Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Biggest Baby

Title: The Biggest Baby
Rating: PG-13
Author: Sxymami0909
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: John/Mary
Word Count: 880
Prompt: written for Spn_Het_Love April Challenge: Prompt from Embroiderama – John/Mary - Mary takes care of John when he's sick.

John groaned as he shifted in bed, wincing, his aching body wracked with another coughing fit. He felt a chill run up his arms and he buried himself further into the covers. Beads of sweat pooled on his forehead as he attempted to call out to Mary yet again to no avail.

Well it was official; he was dying a slow and painful death. Two nights ago he’d come home from work at the garage with a slight cold. Mary had told him to take next day off of work, rest up, but did he listen to her? Of course not.

He’d told her he was fine and went to work the next day. Not three hours later his boss had sent him home because he was coughing all over the costumers and running a low fever. He’d been properly chastised by his wife, who had told him to get his butt in bed and stay there.

He hadn’t moved since. What he had thought was a mere cold turned out to be the flu and so Mary had spent the last day making sure he had everything he needed to feel better. Mary’s soft voice pulled him from his thoughts.

“I got your soup sweetie.”

He felt her weight on the bed and he slowly turned so he was facing her. She frowned, placed the bowl down on the nightstand, and brushed his sweat slicked hair off his forehead. He looked absolutely miserable.

A part of her wanted to roll her eyes and say ‘I told you so’ but she refrained from doing so because she knew he already felt semi-bad for not listening to her in the first place. As she glanced down at his sour expression he noticed the worry in her eyes.

He cleared his throat and gave her a small smile. His voice was hoarse when he spoke.

“Thanks babe. You don’t have to…do this you know. I’m perfectly cap...capable of taking care of myself.”

She raised an eyebrow and nodded her head as she helped move him into a sitting position.

“Right of course, I’m sure you can.”

“I can.”

He glared at her as she lifted the soup and grinned at the indignation on his face. When she said nothing else but held a spoon full of soup out to him he scowled.

“I’m a grown man I don’t need you feeding me.”

“You’re grouchy is what you are. Stop bein such a baby. Come on…its tomato rice soup.”

He peeked at the spoon and she grinned to herself. She knew he couldn’t resist her soup. It was her mom’s recipe. Something she always used to make Mary when she was sick. John finally let out a sigh and gave him. He didn’t like being sick and he sure as hell didn’t like helpless.

She watched him eat the spoonful of soup and his eyes slid shut as he swallowed it a content look gracing his features. It sounded ridiculous, but the soup was amazing. It was almost like he could feel the love radiating from it which made it taste that much better.

He opened his eyes and caught her watching him with a warm smile on her face. His lip turned up at the corner, voice raspy as he spoke.

“Penny for your thought?”

She shrugged.

“I was just thinking that it’s nice being the one to take care of you for once.”

“So you’re saying you enjoy my being sick? Cause I’m gonna have to say I don’t.”

Mary chuckled as she filled the spoon again before bringing it to his lips.

“That’s just because you don’t like relinquishing control.”

He grunted and mumbled something she didn’t quite catch.


“I said my head hurts.”

She bit her lip to keep from laughing at her husband’s whining. None of their friends would ever believe her if she told them that John Winchester, the man who’d been to war and back, turned into the biggest baby she’d ever known when sick.

She put the soup down and climbed next to him nudging him with her arm. Confusion filled his face as she rolled her eyes.

“Scoot over.”

He did and they shifted so she was lying against him with her head on his chest, his arm around her back. She could feel the heat seeping though his shirt, but she didn’t care. He glanced down at her and placed a soft kiss against her head, speaking softly.

“You know you’re gonna get sick like this.”

She wrapped an arm around his midsection and breathed him in.

“I don’t know about you, but I think it’s worth the risk.”

He grinned. His girl was amazing and probably the only woman who’d put up with his crap, which was just one of the many reasons he loved her. He pulled her tighter against him and he could feel the smile on her face widen.

As he laid there the chills finally stopping, his fever in the process of breaking, and the tickle in his throat finally disappearing he got to thinking. A smirk formed on his face. If this was the kind of treatment he was gonna be getting every time he was sick, he might just have to get sick more often.

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  1. haha even John Winchester suffers from man-flu!