Sunday, September 4, 2011

One Night


Banner By: Stacey
Title: One Night
Rating: R
Author: Sxymami0909
Fandom: Supernatural/Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Pairing: Dean/Buffy (implied Dean/Jo and Spike/Buffy)
Word Count: 550
Song: “Sitting across the bar, staring right at her prey…” “She Wolf” Shakira (Written for lightthesparks)

Sitting across the bar, staring right at her prey she twirled her finger around her half-empty glass as she caught his eye. A seductive smirk slid onto her face and he leaned back in his chair grinning. She was tired of having the weight of the world on her shoulders.

Tired of being responsible, fighting the good fight. She needed this. One night to herself. One night to be frivolous, carefree, and selfish. She tilted her head, long hair tumbling over her shoulders as she bit her lip.

She re-crossed her legs making the black dress ride higher on her thigh and she could see his eyes darken from across the room. He was exactly what she was looking for. Not cute little divos or rich city guys, someone rugged and dark.

He watched her head cock to the side, deep blonde hair cascading over the top of her breasts reminding him of flowing golden curls of another gorgeous woman he had known. He banished the thought the minute it came.

He could spot lust from miles away, it called to him like a sirens song and when her legs shifted and he caught a glimpse of flesh beneath her dress desire pooled inside him. He reached for his beer and chugged the last of it. Pushing away from the booth, he stood.

Her hand tightened on the glass, heartbeat picking up speed as he weaved through the crowd in her direction. He looked dangerous in his worn leather jacket and jeans, but she liked it. It was unknown and it filled her with anticipation.

He stopped in front of her leaning lightly on the bar. Her tongue peaked out of her mouth licking her lips. His eyes following every movement carefully before meeting hers. He was tired of having the weight of the world on his shoulders.

Tired of protecting everyone, fighting a war he no longer believed in. He needed this. One night to himself like the good old days. One night to throw caution to the wind and be selfish. Her mouth opened, but he cut her off before the words could come.

Her body hummed as callused hands cupped her cheeks, warm lips enveloping hers. Her mouth opened of its own accord and he deepened the kiss. Everything about him was a contradiction. His body was hard, strong, defined, but his touches were soft, seductive caresses.

She’d come there as a hunter and somewhere along the line she’d become the prey. When their lips broke apart both were breathing heavy. His words were soft, voice husky. “I’m Dean.”

She swallowed hard, trying to clear her throat. “Buffy.”

Watching her closely he held out a hand to her. She glanced from his outstretched arm to his face. A small hand closed around his, fingers threading through the other as a silent decision had been made. He led her outside and when she caught a glimpse of his car her mind flashed to a similar car with a lean blonde haired Brit behind the wheel. She banished the thought as soon as it came.

She had no clue what he was offering, but she was tired of playing it safe. There was darkness inside of everyone and it was time she let hers out so it could breathe.


  1. generally, i'm not a cross-over person, but i surprisingly love this Buffy/Dean thing.
    I love how they were both the same but not at the same time

  2. oh my god i loved this crossover!! and the picture you have for the header of this story... Jensen and Sarah resemble each other so much in that photo! hahaha and i enjoyed this short story, wish you'd do more!! :D