Saturday, April 9, 2011

Playing A Part


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Title: Playing a Part
Rating: NC-17
Author: Sxymami0909
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Dean/Jo, Sam
Word Count: 480
Prompt: dressed up

Dean shifted against the bar, one hand reaching up to straighten his tie as the other gripped the champagne glass tightly. He glanced around the large room decorated with all kinds of shimmery streamers, ice sculptures, and vegetables or whatever those horn looking things were, while some kind of crappy pop music played in the background.

His eyes roamed over the dance floor scanning the area before drifting to the other side of the large club in search of his blonde girlfriend. He winced as he decided fixing the tie wasn’t as important as loosening it so it didn’t strangle him to death before they caught the damn shape shifter that had forced him into his current situation.

When he’d suggested to Sam and Jo that they go to New York he had been hoping to relax a little, maybe visit a few bars, see a couple of old acquaintances, but no. Nothing was ever that simple for them and so there he was dressed in a god damned monkey suit at some stupid Thanksgiving Gala.

What the hell was a gala anyway? And really why did people feel the need to one? What was the appeal of some stupid party to a shifter? They still had no clue why it kept targeting fancy ass parties, but one thing Dean did know was he was tired of it.

This would be the last time he dressed up and hung out with a bunch of snobs for the night…this son of a bitch was dying today. He eyes caught sight of blonde curls and a smirk slid onto his lips as he watched Jo take a sip of her champagne.

His eyes raked over her body and even from all the way across the room he could see how amazing she looked. Jo certainly cleaned up nice and the craziest part about it was, even though they were playing a part…she looked like she fit into this world.

The dress she’d chosen was some kind of sheer, pale pink or peach, Dean wasn’t really sure. All he knew was it had taken a lot of will power not to rip it off her when she’d come out of the motel bathroom earlier tonight.

It was a sleeveless wrap dress with ruffled edges that hugged her curves like it was made for her. His eyes dropped to her feet and he wondered why she’d never worn those heels for him. He hadn’t even known she’d been harboring a pair of four inch fuck me heels until he saw them earlier.

He groaned as he felt himself harden slightly at the sight of her. Jo must have felt his eyes on her because she glanced up and he the minutes their gaze locked he knew she could see exactly what was going through his head.

He watched her down the rest of her drink, placing the empty flute on a tray that a waiter was carrying past her before she moved into the mass of bodies on the dance floor never once breaking eye contact with him. Dean licked his lips as Jo glided across the floor, her steps silky as the material of her dress pushed and pulled against her making her look almost ethereal as she made her way towards him.

He sucked in a deep breath when she was standing in front of him head cocked to the side. “What are you lookin’ at Winchester?”

Dean smirked, “My girlfriend pretending to be a snobby bitch…but I think I like it.” She moved into his personal space breath warm against and breathy against his neck. “I bet you do…”

His glass was on the bar in seconds, hands gripping her hip hard, pulling her against him as he arched an eyebrow at her, his eyes darkened with lust. “Do you really wanna play this game? Cause Jo…I ain’t above shoving you in a dark corner and fucking the sense out of you right there.”

Jo moaned low in her throat, her hand slipping discreetly between them and when her fingers caressed his through his pants Dean was glad the lights were dimmed. The last thing they need was to get kicked out before they got the job done.

He gripped her wrist tightly before pushing away from the bar and guiding her towards the hallway the bathrooms were in. Jo let him lead her away and before she realized they were even there he was shoving her hard against the wall.

She let out an ‘oomph’ but Dean’s mouth was on hers before she could say anything else. She groaned into his mouth her arms coming up around his neck as his hands traveled up and under her dress, caressing her inner thighs before moving around to grip her ass.

When he lifted her up, Jo’s legs automatically wrapped around his waist as he continued to kiss her his mouth trailed down from her lips and moving towards her pulse point, latching on a sucking hard as his hand slipped between them working on getting his belt open.

The minute Jo had seen Dean watching her from across the dance floor she had known what he was thinking and it had sent a tingle down her spine. She was pulled from her thoughts when she felt him push her panties aside and caress her gently.

Dean groaned at the skin to skin contact and pushed to fingers into her welcoming heat. He never got tired of the way she felt, hot, tight and wet. He was convinced her body was made for him to lose himself in because every time he was with her that’s exactly what happened.

She licked her lips as he set a steady rhythm with his fingers, sliding them in and out of her making her hips push forward to increase the friction.

“Oh god…”

He took his thumb and rubbed it around her clit twice before pulling his hands away from her. She whimpered at the loss. His pants were already open and he didn’t bother pulling down his boxers, just reached inside gripped his cock and thrust inside of her.

Jo’s head slammed back against the wall as she arched against him as he fucked her hard against the wall hips rolling forward as he grunted with each thrust. Her back would hurt in the morning, but she didn’t care. Her moans increased and Dean knew she was close. He reached between them, rubbed her clit, thrusting into her one last time before her muscles clenched around his cock making him come inside of her.

Their breathing was heavy as his body pressed her into the wall, his head resting by her neck. “Christ Jo…” She chuckled lightly her hand rubbing his back. He didn’t think sex with them had ever been that quick, but hell it had been amazing.

He lifted his head, cupped her cheek and was about to lean in and kiss her when they heard screams coming from the ballroom. They glanced at each other before his hands shifted dropping her to the floor as he tucked himself back in his pants and Jo fixed her dress.

The ran out of the hallway and froze. Most of the people were gone and there stood Sam in the middle of the dance floor, covered in slimy shifter skin with a dead body at his feet. He must have seen movement out of the corner of his eye and when he glanced up, saw Dean and Jo and took in their disheveled appearance he glared.

“Really guys? You couldn’t have just waited until we got back to the motel?” He shook of some skin as they gave him identical sheepish looks.


He held up a hand waving the silver knife at Dean. “No don’t say anything I don’t care…next time you want to take a vacation…make sure you read the damn papers!” He stalked out of the club leaving Dean and Jo standing there all dressed up and with apparently no place to go but home.

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  1. hahaha poor Sammy, always having to deal with his brother's horny ways