Saturday, April 9, 2011


Title: Miscommunication
Rating: R
Author: Reportergirl13
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Dean/Jo
Word Count: 1,537
Prompt: fucking vs. making love: Dean and Jo fight (deansmistress22)

Ellen sat on a chair in Bobby’s living room, Sam on the couch across from her, Bobby at his desk. This was one of those times she wished she was deaf, blind or both. She’d been hunting with Jo for the past two years. She wasn’t by any stretch of the imagination na├»ve. She knew where her daughter went, when she disappeared for hours after a hunt.

But they never talked about it. She ignored the fact that she was on the road with what she now decided was the female version of Dean Winchester. When the devil had risen she and Jo had come to help. Sam, Bobby, and Castiel had welcomed them with open arms.

Dean not so much, and now she knew why. Sam winced as another shout was heard from the other room. Bobby shook his head, mumbled ‘idjits’ and downed a shot of bourbon, before passing one to Ellen who took it gratefully. She tried not to hear their fight, but they were so damn loud it was hard not to.

Dean stormed into the kitchen after Jo, glare on his face. She whirled around and pointed a finger at him.

“Stop following me.”

“Not until you talk to me.”

Jo rolled her eyes.

“Listen princess, I call things how I see them okay? Why are we fighting about this? I thought things were good?”

Dean had the overwhelming urge to reach out and strangle her. She drove him absolutely insane. His jaw clenched as he tried to make her understand.

“Are you sleeping with other people?”

“Does that matter?”

Dean threw up his hands before pointing back at her and grunting.

“You realize that’s what people say when they don’t want to tell someone they are sleeping with someone else.”

Jo shook her head.

“That’s not true.”

“Don’t bullshit a bullshitter Jo; it’s what I used to say all the time.”

Jo snorted.

“Like you ever stuck around long enough for someone to ask!”

He threw his hands up in frustration.

“That’s not the point!”

“Well if you have one maybe you should make it!”

They stood there, with defensive postures as they glared at each other.

“You and I we’ve been…”

Dean’s voice trailed off as he searched for the right words when Jo spoke.


His glare deepened as he yelled.

“That’s it right there sweatheart. I hate that. If I wanted to fuck I’d go down the road and pick up a god damned bar slut!”

Jo chuckled and pressed her hands against his chest, but Dean pushed them away.

“No Jo, don’t do that. What you think I’m gonna forget I’m pissed because you’re feeling me up?”

Her glare was back as she moved away from him.

“What do you want from me?”

“I want you to be honest with yourself. I know I haven’t always givin the impression that this was more than sex, but that’s because I thought you understood me. I didn’t think I needed to bring all that emotional crap into it. I figured by just letting you in, that’d be enough.”

Jo swallowed hard. She did know Dean. And she knew how hard it was for him to let her in, but she was only protecting herself. They were in the middle of a war and if she let him into her heart and anything happened to him…well she just didn’t think she’d be able to handle that.

She grumbled.

“Please Dean; you act like you’ve never let anyone in your bed. You’re far from the Virgin Mary. I thought we were just having fun here. Besides it’s not like I’m any different from all those other girls. The only difference is I’m convenient because I’m here.”

She moved around him and walked toward the living room. Dean was stunned for a second before he followed her, determination on his face. There was no way in hell it was ending like that. Jo walked past Bobby, her mother and Sam heading for the front door.

Dean was quick though; he ran past Bobby and grabbed Jo from behind by the waist startling her. She elbowed him in the gut but he didn’t let go.

“Are you insane? Get off of me Dean!”

He grunted as she attempted to kick him while he dragged her out of the hallway and back into the living room.

“Stop fighting me Jo!”

“Dean Winchester I swear if you don’t stop manhandling me I will stab you.”

When Dean glanced at her face the look in her eyes told him she might not be kidding, so he released her and she turned to face him before slamming her first right into his nose.

He swore and Sam started to stand up when Jo spun towards him and spoke in a furious tone.

“If you so much as move from that couch to help him I’ll hit you too.”

Sam’s ass was firmly planted back on the couch before Jo faced Dean again. He glared at her as he held his nose for a few seconds making sure it wasn’t bleeding.

“If you weren’t a girl I’d be wailing on you right now.”

“Don’t do me any favors.”

Dean let out a growl of irritation.

“How is it that you’re the one hurt and angry right now? You yell at me, insult me, tell me that this thing between us is just fun, basically call me a horn dog, and then run away from me and I’m the bad guy? You must have hit your head harder than we thought on that last hunt, cause you’re crazy.”

“Oh please like this thing with us is anything more than fuc…”

Dean cut her off and she could see the furry coming off him in waves. He was beyond pissed now.

“Let’s get this straight right now Jo. I don’t FUCK you. Okay? Have I ever given you the impression that I’m casually fucking you? Have I in any way made you feel like you weren’t important to me?”

“Well no, but…”

“Exactly, because even though I’m not the kinda guy who goes around moaning and groaning about his feelings like Sammy,”


Dean ignored his brother’s outburst as he continued.

“I like to think that I show you exactly how I feel, because it’s hard for me to do it any other way.”

Some of her anger deflated and she spoke in a soft voice.

“You do…you’re a very attentive lover.”

Ellen stood up throwing her hands in the air.

“Christ! Enough! I can’t listen to this anymore. I’m going out and I’m taking your truck.”

Jo’s eyes widened and she shook her head.

“No, you know I don’t like you driv…”

“I don’t care!”

Dean and Jo winced as the door slammed behind her. Jo sighed and faced Dean. He shrugged.

“She was going to find out sooner or later.”

Jo nodded.

“Personally I’m pretty impressed we hid it for six months.”


She sighed.

“What Dean?”

“This thing between us…it’s never been about that. I mean maybe it was about the sex at first, but you’re better than that. I’d never make you another notch…”

He shrugged and looked away from her as he spoke.

“You fuck someone who you don’t plan on seeing again, someone who you don’t plan on spending time with outside a bedroom, someone you don’t plan on keeping in your life for as long as you can.”

He met her eyes then and she could see the emotion behind them. Her heart warmed and tears prickled at her eyes.

“I’d never fuck you and before today…I kinda thought you felt the same way about me.”

He went to walk away, but before he could Jo was launching herself into his arms. He caught her with grunt and stumbled slightly as she leaned in and captured his lips in a searing kiss. When she pulled away he looked at her with confusion on his face.

“I’m sorry. It does mean more, I just…I didn’t want to admit it because it would make it that much worse if something happens to one of us. I figured if I just ignored it…”

Dean chuckled.

“It would go away? Yeah not so much. So, we good?”

Jo smirked.

“Better than.”

She leaned in and kissed him again as Bobby rolled his eyes.

“Alright you idjits, are we done here? I gotta say though it’s entertainin to watch the two of you fight we might want to get back to the real issues like the devil and the apocalypse.”

Dean grinned.

“Yeah, yeah it’s just research. Jo and me, we’re more the action go getters so we’re just gonna go upstairs and polish my gun…”

“Our guns.”

Dean nodded.

“Right our guns while you guys research.”

He headed towards the stairs Jo still in his arms. As they made their way upstairs Dean called out.

“Let us know when dinner’s ready.”

Bobby and Sam looked at each other as they heard Jo’s laughter floating through the hall before the door upstairs slammed shut. Sam made a face and Bobby shook his head before downing another shot.

“You kids are gonna drive us to drink…oh wait…you already have.”

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  1. i love Bobby's one lines at the end of your one-shots.
    Dean and Jo..i love the fighting as much as i love the loving:P