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What is Evil

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Title: What is Evil
Rating: R
Author: Sxymami0909
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Dean, Sam
Word Count: 930
Prompt: Two sides of the same coin (Fandom_Fridays) Week 16

Dean Winchester had spent years listening to people tell him his brother was evil, but what was evil really? Was it demons and other sons of bitches that roamed the night killing humans? Was it regular people who committed random acts of hatred and violence?

Or was it something else entirely. Something less physical like the intention behind an action or a choice. Who decided where good ended and evil begun? Was it random or predestined? According to what Michael had told Dean, this was what he and Sam had been born for.

The Angels had known from the beginning that the world would end by the hand of a Winchester. Two people chosen, good versus evil, brother pitted against brother, two sides of the same coin. If Dean followed Michael’s logic then everything they’d done up until this point was a lie.

The lives they’d lived, every choice they’d made predetermined. If he followed Michael’s logic, but of course he didn’t, why would he? If it was anything he prided himself on it was having a mind of his own and one thing those dicks with wings hadn’t taken into consideration was Dean’s love and loyalty for his family.

In the past year Sam had lied, feasted on demon blood, turned his back on his family, made several bad judgment calls, and set Lucifer free. His brother was far from perfect, but he wasn’t evil.

At times Dean had doubted Sam, but he never truly believed his brother’s intentions were malicious. For a long time after finding out about the demon blood running through Sam’s veins, he hadn’t wanted to believe it made him different.

He hadn’t wanted to believe that Sam could have something so impure so evil inside of him. Not when he’d spent all those years protecting him from that darkness, only to find out it was inside him all along. He’d felt like a failure, but he’d been wrong.

Sam was different. If Dean had really been doing his job as an older brother he would have realized that sooner. The world they lived in wasn’t always black and white; there were shades of gray woven beneath every surface.

Somewhere along the line though, Dean’s vision had tunneled and the gray became nonexistent, which was when doubt started to creep in and the nagging of those voices, whispered words of his brother being evil, began to haunt him.

He’d listened to those voices instead of his own and lost faith in his ability to judge Sam’s intentions, and so he forbade his brother to use his powers. Made him go cold turkey, turn his back on the so called evil bubbling to the surface, never realizing he was asking Sam to push away a part of himself, not thinking it might have negative consequences.

It wasn’t until after his run in with Michael that Dean reevaluated their situation. In all his years hunting he’d seen a lot of different things including evil things that weren’t necessarily evil. So if a demon, a creature from the depths of hell could be, in a loose sense of the word good, then why couldn’t his brother?

He’d thought the demon blood inside Sam was a curse that it had darkened his soul, but it had always been there, lying dormant and maybe it was finally time to embrace it, learn how to use it for the right reasons.
Could he really fault his brother for tapping into his abilities to get vengeance for his death? Wouldn’t he have done the same thing if it had been Sam who was torn apart by hell hounds in front of him? The answer was yes.

Dean would have annihilated everything in his way and he would have done it without an ounce of regret or remorse because that was his brother, his family. Did that make him worse or better than Sam? He didn’t know and at this point he didn’t care.

What he did know was the whole idea of the coming apocalypse only worked if he they divided the line between them. If he thought of Sam as evil. If they’d known this was how it was going down all along, then they also knew what would separate them.

Which situations to put them in to destroy their bond and Dean had fallen for them hook line and sinker each time. He had let them play him like a fiddle, but he was done being their bitch. It was time for Dean to accept Sam for who and what he was, without disgust, fear, blame, or righteous indignation.

Every human being on the godforsaken earth had darkness in their hearts and anger lurking in the depths of their souls without the aid of demon blood. It was what they chose to do with it, their intentions, that mattered

Everyday people made choices that defined the person they were or wanted to be, decisions that had cost a life or saved one. His brother had made the wrong decisions for the right reasons. In Dean’s eyes that made him far from evil.

He would make sure his brother knew that. Nothing, not the Angels or the demons would stop them from saving this world, even if they died doing it. It was time for the Winchester brothers to create their own fate.

They were one in the same, bound together by blood. Dean and Sam Winchester were born to end the world, but together, good and evil, light and dark, two sides of the same coin; they’d be its salvation.

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