Saturday, April 9, 2011

Impossible Things

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Title: Impossible Things
Rating: PG-13
Author: Sxymami0909
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Dean/Jo
Word Count: 890
Prompt: “six impossible things” written for Fandon_Fridays

With her eyes closed Jo could see the sun sitting high in the clear blue sky. Warmth beating down on her face as she leaned back, soft grass under her finger tips. The smell of honeysuckle and lavender tickling her nose as Dean’s callused hands gently caressed her soft skin.

Whispered words of affection and love rolled off his tongue, making her smile. He poured his emotions into every touch, every laugh, every look and it made her weak in the knees, not that she’d admit it. His wondering lips devoured her supple flesh in a way no one ever had.

He made her feel like she was the most important thing in this world. Strong arms wrapped around her, blanketing her in a cocoon of safety. His presence bringing peacefulness to the small world around her that she’d never dreamed she could feel again.

He was her best friend, her lover, her family all rolled into one incredibly sexy, volatile package, and she wouldn’t change a damn thing about it. After years of denying feelings they’d known were there, he’d finally let go embracing everything she had to offer and giving no less in return. He made her happy.

A loud bang startled her, breaking the serene world she’d created around herself. She opened her eyes slowly and glanced behind her. Dean was standing there, water dripping from his jacket and head as he dug around in the bag sitting on the table.

He grunted before shaking his head lightly, droplets of water falling to the floor.

“If this god damn rain doesn’t stop soon we might have to build a freakin arch to put the impala on.”

When she didn’t say anything he paused in his actions and turned towards her, eyebrow raised. Jo swallowed hard and shook herself out of her thoughts.


“The rain…”

She nodded as she moved on the bed standing up and stretching.

“Yeah it’s ridiculous. I don’t think I’ve seen the sun for weeks.”

A beat later he was back to looking through the bag as Jo shifted from foot to foot. When he found what he was looking for he spun on his heel and pursed his lips at her.

“You ready to go? We need to keep moving.”

“Yea, I’m ready.”

He lifted the bag tossing a few things from the dresser into it before moving toward the door. He pulled it open again and stopped. He looked over his shoulder at his blonde companion, her eyes downcast, shoulders ridged.

She wasn’t the same girl he met four years ago. He didn’t think she’d ever be that girl again. She’d seen too much, done too much, and lived through too much. He knew this life wasn’t fair for her, but it had gone past the point of no return.

There was no where left for her to go and so he did the best he could even if sometimes it felt like it wasn’t enough. He hesitated before his rough voice broke the silence of the room.

“Jo…I’m sorry…honest I am.”

She glanced up at his words and threw the impenetrable mask she’d created months ago to assuage his guilt onto to her face, a warm smile gracing her lips.

“Dean its fine. You have nothing to be sorry for. Stop being such a worry wart and load up the car. I’ll be right out. No Metallica…I’m in a Zeppelin kinda mood okay?”

He grinned.

“Sure thing sweetheart.”

He winked at her before walking out the door and the minute he was gone the smile left her face. She walked over to the window and watched as he threw their things in the trunk. Rain pelted down on him, wind whistling through the air.

Her arms wrapped around her body as the cold seeped through. The stench of stale beer and gun powder invaded her nose making her scrunch it to try and expel the smell. He never told her he loved her, the closest he’d ever come was telling her he needed her.

She was probably the only thing left that was important to him, but at the same time sacrifices needed to be made for the survival of the many, not the one and he expected that outlook from her too. She was never supposed to choose him, if other’s needed to be saved.

It was their one rule. A rule they’d already broken. His presence no longer brought with it peace and safety, but anguish and danger. They no longer had a family. Bobby and Ellen were gone…dead and burned. Castiel was attempting the impossible trying to find god and Sam…well Sam was as good as dead.

Life was hard, tiring, and unforgiving; his arms were the only place Jo found solace even if it was only for a few hours. She tried to be happy, but it was a losing battle. He honked the horn and she sighed, moving away from the window, grabbing her boots and tugging them on her feet.

In this world love, happiness, peace, warmth, safety, and family were a dream, six impossible things. But sometimes early in the morning if she closed her eyes and drew in a long breath she could believe the impossible things. She needed to. It was the only way for Jo to get through the day.

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  1. that was sad:( bitter sweet.
    it was so sweet at the start when Jo was "lying in the sun" with Dean but then she was just dreaming:( you made the transition wonderfully though.