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The Many Faces of Thirteen

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Title: The Many Faces of Thirteen
Rating: PG-13
Author: Sxymami0909
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Dean/Jo Sam
Word Count: 700
Prompt: thirteen (Fandon_Fridays)

Thirteen seemed to be Jo’s lucky number. The people around her always associated it with negative things like Satanism, witch covens or Friday the thirteenth, but Jo, she associated the number with a different set of things all together.

Thirteen was the number of vampires she and Dean killed on a hunt right before he kissed her for the first time. It was the number of times it took for Dean to successfully ask her out on a date and the number of months that passed before he told her he loved her for the first time.

After a particularly rough fight with a Windego that came scarily close to killing her, thirteen was the number of stitches Dean sewed into her arm. That night he’d told her she needed to stop throwing herself into dangerous situations, because eventually he wanted to have a family and that wouldn’t happen if she got herself killed.

Thirteen was the number of pregnancy tests she took to confirm that she was indeed carrying Dean’s Satan spawn. Their son Robert Samuel Winchester was born on the thirteenth day of February and three months later on May thirteenth Dean proposed.

Their wedding took place in Bobby’s living room on September thirteenth and it was one of the most memorable days of her life, second only to her son being born. The number thirteen had surrounded Jo since she’d got together with Dean.

It was comforting and familiar. Jo associated the number with love and family. To Jo thirteen meant happiness.


Thirteen seemed to be Dean’s Achilles heel. He’s pretty sure it was his wife’s lucky number. She associated it with their family and their life for some reason, but to Dean thirteen had an entirely different meaning.

Thirteen was the number of times it took him to man-up and finally ask Jo out. It was the number of months it took him to build up enough courage to tell Jo he loved her, even though he’d realized it almost immediately. It was the number of times he failed to protect Jo and she was almost killed.

After the last time in order to make her understand how important she was to him he’d told her he could picture having a family with her someday even though he didn’t see kids in their future. Thirteen was the number of times he considered bailing after finding out Jo was pregnant.

Thankfully he hadn’t because the day his son was born was the happiest of his life. On September thirteenth, the morning of his wedding he took off. The realization that he was marrying Jo that he had a family to support and protect for the rest of his life had overwhelmed him.

Had it not been for Sam he would have made the biggest mistake of his life that day. The number thirteen had surrounded Dean since he got together with Jo. It was a reminder, a mockery. He associated the number with inadequacies and failure. To Dean thirteen meant weakness.


Thirteen seemed to be Sam’s unlucky number. The people around him thought he was superstitious and overacting, but he knew better than that. They associated the number with horror movies and superstition, but Sam associated the number thirteen with a different level of things all together.

Thirteen was the number of dreams Sam had before his vision of Jessica’s death came true. It was the number of people close to him he’d lost since the beginning of this fight. It was the number of people he killed before learning how to use his abilities to exorcise demons without killing the host.

Three years ago on April thirteenth he’d betrayed Dean for a demon, and started the apocalypse. Thirteen days ago Sam started dreaming again. This time instead of Jessica’s broken body pinned to the ceiling it was Jo’s.

Thirteen days, thirteen dreams and his brother’s panicked attempts to keep history from repeating itself. The number thirteen had surrounded Sam since the death of his girlfriend Jessica. It was scary and discontenting.

It was something he couldn’t stop or fight no matter the sacrifice. Sam associated the number with pain and loss. To Sam thirteen meant death.

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  1. this was good.
    I love how you did all three of them.
    i hope Sam's dreams of Jo don't come true!