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Everything I Need (6/10)

Chapter 6

The Roadhouse

Jo was exhausted. She plopped down on her bed and kicked off her shoes. Spending seven hours on her feet waiting on and cleaning up after hunters wasn’t her ideal way to spend her second night home. Jo lifted her phone out of her pocket and flipped it open.

No new messages. They must be busy…She sighed, tossed it on her nightstand, and didn’t bother getting undressed before leaning back and snuggling into her pillow. Aside from her feet killing her and a slight back ache, Jo was in good spirits.

It was about twenty-five minutes later when Jo was just making the transition between wake and sleep that a loud crash came from down the hall jerking her wide awake. Jo’s heart rate sped up and she slid the knife out from under her pillow and stood quickly.

She edged to the door and slid it open a crack. Jo glanced into the darkened hallway and frowned. Maybe she was hearing things, but as soon as the thought entered her mind there was another loud crash and then a shout from her mother.

Jo threw the door open and followed the noise into the bar. The sight in front of her made her eyes widen and feet freeze. Standing ten to fifteen feet in front of her was her mother attempting to fend off a pissed off looking werewolf.


Ellen glanced at Jo with panicked eyes.

“Stay where you are and get your gun Jo!”

Jo ran behind the bar and tossed things around as she frantically searched for what she was looking for. She could hear the loud growls and her Mom’s grunting. Jo pushed aside a bottle of Jack and grinned. There it was, right where she’d left it.

She ran forward, lifted the gun, and took the shot. There was a yelp, whimper, and then a loud thud as Ellen laid on the floor breathing heavy. Jo rushed over to her mother’s side and kneeled down next to her. Ellen could see the worry covering Jo’s face and she patted her hand lightly.

“I’m fine. Help me up.”

Jo helped Ellen stand up and assessed her injuries. Just a few scratches and scrapes. Nothing too bad, thank god. Ellen brushed herself off and glanced at the werewolf with a frown. She didn’t see any blood.

“What did you shoot it with?”

“Tranq gun.”

Ellen frowned at Jo before her eyes went wide.

“You should’ve just killed it. We should check on Madison…”

Ellen started walking toward the back as Jo cleared her throat.

“Uh Mom…about that…”

Jo’s voice trailed off and Ellen turned around to face her daughter. She didn’t like the sound in her voice. Jo gave Ellen an innocent smile before speaking.

“You know how we said we saved Madison from a werewolf?”

Ellen crossed her arms over her chest and nodded.

“Well…technically what we meant to say was we saved Madison from turning back into a werewolf…”

Jo gave Ellen a toothy grin and Ellen tried to control her breathing. Not only was she going to kill her daughter, but she was going to kill the Winchester boys along with her. She glanced over at the sleeping werewolf and pointed.

“Joanna Beth, are you tellin’ me that, that is Madison?”

Jo glanced over at the werewolf and then back at her mother.

“Yeah…but before you get all pissy in our defense we thought she was cured.”


Jo nodded. Ellen closed her eyes, rubbed her temple, and sighed.

“Go get your phone and call Bobby…see if he’s busy and if not ask him if he can come out here and give us a hand.”

Jo frowned.

“Give us a hand with what?”

She motioned to Madison.

“Obviously she’s not cured…if there even is a cure. Tonight was the night before the full moon. If there’s no cure she’s gonna change at least two more times…I’m gonna go look for some shackles. Well get on…”

Jo sighed, but did what her mother asked. She scratched the back of her neck and frowned as she walked to her room. It just didn’t make any sense. Why would she change tonight and not the night they were all together? Thank god Dean wasn’t here…he’d be pissed.

Ellen watched the werewolf on the ground as her jaw tensed. She pulled out her phone and glanced at the time. 2:45. Ellen didn’t care if she woke him up. She was gonna give that a boy a piece of her mind. It rang several times before his voicemail picked up.

She waited and when the beep came her voice flowed over the line tense and angry.

“Dean Winchester you call me back the minute you get this message you hear me? How could you of all people bring a werewolf into this house without some kind of warning? A simple ‘oh by the way Ellen Madison is a werewolf’ would have sufficed. Damn it…call me back!”

Ellen slammed the phone shut just as Jo came into the room.

“He’s on his way. Says he has a few things he can try, but he’s never heard of being able to break the curse before. You find those chains?”

Ellen grunted.

“No…I’ll look now. Keep the gun ready in case she wakes up.”

Jo nodded and leaned against the counter, gun in hand. She yawned and rubbed her eyes. She might as well face the facts. She was never gonna get any sleep…


Madison groaned, attempted to roll over, and frowned when she couldn’t. What the hell…She opened her eyes and glanced to the side. Her arms were chained the metal bars on the side of the bed. She looked down and noticed only a sheet was covering her.

Her blood ran cold and her heart beat fluttered. No, it wasn’t possible…Sam …Dean and Jo…they fixed this. They killed the werewolf that made her…she didn’t’ change…she wasn’t…a small moan from in front of her knocked her out of her thoughts.

Jo was half sitting, half laying in a chair in front of her bed. She was slowly waking up and when she shifted the gun fell off her lap. She scrunched up her nose, stretched her arms behind her with a grunt, and opened her eyes.

She rubbed them slightly and gave Madison a tense smile.


“What happened? Oh god Jo…I changed didn’t I?”

Jo swallowed hard, but she didn’t need to answer. Madison could tell by the look on her face that she had. Madison closed her eyes as one tear ran slowly down her cheek. Jo felt horrible. She wasn’t sure how to make this better. Madison was her friend…they needed to find a way to save her…

“It’s gonna be okay Maddie…we got a friend comin’ down here. His names Bobby…he’ll know what to do. We’ll fix this…I promise.”

“Don’t make promises you can’t keep Jo…did I hurt anyone?”

Jo shook her head and got up to unlock the chains on Madison’s arms.

“No…you went after Mom, but she’s fine. Couple scratches nothin’ too serious.”

Madison nodded and she rubbed her now free wrists. She wrapped the sheet tighter around herself and Jo could see the self hatred on her face.

“God…how mad is your mom? She probably hates me…”

Jo smirked slightly.

“She’s fuming, but surprisingly most of her anger is directed at Dean.”

Madison met Jo’s eyes and they chuckled lightly.

Jo nudged her lightly.

“Get dressed…Mom’s making breakfast. I can smell it…god I’m starving!”

Jo got up and Madison laughed.

“When aren’t you hungry?”

Jo gave her a playful glare.

“Again with the mocking of the pregnant woman? They’re making a special ring a fire in the pit for you two…”

They grinned at each other before Jo made her way out of the room and Madison got dressed. Jo plopped down in one of the kitchen chairs and craned her neck to try and see what her mother was cooking.



“I’m makin eggs.”

“Yum…no bacon?”
Ellen turned slightly and glared at her daughter. Jo slouched in her seat and pouted. Ellen sighed.

“How’s Madison?”

“Upset…she thinks you hate her now.”

“That’s just silly…I don’t hate her. I just wish you guys would have told me about this. We could have been more prepared…she could have hurt you…I’m surprised Dean didn’t mind her coming along. You know how he is with well things that aren’t human.”

Jo gave her mom a distasteful look as Ellen placed a plate in front of her.

“Maddie’s not a thing and we didn’t know that killing the werewolf that made her didn’t work. She didn’t change the last night we were with her…so we though it worked. And uh…Dean wasn’t exactly on board with Madison coming with us.”

Ellen frowned.


Jo shrugged as she dug into her eggs. She spoke around her food.

“He told Sam to leave her in California…but Sam really cares about her.”

Ellen shook her head.

“I swear…those boys…”

Jo grinned as Madison walked slowly into the room. She gave Ellen a mixture between a smile and a wince.

“Ellen I’m so so sorry about all this. If you want me to go I completely understand…”

Ellen cut her off.

“Madison…this isn’t your fault. We got an old friend coming out here. Hopefully he’ll have some answers for us. For now…breakfast.”

Ellen put another plate down for Madison. Her eyes softened as she gave Ellen a warm smile.


Ellen nodded and Jo mouthed ‘I told you so’…As the three of them ate their breakfast and waited for Bobby.

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