froze when he saw Jo.

“Heya Sammy.”

“Uh Jo...hi.”

“You know I really appreciate you keeping Deano in line, but we’re a little sleepy so if you could stop banging on the door that’d be great.”

Sam’s face reddened slightly. The whole day made sense now. The texting, his brother’s secretiveness, the anxiousness to get to the motel. He nodded and mumbled a ‘sorry’ as he turned and walked back to his room. Dean had known all along he’d come knocking on his door.

Sam shook his head and cursed his brother for messing with him. It’s true sometimes Dean could be sweet, but most days he was a douche bag.

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  1. hahaha i love Dean and Sam as brothers above everything.