Saturday, April 9, 2011

Everything I Need (4/10)

Chapter 4

The Roadhouse

Jo lifted the shotgun with steady hands, aimed at one of the bottles placed on the fence behind the Roadhouse, and took the shot. Madison watched as the shot hit it’s mark and she gaped, slightly impressed by Jo’s marksmanship. Jo turned to look at her and grinned.

“S’not too difficult. We should probably start you off on a smaller gun though. Somethin' with a little less kick.”

“Yeah…I don’t want my body jerking all over the place. It’s still weird seeing you so comfortable with that huge shotgun.”

Madison chuckled.

“You’re kinda small.”

Jo laughed.

“I know…it throws people off. Don’t be fooled though. I might be tiny, but I’m bad ass!”

The girls chuckled as Jo handed Madison Sam’s Taurus Model 92 9mm gun. Madison raised an eyebrow at Jo and she shrugged.

“Mom said Sam left it here for you as a ‘just in case’ type thing.”

Madison turned the gun over in her hands trying to get a feel for it.

“Uh…that was nice of him?”

Jo smirked and showed Madison how to hold the gun the correct way.

“Trust me…it was. One thing you gotta learn about this life is the rules are different. Hunters…they aren’t real free flowing with the emotions. At least not all of them. Sam’s better than Dean, but he still has his moments.”

Madison stayed in the position Jo moved her in and listened to her continue talking as she got herself ready to take another shot.

“When a Winchester man lets you play with his favorite toy, and I ain’t talking about the one in his pants, it means he cares about you. Ready?”

Madison had to keep herself from laughing as she aimed and braced herself for the recoil.



Shots were fired and Madison’s body jerked slightly after her gun went off. They lowered the guns and glanced out to the fence. Madison frowned.

“I didn’t hit it…”

Jo gave her a small smile.

“But you hit that tree over there…it’s a start. Let’s practice a little more before the bar opens.”

Madison nodded and while Jo was reloading her gun Madison hesitated briefly before speaking.

“Listen…I know I’ve already said this, but I’m sorry about attacking you. Sam said that things between you and Dean…were kinda stressed after that.”

Jo’s jaw clenched and she shrugged.

“No big deal. It wasn’t your fault and things were tense before then. Dean and me…we have a complicated relationship…or whatever it is we have.”

“It’s obvious he cares about you.”

Jo nodded.

“I’m sure he does…”

It was quiet again and Madison bit her lip.

“Are you worried he won’t come back?”

Jo’s head snapped around to face Madison and she swallowed hard before letting out a heavy sigh. Her fight with Dean had been bothering her since he left a day and a half ago. Jo liked Madison and though she wasn’t really into the whole girl talk thing, it couldn’t hurt to tell her a little about what’s been going on in her head.

“No, he’ll be back.”

“How can you be so sure?”

“He knows I didn’t mean it…I was angry. We all say shit we don’t mean when we’re angry. I know Dean well enough to know he’ll be back.”

Jo grinned at Madison.

“Besides even if he doesn’t want to come back, Sam will drag his ass back here.”

Madison laughed.

“Too true. So tell me, what else do I need to know about Hunters?”

Jo quirked an eyebrow at her.

“Hunters? Or the Winchester boys?”

Madison gave Jo a sly smirk.

“Mmm that’s what I thought. Okay well Sam is a sweetheart and Dean’s an ass, but I’m sure you already knew that. I’m not gonna get into their past, if Sam wants to tell you about that, it’s his business.”

Madison nodded and Jo continued to tell her about Sam and Dean’s quarks both on and off the road. They alternated between shooting rounds at the glass bottles and talking. Two hours later Ellen made her way out back and called them in.

She shook her head as she watched them grab their stuff and head back inside. She had thought she’d seen the last of hour-long shoot outs in the back yard when Jo was a teenager. Apparently not. The girls were wiping off their faces as they plopped down at the table.

“Your sweatin’ buckets on my table.”

Jo went to grab a biscuit and Ellen slapped her hand away.

“Joanna Beth…go wash your hands.”

Jo glared at her mother.

“Really Mom? What am I five? I’m starving.”

Ellen rolled her eyes.

“I saw you outside with your chips. You’ve been snacking these past two hours while shooting.”

Jo shrugged.

“I am eating for two.”

“Still…you’re awfully hungry.”

Madison laughed and Ellen smirked at Jo.

“Well Ellen…we should keep in mind she’s carrying Dean’s baby…I’ve only been around him for a few days, but wow that guy can shovel food in there can’t he?”

Ellen let out a loud laugh and Jo sent them both a glare.

“Real nice…make fun of the pregnant chick. You two are going straight to hell.”

Jo pushed her chair back and went to go wash her hands. Madison moved to the kitchen sink, rinsed her hands, and sat back down. Ellen sat across from Madison.

“The boys made it back to California okay. Sam called a couple hours ago. Left a message.”

Madison nodded.

“That’s good. Any word on when they’ll be back?”

Jo walked into the room and sat down catching the tail end of the conversation.


Her mom glanced at her before passing Jo the biscuits.

“The boys.”

She made a ‘O’ with her lips before biting into the biscuit. She groaned and closed her eyes.

“God that’s good…tell me we got some pie. I could go for a slice of apple pie with vanilla ice cream and caramel…”

Ellen shook her head and chuckled at her daughters pie cravings.

“We got pie in the fridge. I’ll grab some after we eat.”

Jo nodded and spoke around her mouthfuls of food.

“So they make it there okay?”


“Coming back soon?”

Madison glanced at Ellen who smiled.

“Dean said a couple of days…”

Jo inclined her head signaling that she heard, but never looked at Ellen or Madison. Their late lunch was over quickly as Jo and Madison headed for the shower. They took turns getting ready and by 4:30 they were set for the dinner crowd at the Roadhouse.

Jo and Madison were dressed alike. Both in jeans and a t-shirt. Jo was wearing one of Dean’s ACDC shirts tied in the back because hers were a little too small. Ellen lit up the open sign and unlocked the front doors as Jo tossed Madison an apron.

“Ready for tonight?”

Madison grinned.

“Yeah, I’m kinda excited actually.”

Ellen turned around and faced the girls. She groaned slightly and they looked up at her with a frown.

“What’s wrong Mom?”

She shook her head and walked toward the bar.

“People been askin ‘bout you Jo…where you been and what not. The two of you are gonna cause quite the ruckus tonight…”

Jo grinned.

“I love me some good ruckus…what do you say Maddie?”

Madison glanced between Ellen and Jo before a grin settled on her face. She hadn’t had a good girlfriend in a long time and she and Jo were definitely on their way to being good friends.

“I say bring on the ruckus!”

They laughed and Ellen rolled her eyes before moving behind the bar. She almost forgot what it was like to have a young girl around the bar and now she had two. Two girls and the Winchester brothers…they’d be the death of her…

As the girls took down the chairs, she looked away from them and smiled. Death of her or not…Ellen was glad to have them safe and at the Roadhouse…

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