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Title: Weakness
Rating: NC-17
Author: Sxymami0909
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Where would the fun be if I told you? How about you tell me?
Warning: Rough Graphic sex, DP, Angst, Dark themes
Word Count: 1,400
Prompt: I was angry and my mind is hurtful and morbid sometimes. It’s been ratteling in my head for over a week I figured the only way to get rid of it was to write it.

The small motel room was rundown and dark, the window’s boarded up, no light seeping through the cracks between the wood. The apocalypse was in full swing, the world quite literally crumbling around them as they attempted to fight a losing war.

A hard body pressed against her back as callused fingers ran down her naked side, sliding, seeking, Dean’s finger tips causing a shiver to run up her spine. Love. A four letter word that in their world went hand in hand with hate.

She knew he hated that he loved her. To Dean it was a weakness and so he made her do things that showed she was just as weak as him. Things she’d never do for anyone else, but knew he could make her do with little coercion.

His large hand slipped between her thighs and she shifted, spreading her legs to give him better access. His stubble brushed against her neck and she could feel his lips curl into a grin against her skin. He ran one large finger up and down her slit, teasing her.

She moaned, arching her body back into his as he finally sunk the digit inside of her. His strokes were slow at first, gentle thrusting as he added another finger, curling them inside of her, listening to her gasps of pleasure with pride.

She was tight, wet and warm, her juices saturating his fingers as he quickened the pace brushing his thumb hard against her clit. Her head fell back against him, breathing labored as she moved her hips in time with his stroking fingers.

He knew she was close. He looked into the dark room not seeing the figure there, but knowing he was. His rough voice was low, but carried through the room.


One word and the bed shifted, confusion settled on her face as she felt the mattress dip. She opened her mouth, not sure what was going on, but as a large hand covered her naked breast, fingers pinching her nipple her thoughts were lost.

Sam’s hands were rough, groping her breasts with force, kneading them with firm squeezes. Such a contrast to the gentle strokes on the small of her back. His hand cupped her breast, head dipping down, hot breath on her skin before a warm mouth enveloped her nipple.

She cried out as a tongue flicked against her stiffened nub, Dean’s finger on her clit speeding up. She could feel her orgasm approaching as he spoke, voice soft.

“Let go…come for us.”

The silky sound of his voice surrounded her as she shivered. His fingers making a soft squishing noise each time they left her body. She was embarrassingly wet and when the head attached to her breast sucked hard and twirled her other nipple between his fingers she came hard.

Body arched, head thrown back as she called out Dean’s name, his fingers continued to move inside of her, helping her ride out the orgasm as they shifted her body. A hard voice broke through her thoughts as they spoke over her.

“I’ll take front.”

The hand between her legs moved, wet fingers sliding up her hip trailing fluid against her as he clasped onto her thigh pulling it up and over his hip, his front pressed flush against her back.

“You take what I say you can take.”

The atmosphere shifted as another body moved against her front, long fingers slipping inside her making sure she was ready.

“She’s fine, just do it.”

The fingers were gone quickly replaced by the large head of an unfamiliar cock. Her hands pressed against the solid chest in front of her. Her voice drifting over the sound of heavy breathing.

“Wait, what are you…”

The wind was knocked out of her as he slammed into her, making the body behind her grunt with the force as he held onto her hips. The warning in his voice clear as he spoke.

“Not so damn violent.”

He stretched her as he pulled out and pistoned inside her tight hole again. She winced slightly as he groaned.

“She’s a big girl, she can take it.”

Dean sighed. He’d invited this into his bed. He needed to deal with what came with it. He leaned down placing gentle kisses against her neck as he shifted taking himself in his hand as he positioned himself at her back entrance.

Her body stiffened as he popped the head inside her puckered hole. He felt the deep intake of breath her nails biting into the flesh of the arm on her thigh. He started small shallow thrusts, attempting to open her up for him.

He hit into Sam’s hand that was grasping her hip in a bruising grip and he swallowed hard as he pulled out and in one stroke buried himself in her bowels. She cried out, pain etched on her face as they alternated their thrusting in perfect synchronization.

Dean’s hand slipped to her slit, stroking her clit as another came up toying with her nipple and the pain started to ebb away giving way to pleasure. She moaned pushing back against him and relief filled Dean. This wasn’t meant to be painful, at least not physically.

The slap of flesh against flesh reverberated through the room. Grunts, moans and groans grew louder. The body in front of her sped up causing the body behind her to shove deeper inside. She could feel them filling her.

She was sore and the stretch of her body was a blissful ache as she felt tension course through her, muscles tightening preparing for inevitable release.

“I told you she’d get off on this…”

“Shut up.”

Their constant arguing, talking about her like she wasn’t right there made her feel dirty, used, ashamed. Hips moving forward, back, forward, back. They consumed her, finally losing control as they both rammed into her body erratically.

Now moving in and out as one. She couldn’t hold on much longer and when forceful fingers pinched her clit she came apart. Coming all over both of them as four large hands gripped and pulled at her body, still moving inside her.

A shift of the hips, curl of a finger, rolling of a nipple set off another orgasm inside of her as she felt the body in front of her spill inside of her. Spurt after spurt filling her. He stopped moving, but stayed in her until she heard swearing behind her, more liquid filling her body as he came.

She lay their catching her breath, a gentle caress of a callused hand against her ass. As their breathing slowed the room quieted again. Sam’s strong voice broke the silence.

“Switch places, I want a go from behind.”

Her body instinctively moved away from him right into the person behind her. She shook her head.


“Don’t be like that.”

His hand reached out, but it was slapped away, and she could almost see the glaring match taking place in front of her.

“She said no, go back to your own bed, we’re done here.”

There was a minute of pause, tension thick with unsaid words as the bed shifted again and then he was gone. She breathed a sigh of relief and moved over pulling the sheets with her. A tentative arm wrapped around her, pulling her against him.

Tears pooled in her eyes. Just when she thought they were getting somewhere, he did things like this. Things to prove that he was her weakness, that she’d do anything for him, just like he would for her. It was twisted, but that was their life.

Her hoarse voice carried through the room.


“I’m not sure.”

“You’ve never shared before.”

His voice was hard.

“And I don’t intend to again. You okay?”

She scoffed.

“Now you care?”

“I always care.”

“I’m fine.”

It was all he needed to hear. He wasn’t sure why he did things to hurt her, maybe it was to see how much she’d take before she left him. Maybe it was a test, he didn’t know.

All he knew was he hated the woman in his arms for making him fall in love with her, for complicating his already confusing life. It’s possible it’s come to the point where he’d give up this god dammed war for her and that scared him. She was his only weakness…and he was hers…

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  1. Why would he share with his little brother its disgusting