Saturday, April 9, 2011

Taking It All In

Banner By: Eva
Title: Taking it All In
Rating: PG-13
Author: Sxymami0909
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Dean/Jo
Word Count: 790
Universe: This is a one-shot set in the ‘Possessed’ Series Universe
Prompt: “All I’ve Ever Wanted” written for not_of_stars Birthday

Dean sat in the desk chair, beer in hand as he stared at the blonde currently sprawled across the middle of the bed, curls haphazardly falling along both pillows, chest rising and falling with each breath and he let out a content sigh.

He and Sam had just made their way back to the Roadhouse after a seven day hunt and he didn’t have the heart to wake his pregnant girlfriend up from what seemed to be a peaceful sleep. So instead he’d stripped down to his boxers and t-shirt, grabbed a beer and parked himself in the desk chair so he could just take her in.

Dean could hear Madison’s laughter from across the hall as Sam joined in and he winced slightly. He was two seconds away from getting up and telling them to shut their pie holes. Ellen said Jo had been having a bit of trouble sleeping lately and the last thing Dean needed was them waking her up.

His eyes slid away from the doorway and back to the woman in front of him. Even with her hair mused and body clad in his beat up Metallica t-shirt, she was gorgeous and Dean found himself wondering how he’d gotten so damn lucky.

He took another swig of from the bottle in his hands as he shook his head. How did he ever wind up with such a pistol? He knew Sam’s answer would be ‘You knocked her up.’ but Dean was pretty sure even if they didn’t have a baby on the way, Jo would still be by his side.

He placed the beer on the desk, got up, and made his way quietly over to the bed. The mattress dipped from his weight as he lay down slowly. Her body shifted as she mumbled something in her sleep and unconsciously moved closer to his body.

There was a time when Dean wouldn’t even consider cuddling, hell he flinched from the thought, but now…well he had trouble sleeping every time he and Sam left on a hunt. He missed Jo…the way she felt wrapped around his body.

The way he woke up smelling her shampoo, the way she seemed to fit so perfectly against him. It sounded lame, but he slept better with her by his side, knowing that she and their kid were okay. Dean leaned over and wrapped an arm around her before placing a chaste kiss against her forehead.

Jo’s eyes fluttered open her hands reaching out to his chest as brown orbs found green. He gave her half a smirk and her face lit up as she pressed her body into his. “You’re home.”

“Yup, came in a little while ago…didn’t wanna wake you.” She scrunched her nose and gave him half a shrug as her arm came up around him as she stifled a yawn.

“I wouldn’t have minded…everything go okay?” Dean nodded, his hand coming up behind her head stroking her hair lightly. “Yea…got the son of a bitch and sent his ass packing. How’s the kid?” His hand came out and gently rubbed her stomach.

She chuckled before placing a kiss against his neck, warm breath making him groan lightly. “Mm hungry…and craving pie…”

Dean chuckled and shook his head, “Well we definitely know it’s mine then.” Her eyes met his, head tilting slightly and he watched her closely as she spoke. “Was there ever any doubt?”

He was quiet for a minute before leaning in and capturing her lips with his. When he pulled back he shook his head before dropping it back to the pillow. “Nope…I’m Dean Winchester…you can’t get any better sweetheart.”

Jo snorted and rolled over slightly lifting the extra pillow and tossing it at him. He caught it and rolled her over until she was underneath him. “Cocky bastard…”

“You like it…”

She grinned, “Maybe.” Dean leaned in for another kiss and this time Jo pulled him closer and deepened it. When he moved back this time he shifted until she was next to him again and gathered her in his arms. Jo let out another yawn…and Dean whispered ‘go back to sleep’, her eyes slipping closed as he watched her.

He didn’t know when he started thinking of the Roadhouse as home, but every time he came back he couldn’t help the overwhelming feeling that this right here…a girl…a kid…a family…it was all he ever wanted and somehow he’d been lucky enough to get it.

Dean wasn’t going to question it though, not a chance. Instead he was gonna enjoy every last second of it cause unfortunately with his life he never knew when it would be taken away, but if he had anything to say about it…he’d be lying here forever.


  1. awww i love that they both sleep better together, thats so sweet.
    this was cute:)

  2. Aww they are so cute together....!!! I wish this could happen in the show...!