Saturday, April 9, 2011

Going Through The Motions

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Title: Going Through the Motions
Rating: PG-13
Author: Sxymami0909
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Dean, Adam
Word Count: 805
Prompt: “Awkward brother bonding” written for Jaffatech for winning the Featured Video of the Month Contest

The room was quiet and as Adam glanced around the cluttered living room his eyes fell on Dean. He watched as the older man, his brother, laid an old towel out on top of the desk before pulling out two guns, dismantling them, and laying each piece on a separate part of the towel.

His hands glided in and out of the duffle bag next to him, pulling out cloths, small brushes, and bottled liquid, knowing where everything was without looking and Adam wondered how many years it had taken him to learn where everything was.

Adam didn’t know Sam or Dean at least not in the conventional way. He only knew what he heard about in heaven and the information there varied depending on who you asked. One thing was clear though. His oldest brother wasn’t someone you wanted on your bad side.

He could see the hardness in his eyes, worry lines gracing a face that looked years older than he actually was and it made Adam question what kind of life would put that kind of strain on a person. His eyes shifted to the book shelf where he caught glimpses of drawings of demons and other nasty creatures and he let out an internal snort.

Of course…this kind of life. The one where you’re hunting monsters and killing things that go bump in the night is an everyday occurrence. The sound of the bristles on the brush cleaning out the inside of the gun brought his eyes back to Dean.

He watched as Dean repeated the action several more times before wiping it down with the cloth and repeating it all over again with the other gun. Dean was methodical in the way he did things. Adam doesn’t need to have known Dean for years to realize that. This one action proved it.

He let out a sigh and the elder Winchester cut his eyes in Adam's direction briefly before looking back at his gun. He cleared his throat and when he spoke his voice was gruff and slightly uncertain.

“You ever used a gun before?”

Adam leaned against the couch; arms crossed over his chest as he pursed his lips together and shook his head.

“Never had to.”

“Hmm must be nice.”

Adam shrugged and glanced out the window. Being locked up in some old guy’s house instead of in heaven with his Mom wasn’t his idea of a good time. They wanted him to be some vessel, to save the world and at this point he was about ready to do anything to get back where he was.

Dean’s voice knocked him out of his thoughts and he turned back toward the desk, eyebrow raised.


“I said come ‘mere.”

Adam rolled his eyes, but got up and made his way across the room.

“Pull up a chair.”

He did and Dean handed him a third gun. Adam frowned and Dean took out another one, a small grin appearing on his face.

“I figure we’re both stuck here until tweedle dumb and tweetle dee decide to let us or more importantly me leave I might as well show ya how to clean a gun.”

“You wanna teach me how to clean a gun?”


He studied Dean carefully trying to see if this was some kind of weird trick, but the taller man said nothing. He just continued to pull apart the fourth gun he’d taken out. Adam let out a heavy breath, watched him and then mimicked his movements, slowly taking the gun apart.

Dean handed him a brush and then after using a small amount of liquid he passed the bottle too. Adam swallowed hard and followed Dean’s example. A couple of minutes later he was focusing on his own gun surprisingly a lot more at ease and relaxed then when he’d woken up in some strangers house.

“You’re pretty good at that.”


The repetitive motions were calming, almost smoothly so and for a minute Adam could understand why Dean focused so hard on cleaning his guns, other than the obvious more relevant reasons. And as they sat there together quietly working side by side the thought occurred to him that in another time…another life, he could see them doing this.

Just a couple of brothers bonding over guns and late night monster stories. But this wasn’t that life and eventually he was going to have to find a way out of there like that Angel Zachariah told him to.

Because as much as he’d like to see for himself if all those good things people said about the Winchesters up in heaven were true, Adam just didn’t have that luxury. But until the time presented itself where he could slip out he guessed it wouldn’t hurt to sit with his brother and clean some guns.

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