Saturday, April 9, 2011

Blow Horn

Banner By: Sanaesira
Title: Blow Horn
Rating: NC-17
Author: Sxymami0909
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Dean/Jo
Word Count: 1,360
Song: “Rock and Roll” Poets and The Pornstars from borntobewild13

Dean smirked as he felt her small hand on his thigh. He glanced in her direction, eyebrow raised in question.

“Can I help you?”

Jo made a face.

“I’m bored Deano.”

“We should be back at Bobby’s in about two hours.”

Jo sighed as Dean bobbed his head in time to the Zeppelin song playing on the radio. She grinned as an idea struck her. She shifted her hand further up his thigh and the only sign that he noticed was a shift of his eyes in her direction out of his peripheral vision.

He said nothing as Jo slid closer to his side of the car, hand pressing against his jean covered crotch. Dean’s hand on the wheel tightened, as she rubbed him through his jeans. His girlfriend was a pain in his ass, not that he didn’t enjoy it.

He heard the scratching of his zipper being pulled down as her warm hand slipped into his boxers making him groan.

“Christ Jo…what are you doing?”

She leaned over placing a hot sucking kiss on his neck as his hand that wasn’t on the wheel came around her back pulling her closer, sliding up and under her shirt, stroking her back lightly.

“Taking what I want.”

Dean chuckled.

“All you had to do was ask sweetheart.”

Her kisses traveled down his neck as one of her hands pushed at his shirt before sliding across his stomach. When she moved, putting one knee up on the seat next to him, the other leg bent slightly as she leaned forward his eyebrows shot up.

She couldn’t be doing what he thought she was doing. One soft hand pumped his hardened cock as her warm, wet mouth slid around him, sucking him into her mouth. His head slammed back into the headrest as the hand on her back slipped into her hair.

“Son of a bitch…”

She laughed around his shaft, the vibrations sending a wave of pleasure through his body. Jo twirled her tongue around the tip taking care to increase the suction of her mouth each time she pulled her head up before pushing back down.

Between her hand, tongue and mouth she was driving him crazy. He pumped his hips up lightly guiding her head with his hand as he attempted to stay focused on the road in front of him. It was almost dusk, sun slowly making its way down.

The fact that anyone could drive by and see them made him even harder. He was engulfed in the slick cavern of her mouth when her other hand came up cupping his balls giving them a light squeeze. Dean jerked the wheel making the car swerve.

Jo practically fell into his lap, letting go of him with a pop of her mouth. Her lips were slightly pink and puffy when she looked up at him with creased brows.

“Can you be more careful?”

He glared at her.

“It’s a little hard.”

She waggled her eyebrows as she started stroking him again, voice coming out in a husky whisper.

“Baby it’s a lot hard.”

He grunted as her mouth descended again. He kept his eyes up as the road curved. If she didn’t stop he was going to come. He nudged her lifted her slightly making her frown.


“I don’t want to come in your mouth, I wanna come inside you.”

He wrenched the wheel to the side pulling the impala off the road to the shoulder. He shifted it into park before yanking Jo’s body on top of his. She straddled his legs, his hand gripping her hair pulling her mouth down on his.

Lips melding together as tongues battled for dominance. She spoke; voice was out of breath as she rubbed her body against him, the fabric of her jeans rasping against his engorged cock.

“We’re in the middle of the highway Dean…anyone could see us.”

He smirked and nodded.

“Hell we’re on a roll honey. You gonna tell me it doesn’t make you hot thinking we can get caught?”

He eyes slid shut as she bit her lip another wave of moisture pooling in between her thighs. He made her ridiculously hot thinking they could get caught or that someone was watching them.

She was practically dry humping him when he halted her movements. Dean reached between them unbuttoning her jeans as she lifted her ass so he could shove them and her panties out of the way.

He slid a finger inside her to see if she was ready and he groaned at the moisture he felt there.

“Holly hell Jo…someone’s horny.”

He laughed as he added another finger plunging them inside of her at a quick pace before brushing his thumb across her clit.

“Oh god Dean…Jesus what the hell are you waiting for?”

He smirked and pulled his fingers out of her body before taking his shaft in his hands and pulling her forward until she was sliding down on him, swallowing him slowly with her tight body.

She gripped his shoulders as she rocking back and forth gently before using her knees and hips to lift herself off of him and thrust back down. Jo rotated her hips as she clenched her muscles while pulling off and sliding back down again.

Nails dug into his shoulder as her pace quickened grunting and moaning filling the car as it shook with their movements. He reached up slipping the strap to her tank top off her shoulder and down until one cotton covered breast was visible.

He pushed the cup of her bra out of his way, leaned forward a flicked her erect nipple with his tongue before sucking it hard into his mouth. She moaned loud as her hips bucked against his.

He could tell she was close to coming so he slid a hand off her hip and between them pressing down on her clit hard and rubbing fast. He kept working her nipple as she bounced on him frantically leaving scratches on his arm.

“Jesus…oh god…I’m coming…Dean…”

Watching her come was one of the most erotic things he’d ever seen. There was a light sheen of sweat on her skin, body arched against the wheel, head thrown back one hand clutching his shoulder the other thrown backwards pushing against the dashboard as she screamed.

Her muscles quivered around him, milking him as he shoved into her hard four more times before spilling inside of her. Jo’s body fell against him, in exhaustion both of them breathing heavy as he placed a light kiss against her shoulder while trailing his fingers against her back.

They stayed like that catching their breath for several minutes before a loud horn startled them, both jerking up to see what was going on. An eighteen wheeler was drivingly slowly passing the steamed up impala, the cool breeze finally making its way through Dean’s open window.

The driver grinned and waved as he honked the horn again before passing them by. Jo looked down at Dean who was smirking. She slapped him lightly before burst out into a fit of laughter. He chuckled shifting her so he could read the time on the clock.

“Well shit, we’re gonna be late for Bobby’s surprise party…”

Jo snorted as she detangled herself from him pulling her panties and pants back up before plopping back on the seat next to him.

“I’d like to say I feel bad about that…really I would…”

He shook his head at Jo and adjusted himself before putting the car into gear and turning back on the road. She squirmed on the seat next to him and he glanced at her briefly.

“What are you doing?”

She scrunched her nose.

“I feel all squishy. Deano…”

He sighed and took the next exit that had a sign for restrooms. She smiled and he rolled his eyes. His girlfriend was such a pain in the ass, but that didn’t mean he didn’t like it.

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