Saturday, April 9, 2011

Center Fold

Title: Center Fold
Rating: R
Author: Reportergirl13
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Dean/Jo, Sam
Word Count: 650
Prompt: from Deansmistress22 pin-up girl

Dean glanced at the magazine, eyes wide, mouth open. No…there’s no way…this needs to be a mistake. Sam watched his brother on the motel room bed brows drawn in concentration as he stared at the center fold of a playboy magazine.

He was extremely uncomfortable with the fact that Dean could just sit there looking at porn with him less than ten feet away, but the current look on his face was anything but happy.

Sam stood and walked the short distance to the bed until he was standing next to Dean, glancing over his shoulder at the magazine. His eyes bulged and his voice was high pitched when he spoke.

“Jesus is that Jo?”

Dean had been so preoccupied that he hadn’t even noticed Sam come up next to him. He closed the magazine quickly and glared at his little brother’s darkened eyes.

“Wipe that look off your face Sammy or I’m gonna have to wipe it off for you.”

Sam’s cheeks reddened and as Dean stood the motel room door opened.

“Hey guys I’m back. I got burgers and fries, they didn’t have pie so you’ll just have to deal with it princess.”

Jo put the bags on the small table, turned toward them, and froze in the middle of stripping off her jacket. She raised an eyebrow as they stared at her, Sam blushing, Dean glaring.

“Uh…everything okay?”

Dean tossed the playboy on the table and she glanced at it and rolled her eyes.

“Really? You’re pornin’ it up in the middle of the afternoon? Jeez Deano…and with Sammy here?”

She shook her head as Dean pointed a finger in her direction.

“Why are you in my playboy?”

She turned and lifted the magazine off the table, glancing at the date. It was an old issue from a little over a year ago. Jo raised an eyebrow.

“I think the better question is why do you keep old playboys lying around? This is over a year old. Don’t you buy new ones?”

Dean made a face startled by her reaction.

“I found it in the nightstand. Not the point. Why are you the pin-up girl in my playboy Jo?”

“Technically it’s not your playboy…you said you found it in…”

Dean cut her off practically growling.


She winced at Dean’s tone as she flipped through the magazine. Sure enough there she was on the center fold page. It wasn’t too bad…sure she was naked, but the most important part was obstructed by the Harley she was straddling.

She shrugged as she looked up at the brothers.

“I was workin’ a job…the only way to get in was if I impersonated one of the girls who were supposed to pose. I didn’t know they actually used the photo…let alone on a center fold. I’m feeling all kinds of good about myself right now. I mean look at this.”

Jo held the magazine open and unfolded towards Dean and Sam. Dean snatched it out of her hand as Sam’s face grew even redder. Jo rolled her eyes.

“Stop being such a prude princess, what’s your problem anyway?”

Dean gaped at her.

“What’s my problem? I’ll tell you what my problem is Jo, my wife is a center fold of a playboy magazine. Hunter’s probably have you pinned to their walls…oh Christ…”

He groaned as he sat on the bed. Jo glanced at Sam before moving towards Dean and sitting on his lap. He shook his head at her and she grinned.

“Well how many guys can say their married to a pin-up girl? You’re gonna own those other hunter’s baby.”

Dean grunted as Jo placed a kiss on his cheek.

“I guess…but Jo…no more naked pictures.”

“But I thought you liked when…”

He cut her off quickly when he saw the Smirk form on Sam’s face.

“I mean in magazines…uh not the you know private ones.”

She smiled.