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The Longest Weekend

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Title: The Longest Weekend
Rating: NC-17
Author: Sxymami0909
Fandom: Supernatural/BTVS
Pairing: Dean/Jo/Faith/Sam
Word Count: 2,340
Song: written for lightthesparks sequel to The Best Birthday Ever
Previous Story: Best Birthday Ever

Sam shook his head as he got Dean’s voicemail for the third time. Dean had spent his birthday with Jo and they were supposed to meet up with him for beers Saturday afternoon. When they never showed he figured they’d lost track of time, but when Tommy had opened the Roadhouse instead of Jo and Dean hadn’t answered his phone he knew something was up.

So Sam took a page out of Dean’s book and contacted the phone company getting GPS coordinates for his brother’s location. Imagine his surprise when it turned out Dean was at the same motel he’d been staying at. He shook his head as he caught sight of the impala and made his way to the room it was parked in front of.

He could hear faint music behind the door and he frowned as he tried the knob. When he was met with resistance he pulled out his lock pick from his back pocket and jimmied the door open. He froze in the threshold, eyes wide, mouth agape.

Dean sat in a chair in front of the bed in his boxers, beer in hand, large smirk on his face. When he heard the door burst open he tensed, sat up alert and turned. His brows furrowed when he saw Sam standing in the doorway shock on his face.

“Sammy? What are you doing here?”

He pried his eyes away from the bed and looked toward his brother as he glanced back at the writhing half naked females every few seconds.

“I thought…I mean you…your phone…is that…Jo?”

Dean smirked and nodded as he motioned toward the bed with his beer.

“How fucking hot are they?”

Sam made his way into the room shutting the door lightly behind him. He stopped and stood next to his brother, tilting his head sideways, awe in his voice.

“Who’s the brunette?”

Dean leaned up slightly in his chair as Sam leaned down.

“Get this; you know how Jo went to college before she decided hunting was what she wanted to do with her life?”

Sam nodded.

“Well she went to this small college in California where she met Faith, a vampire slayer.”

His brother’s head snapped in his direction and Dean could see the surprise on his face.

“No way…seriously? She’s a slayer?”

Dean frowned not expecting his brother to know what a slayer was.

“Am I the only one who didn’t know what that was before yesterday?”

Sam rolled his eyes.

“If you bothered to pick up a book once in a while…”

His voice trailed off when he heard the clearing of throats. They turned their heads and spotted Faith and Jo watching them eyebrows raised as Jo laid on her stomach, Faith kneeling beside her. Jo waved at Sam and he gave her a small smile.

Faith licked her lips and grinned as her eyes took him in. She spoke to the blonde next to her, eyes never leaving Sam’s direction.

“Who’s the giant?”

She chuckled and sat up mirroring Faith’s position.

“That’s Sam, Dean’s brother.”

“You didn’t tell me he had a brother.”

Jo shrugged.

“Must have slipped my mind.”


Faith stretched slightly, Sam’s eye following her body. She smirked and winked in his direction.

“So Sam was it? Did you come to join the party?”

Dean grunted.

“Hey this is my party. No kid brother’s allowed.”

Faith glanced briefly at Dean before her gaze moved back to his brother.

“Oh come on birthday boy, share, share all is fair.”


Dean grumbled and stood up. Sam yanked his jacket off and started pulling off his t-shirt. When it hit the floor he glanced up in time to see Faith lean in lips smashing against Jo’s in a searing kiss. He felt himself harden and he groaned. Dean shifted voice low.

“This is my party my rules. No Jo for you. Stick to the brunette. Got it?”

Sam nodded.

“Not a problem.”

Dean snorted.

“Didn’t think it would be.”

They turned their attention back to the girls as Faith slid the strap of Jo’s bra down her arm. She licked her lips as the cool air hit her exposed breast. Dean watched Faith move in and capture Jo’s nipple in her mouth. She moaned hand tangling in the brunette’s hair.

Dean walked over to the bed behind Jo placing gentle kisses across her shoulders, unhooking the clasp of her bra and letting it fall off her. His hand came up cupping the her free breast, kneading it as his thumb brushed across her hardened peak

Jo moaned throwing her head back against Dean’s shoulder as Faith reached down rubbing her through her panties while flicking her tongue against the nipple encased in her mouth. Callused hands slid up the back of Faith’s thigh and she turned her head slightly to glance behind her not releasing Jo’s breast.

Sam’s hand stopped at her panty line and fingered the edge of the material. Faith shifted spreading her legs wider to give him better access. He slipped a finger inside her panties and bit his lip at the moisture he found there.

He moved his hand at a quick pace adding a second finger as he slammed his long digits in and out of her body. A small hand cupped Faith’s breast, squeezing roughly before tweaking her nipple. When Sam shoved a third finger inside her, she arched back, released Jo’s breast and let out a loud moan.

“Shit that’s good. Do it harder.”

Sam sped up the pace of his fingers as he brushed his thumb against her clit at the same time Jo pinched her nipple. Faith could feel her body tensing as she ground against Sam’s hand.

She was close to coming, which surprised her. It usually took more to get her off, but there was something about his large hands sliding across her skin that set her body on fire. She pushed Jo’s panties aside as slipped two fingers inside her body, quick and hard.

Dean could feel Jo’s body humping against Faiths fingers and his erection strained painfully against his boxers. Her eyes were shut, teeth cutting into her bottom lip, wild abandon on her face. Dean could watch her forever.

He grunted and pushed Jo forward lightly. Her hand left Faith’s breast as it landed on the bed catching her body from falling. She was on her hands and knees in front of Faith as the Brunette road Sam’s fingers for all she was worth.

Sam pinched Faith’s clit and she screamed, coming against his hand. He stroked her a few more times as she rode out her orgasm before pulling his fingers free from her body. Dean pushed his boxers down and gripped his shaft in his hand stroking it as he reached forward and snapped the elastic on Jo’s panties.

She hissed as it snapped against her skin before falling to the bed spread. Dean pressed the head of his erection against her opening from behind and she moaned loud pressing back against him. Faith turned taking Sam’s hand as she met his eyes and sucking her juices from his fingers.

Sam’s cock twitched, eyes darkening with lust as she grinned before turning around and getting into the same position as Jo. Faith glanced over her shoulder and raised an eyebrow.

“What are you waiting for? Let’s see if every part of you is large.”

Dean shook his head as he gripped Jo’s hips and thrust inside of her in one hard movement. She groaned and thrust back against him. Sam’s boxers were on the floor and he was behind Faith pushing her panties aside and before she could say anything he was fully sheathed inside of her.

She let out a startled yelp, but moved hard against him, grinding her hips back meeting him thrust for thrust. Dean was holding onto Jo’s breasts as he pumped inside of her body, hands squeezing, fingers pinching as she whimpered and begged for more.

Faith shifted forward molding her lips to Jo’s. They watched as tongues battled for dominance teeth bit and scraped and lips clashed. Sam could feel his balls tightening and he reached beneath Faith and rubbed circles around her clit cause her to move against him erratically.

Dean did the same, slipping his hand beneath Jo and pinching her clit. She screamed into Faith’s mouth as she came all over his shaft, muscles clenching, throbbing around him, squeezing him until he exploded inside of her, come filling her body.

Sam grabbed Faith’s hair yanking it back non to gently and leaned forward biting down with blunt teeth against her shoulder as he pinched her clit and slammed into her one more time. She exploded around him as he shot his seed deep inside her still moving his fingers against her.

They were silent, the only sound was them breathing heavy as they laid there and caught their breath. Jo collapsed forward and Dean let her, Faith following suit. Dean pulled up his boxers, Sam doing the same and not even ten minutes later Jo felt a soft hand sweeping against her center.

Fingers slipping into her folds brushing against her sensitive clit. Her eyes shot open as Faith grinned and she moaned. Dean could feel himself getting hard again and Sam wasn’t far behind.

“Do you ever get tired?”

Faith chuckled and she moved over, spreading the blonde’s legs speaking as her head dipped down to Jo’s core, another wave of moisture pooling there.

“Buckle up JoJo we’ve got a long weekend ahead of us.”

And with that she dove in tongue licking up and down her slit before her lips closed over her sensitive nub and sucked hard. In seconds Jo was writhing beneath the brunette slayer and Sam and Dean were ready for round two. Dean climbed back on the bed and laid at Jo’s side, lips kissing around her breast before pulling a nipple into his mouth.

Jo was pretty sure she was going to explode from all the sensations she was feeling. When a third mouth joined the others, sucking her other nipple into his mouth she cried out begging for more. Faith pumped three fingers inside Jo as she tongued her clit.

Jo’s hands tangled in Sam and Dean’s hair as she held them to her breasts urging them on. She could feel her muscles quivering as their ministrations continued. One more shove of fingers, and Jo was coming, filling Faiths mouth with her essence.

Sam pulled back from Jo and glanced at the brunette before him. Faith licked her lips, mouth glistening from Jo’s juices before pulling Sam into a heated kiss. He could taste Jo on her and it made him harder. She glanced at Jo and motioned to the guys.

“I want them both.”

Jo pushed herself up to the top of the bed, face flushed and nodded. Dean sat on the edge of the bed and Faith climbed onto his lap, stuck her hand inside his boxers and pulled out his hardened shaft before lifting herself up slightly and slowly sliding down on him.

He groaned as she started riding him, her hands on his shoulders. Sam came up behind her hand already stroking his erection. She leaned forward giving him access to her ass. He pressed against her and she hissed as he stretched her.

He gave a couple of shallow thrusts before pulling out and thrusting home. Her body tensed and he stopped giving her time to adjust, but she rocked her body between them speaking in an out of breath voice.

“Don’t stop. Fuck me hard. I like it rough.”

Her words fueled something inside of him and before he knew what was happening he was slamming into her body fiercely shoving her against Dean with each stroke of his hips. She called out as sweat slicked skin slapped against each other.

She was so full, encompassed completely by the men surrounding her. The feeling of them inside her, hands caressing, tongues licking, teeth biting, mouths sucking. Faith’s eyes met Jo’s as she laid there stroking her fingers inside her body, pinching her nipples, getting off to them fucking and she couldn’t take it any longer.

She threw her head back and exploded around them, muscles quivering as she brought them over the edge making them come for the second time that night. Dean released her hips and let his body fall to the bed, head by Jo’s leg.


Sam pulled out of Faith and she winced before moving off of Dean. Sam fixed himself and Faith glanced at Dean and Jo before moving back to Sam. She tilted her head in the direction of the door.

“What do you say we give these two some alone time? Feel like takin a girl to get some food?”

Sam swallowed hard.

“I’m up for it if you are.”

She grinned and moved off the bed pulling her jeans on and tossing a tank top over her torso.

“I’m always up for food.”

Less than five minutes later Sam was dressed and Faith was pulling him out the door. Dean grunted and moved to the top of the bed next to Jo. She sighed and shifted into his arms. He wrapped his arm around her and pulled the covers over them.

“I’m so god damned tired.”

She chuckled against his chest and ran a hand over it.

“Mmm me too.”

Dean glanced at the blonde in his arms and his face softened.

“Thanks Jo.”

She nodded and he took a deep breath.

“As great as this was…let’s not do it a lot. I kinda like having you all to myself.”

She grinned placing a soft kiss against his shoulder, his hold on her tightening.

“I adore Faith, she’s one of my closest friends, but I couldn’t agree more.”

He chuckled. The longest weekend he’d ever had was finally over and though Dean had never had so much fun, surprisingly he wasn’t as disappointed as one would think. Imagine that.

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