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Title: Control
Rating: NC-17
Author: Sxymami0909
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Dean/Jo
Word Count: 1,620
Prompt: Dean/Jo –angry sex- written for the SPN women Kink Meme

Jo’s body hit the motel room wall, palms forced down against the peeling wallpaper as she grunted before biting her lip. She could feel the heat of his body alongside her back, hot breath on her neck as he spoke, a slight edge to his voice.

“Tell me what you want.”

When she didn’t answer him he bit down on her neck and as blunt teeth marked her pale skin she let out a startled yelp. He gripped her hip fingers curling into denim as he slid his other hand to the front of her jeans.

Deft fingers popped the button, and yanked down the zipper before his large palm slithered inside, rubbing her through her panties. She groaned head falling forward, blonde curls covering her face as he let one finger stray, dipping into the warm pool of her body.

“Oh god…”

She shifted spreading her legs wider to give him better access. He smirked at her not so subtle hint before sliding another long digit inside of her slick folds. Her ass pressed back, grinding against him as she rode his fingers like a bitch in heat.

Her juices coated his hand and he felt himself harden. He glared at the back of her head as his fingers quickened their pace, making her moan louder. Dean was angry. He hated that he kept coming back to her. He hated that he wanted her.

And he hated how she made him feel. There were days where he wanted to hurt her, days where he sometimes did, but she never let him out do her. If he hurt her, she hurt him back. Maybe that’s why he always ended up back in her bed.

He pinched her clit, and she came, head jerking back, eyes closed, teeth sinking into her lip as her body continued to fuck itself on his hand. When her muscles stopped contracting around him he pulled out his fingers and she turned watching as he brought them to his lips, sucking them clean.

The sight alone had a new wave of moisture pooling between her thighs. Dean watched as she rubbed her legs together in an attempt to soothe her aching body. She licked her lips at the dark look in his eyes. He nodded to her pants.

“Take them off.”

She glared at him, but pushed them over her hips, wiggling out of them and her panties before kicking them aside.

“Now the shirt.”

“You first.”

He raised an eyebrow, but reached down lifting and pulling off his shirt. Hers hit the floor seconds after his. His eyes roamed over her body taking in the smooth expanse of naked skin. He closed the distance between them in two steps yanking her head back by her hair as his lips descended to her neck. Hair nails dug into the skin of his back leaving behind crescent shaped indentations as she moaned.

They always struggled for power. Neither of them wanting to give into the other, but everyone had to yield once in a while and tonight was gonna be her night. Dean turned them and walked them back towards the bed as he groped her body.

When her leg hit the bottom of the bed he shoved her down on it hard. She grunted as her back hit the motel room sheets. After tossing his jeans and boxers on the floor his body soon followed hers. He kissed and bit his way up her leg, tongue dipping into her navel before finally taking one pert nipple into his mouth.

Jo’s hands buried themselves in Dean’s hair as he sucked on her hard. The constant flicker of his tongue against her nipple driving her crazy. She writhed against the sheets calling out his name as Dean’s other hand slid down her body.

He shoved his middle finger inside her easily. He could feel how wet she was for him. It was one of the reasons he loved coming back. She was responsive to every touch, every caress. It didn’t take much to get the water park going.

But tonight, Dean had something a little different in mind. When they were at the Roadhouse earlier she’d been flirting with some douche and it had pissed him off. He was more mad at his reaction to the situation than anything else.

So tonight he was gonna teach Jo a little lesson. He added another finger as he stroked inside her folds, curling his fingers and thrusting deep.

“Oh god Dean…more…more.”

His mouth left her breast as he moved up the bed so he was lying behind her. He removed his fingers from inside her body and she whimpered. He shifted her body so she was on her side and pulled her leg up and over his thigh, spreading her open for him.

Before she could say anything his fingers were back inside of her driving into her with almost brutal force. Her breathing increased as she felt warmth pool in her belly, muscles tightening. Dean moved his thumb over her clit rubbing fiercely.

He was waiting for the perfect moment. He was hard against her back and when he felt her walls shuttering he stretched his leg, opening her wider, gripped his cock in his hand, and placed it against her ass. She was panting and moaning loudly.

She was so close to release he knew she wasn’t paying attention. When her walls gripped his fingers, he stopped rubbing her clit and shoved his cock up her virgin ass. Jo’s whole body tensed, as she cried out, pain on her face.

Dean pulled his fingers out of her body and gripped her around the waist, holding her against him. Jo swallowed hard, pain ripping through her as Dean started moving in short thrusts. She hissed and he pulled on her hair lightly so her head was arched back and his lips could nip at her neck.

“Does is hurt sweetheart?”

“You’re a bastard Dean.”

She felt him pull out until only the head of his cock was inside her before plunging back in one movement. The more he moved the easier it got as her tight channel loosened up.

“And you’re a bitch.”

Tears pooled in her eyes as his pace quickened. Her fingers curled into the sheets knuckles white, voice tense yet soft as she spoke.

“You’re hurting me.”

The ache in her voice made something inside him tighten and he slid the hand on her stomach down and started working her clit again. A couple of minutes later she was moaning again as the pain became pleasure.

His body moved swiftly, in and out, fucking her hard. Her body was once again moving against him as he felt her walls clamping onto his fingers.

“Oh yeah…harder Dean…I’m gonna come…”

So he thrust his cock into her harder, his fingers curling inside of her hitting the spot he knew so well on her body. Seconds later her inner walls clamped down on his fingers squeezing, her body shuddering as she creamed all over his hand.

Jo’s body was spent as Dean continued to move inside of her. He grunted stopping for a minute as he spoke.

“Get on your hands and knees.”

She thought about telling him to go fuck himself, but figured starting another fight really wasn’t what she wanted to do. She moved her leg and he slipped out of her as she got on all fours. Dean kneeled behind her, spread her ass cheeks, positioned the head of his cock at her ass and shoved back inside her.

She winced as some of the pain from earlier returned. He started up a vicious rhythm of hard, long thrusts. He reached under her body and grabbed onto her breasts, pinching and squeezing her nipples. Jo could feel herself getting wet again.

The small bundle of nerves between her legs aching to be touched.

“Dean touch me…”

“Tell me what you want me to touch.”


He gripped onto her breasts tighter as his movements became more erratic.

“Tell me.”

“My clit….”

One hand left her reddened breast and slipped into her wet pussy. He circled her clit only adding to her frustration. When he felt his balls tightening he knew he couldn’t hold off much longer. He pressed a thumb on Jo’s clit and flicked it back and forth as fast as his finger would go.

Her eye’s practically rolled in the back of her head. She felt her walls clenching again and before she knew it she was spiraling into ecstasy, Dean thrusting twice more before following her over the edge, come filling her. He finally stopped moving as they caught their breath.

He pulled out of her before plopping on his back, eyes sliding shut. Jo moved so she was lying on her back and cringed when her ass hit the sheets. It hurt like a bitch. They lay there in silence as the night ticked by. Jo’s voice finally broke the quiet.

“You’re an asshole. What the hell is wrong with you?”

He was quiet for a full two minutes and right when she didn’t think he’d ever answer he spoke quietly.

“I don’t like when you flirt with douche bags.”

She looked at him mouth gaping.

“Are you kidding me? This was because I was flirting at the bar?”

He didn’t say anything and she nodded a dangerous gleam in her eyes.

“Fine…keep in mind though you flirt more than I do and payback’s a bitch.”

She turned and lay down so her back was facing him. Dean gulped slightly. He should have known…he’d said it earlier…she dished out as good as she took and that’s why he kept coming back…


  1. Omg!! Loved it... Is there a second part? Where Jo actually gets her revenge? :)

  2. Loved it... Is there a second part? Where Jo actually gets her revenge?²