Saturday, April 9, 2011

Karma's Bitch

Banner By: Eva
Title: Karma’s Bitch
Rating: PG-13
Author: Sxymami0909
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Dean/Jo
Word Count: 1,080
Song:“Little Smirk” Theory of a Deadman from borntobewild13

If heaven is a place where the angels go,
Well then I've got a story to tell,

Since the day she met him, she knew Dean Winchester was no angle. He’d never lied about his intentions, or gave her false hopes of a future. They took every day as it came and when Sam had unintentionally started the apocalypse they’d taken their semi-quasi relationship on the road.

He was Michael’s vessel, destined for greatness or so the Angel’s liked to tell him. When he refused to give them what they wanted they came to her. Pleaded and tried to reason with her to convince him it was what needed to be done to save the world.

They used every tactic they had in their arsenal. They had even promised to bring her mother back if she got him to say yes. She told them to go fuck themselves. Dean would never make a deal with them and neither would she.

Castiel had told Dean what Zachariah tried to do, what they were willing to give her and how she’d stayed loyal to him in the end. Their relationship from then on shifted. It wasn’t just Dean and Sam against the world anymore. It was the three of them against the world, the angels, the apocalypse…everything.

If heaven is a place where the angels go,
Then I guess you're going straight to hell

She’d always said no matter what he did Dean was a good man. They fought side by side, nursed each other through physical and emotional injuries, and took solace in each other’s bodies. One year later the war was over.

It wasn’t a long war, but when you’re fighting for your life nothing’s ever short. It happened the day it all ended. When she opened the door Jo caught him in bed with some trashy looking brunette, naked body riding him like a god damned pony.

She froze mouth open as she gasped. His eyes drifted in her direction, smirk on his face before he actually saw her standing there. He gripped the girls’ hips stopping her in mid-movement as her name left his lips.


She didn’t bother to hear the rest of his sentence. She slammed through the door, Dean swearing as he shoved the girl off him taking off after her. He hadn’t even had time to grab his boxers before he was out the front door following her.

I Locked you out,
Left you naked in the front yard,

She saw him, hands cupped around himself as he yelled for her to stop moving. She glared in his direction before side stepping him, running back into the house, and locking the door behind her. Dean slammed balled fists against the door seething.

“Open the go damned door Jo!”

When she didn’t he scoured around the side of the house with no luck. She locked every door and window in Bobby’s house. Jo could hear him swearing as he yelled at her. She didn’t care. She went into the room they shared and glared at the women standing there now fully dressed.

“Get out.”

The girl didn’t need to be told twice she grabbed her bag, avoiding Jo as much as humanly possible before taking off out the back door.

Burned all of your clothes,
Having nothing can be really hard

She ripped open the drawers pulling Dean’s clothes out before doing the same to the closet. When she was done the only thing left hanging up was his father’s jacket. She was mean, but she wasn’t a bitch. Arms over flowing with clothes she walked out the backdoor into the junk yard, tossing everything on the floor.

She took her lighter out of her pocket, the one he gave her for her birthday, flicked it open and tossed it on the pile of clothes. Jo didn’t ask for much. She hadn’t asked for forever or late night confessions of love.

All she’d wanted was his honesty and respect. And up until today she’d thought she had both. Apparently she was wrong.

The war was over and maybe it was time she moved on. She watched the fire flicker as her jaw clenched. She reached into her back pocket pulling out the thin keychain before walking toward the newly rebuilt car.

Now I'm on the run,
I'd do it all again,
So Catch me if you can,

Jo pulled open the door, slid behind the wheel onto the leather seats. She started the car and revved up the engine. She couldn’t stay there any longer. She couldn’t sit there and play the bad ass chick; she just didn’t have it in her.

She’d spent too many years loving Dean Winchester to just stick around while he broke her heart. If he wanted to apologize, to explain he’d have to find her first. She shifted the car into gear and sped off down the path and around the front of the house.

She glanced around, but he wasn’t there. He must have found his way inside the house. She shrugged to herself before slipping her sunglasses over her face.

She was five feet from pulling off Bobby’s property when she heard his angry bellow down the road. She smirked and pushed her foot harder on the gas as the car jerked forward onto the main road.

Cause, I took your car,
With your baby in the back seat,

Jo glanced in the review mirror of the impala, Dean’s favorite gun sitting in the back seat. He wanted to be a bitch, fine. Two could play that game. He’d eventually find her, his car was the most important thing in the world to him as sad as that might be.

But she didn’t care. If burning his clothes, taking his car, his gun hurt him half as much as what she had walked in on then it was worth it. The picture of him biting his lip as some strange woman pressed her hands against his chest, bodies grinding against each other was seared into her head.

Tears pooled in her eyes, hidden by the thick sunglasses as she drove down the open road. She hastily wiped them away and took a deep breath. She’d never forget how he betrayed her, but she wasn’t looking back anymore. She was free and Dean…well Dean was karma’s bitch.

Maybe now you know how much it hurt,
When I caught you in the act wearing nothing but a Little Smirk


  1. OMG
    i havent even read this yet but this song is my FAVOURITE Theory of a Deadman song.
    If i didn't love you before, i totally do now! (in a non creepy-internet way of course)

  2. this was the perfect fic for this song, as much as it sucked for Dean/Jo.
    I'd like to think Dean wouldn't have it in him to cheat, despite being a bit of a man-whore but maybe that's just wishful Dean/Jo-shipper thinking