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Not Just An Ordinary Life

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Title: Not Just An Ordinary life
Rating: PG-13
Author: Sxymami0909
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Jo-centric
Word Count: 980
Song: “An Ordinary Life” Amy McDonald from Akadougal

What makes you different from anyone in here?

Jo Harvelle had always been labeled as an outsider. Growing up she’d played the same games as her peers, participated in the same activities, learned the same things, and yet she was unlike them. Her life was different.

When Jo was younger she always used to wonder what made her different from anyone else her age. Why was her life so much more difficult?

When other little girls were going home playing with dolls and baking with their mother’s she was going home and helping her mom in their bar; listening to men, young and old, tell stories about the evil that roamed the earth.

While other father’s told their children fairy tales, her father had told her stories about hunting, heroes, and death. He spoke of monsters and detailed ways to kill them. When other little girls went out on the weekend they went to the park, or had play dates.

When she went out on the weekend it was to empty fields to watch her dad practice his shooting or visit Uncles who always taught her something new. When her friends turned sixteen most of them got cars. When she turned sixteen she got her dad’s pocket knife.

It used to bother her, but not anyone. Jo Harvelle accepted who she was and wasn’t ashamed of the family she came from, a family of hunters.

What makes you stand up from the crowd?

It took her a while to realize, but that was what made her stand up from the crowd. While everyone around her lived blissfully ignorant she knew what was really out there. The kinds of evil the darkness held. She’d always been convinced that her father wanted her to share in his love of hunting and she did.

Her mother hated that she refused to live a normal life. That she’d rather go out hunting demons and possibly get herself killed, but how could Ellen expect her to do anything less after the way she was raised? How could she turn her back on everything she knew was out there?

If she pretended to live unaware of the evil surrounding her life what kind of person did that make her? So when she had gone on her first hunt at twenty-two with the Winchester brothers her mother had followed her out there.

Her lack of trust in Jo was what put the final coffin in their relationship. Not long after the job she took off leaving the safety and comfort of home for the risk and independence of the open road. It took two years and an apocalypse to bring them back together.

When she’d shown up on Bobby’s doorstep after news of Dean’s death reached her, she mended quite a few bridges that had been burned and not one week later they’d left together to hunt…as a family.

What makes your mother so proud of you?

Jo had always wondered what made her mother so proud of her. She wondered if Ellen had thought her stupid for living the life of a hunter. It wasn’t until her final few moments that she had seen the pride shinning in her mother’s eyes through the tears.

Not going back for Dean had never been an option. She was pretty sure she’d fallen in love with him the moment she laid eyes on him. She knew he wasn’t too quick on the uptake, but she also knew he wish he had been.

When she suggested the bomb her mother had looked horrified, Dean dismissed the idea and Sam just looked lost. But she’d known it was their only chance to survive and she hadn’t just gotten ripped apart by a hell hound so Dean could die and the devil could win.

Everything happened too quickly and the moments she had with the elder Winchesters were heartbreaking and bittersweet. It looked like his eyes had finally opened, right when this life was done for her.

Her mother’s decision to stay in the end had filled her with love and at the same time pain. She didn’t want her mother to die. She never wanted this life…not for either of them. But Jo knew better than to argue with Ellen when she’d made up her mind.

When she took her last breath, Jo was at peace wrapped in her mother’s arms. She knew she had done the right thing. That she was loved and Jo had faith that the man she left the fate of the world in, the man she loved would do anything he needed to, to save the world and make sure she hadn’t died in vain.

What makes us worship at your ground?

The explosion had been loud and though they’d been expecting it, the echo of the blast in the silent streets had stopped him making him turn toward the hardware store. Dean’s chest constricted as he watched the flames encase the broken building.

It didn’t matter how long he lived or where he went and what he did. He’d never forget this moment. Years from now people would mention Jo’s name with awe and praise. He’d make sure of it.

They’d ask him what made him worship at her ground. What made him speak with such candor, loyalty, and love? How could one person possibly be so important? And he’d tell them. She’s a hero.

She made it possible for one man to do what needed to be done to save humanity. She gave him faith, made him believe in himself and the people around him again.

He doesn’t know where he’ll be in ten years, if he’ll even be alive, but he does know that she gave him back his freedom and for that, he’d always love Jo Harvelle. She’d be in his heart until the day he joined her on the other side.

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