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Giving Thanks (2/3)

Chapter 2

South Dakota
November 22, 2007
Thursday 5 p.m.

Ellen glanced at Bobby as she put the cranberry sauce in a serving bowl. He was bent over the oven checking on the turkey. Ellen’s head shot up at a loud chuckle, feminine giggles, and an outraged cry. She looked at Bobby and he raised an eyebrow.

They walked out of the kitchen and toward the noise. What they saw had them stopping in their tracks. In the living room sitting around Bobby’s desk was a t-shirt clad Dean, Jo, and a sparsely clad Sam. Jo was smirking at Sam as Dean took another swig of beer.

He glared at his brother and Jo and pointed at them with one hand as he undid his belt buckle.

“The two of you are cheating.”

Dean tilted his beer towards Sam.

“Oh, come on Sammy…don’t be a spoiled sport. It’s not our fault your poker face sucks.”

Sam dropped his pants and sat down with a sigh and a frown.

“My poker face doesn’t suck that much. How is it possible that I’ve lost two shirts…socks, shoes and now pants and the only thing you’ve lost is one shirt?”

Dean shrugged.

“I’m just that good.”

“And Jo? You haven’t lost anything what’s your excuse?”

She motioned towards Dean and gave Sam a toothy smile.

“And I’m better than him…”

Dean snorted and looked at Jo. He frowned slightly.

“You know Sammy…your right…maybe I should focus my attention on stripping the female in the room down.”

He leered playfully at Jo and she leaned over the table slightly in his direction, mischief in her eyes.

“Bring it on…”

Dean opened his mouth to say something when Bobby cleared his throat. All three heads turned in Bobby and Ellen’s direction. Bobby’d never seen three faces look guiltier. Sam slouched in his chair, Dean leaned back and took another swig of beer, and Jo gave her mom an innocent smile.

“What’s goin’ on here kids?”

Ellen looked pointedly at Dean. He sat up in his chair and held up his cards.

“Just…playin a little poker…”

His voice trailed off and she looked at Jo, eyebrow arched.

“Joanna Beth…”

Jo rolled her eyes.

“We’re just havin’ a little fun. No worries mom…I’ll have ‘em stripped down before the end of the night.”

Dean choked on his beer and Sam reddened slightly. Ellen sighed, shook her head, and looked at Bobby.

“My daughter is the female version of Dean Winchester…How’d that happen Bobby?”

Dean grunted and Jo and Sam laughed.

“Hey! I heard that. You make it sound like a bad thing…I’m awesome! Bad ass…”

Ellen gave Dean a look and he slouched down in his chair a little.

“…bad ass ma’am?”

She nodded.

“Dinner’ll be ready in about ten minutes. You kids go wash up and Sam…get some clothes on sweetie.”

He nodded and gave Ellen a tight smile.

“Yes, ma’am.”

They stood up and Jo gave Dean a playful look.

“Race ya to the bathroom.”

Dean made a ‘pft’ sound.

“I’m not racing you anywhere…what are we five?”

She nodded.

“You’re right. You’d never beat me.”

She patted his stomach.

“It’s all that pie…”

Dean squinted his eyes at her and glared.

“You little…come back here.”

Jo stuck her tongue out at Dean as she took off past Bobby and Ellen, Dean hot on her heels. The two adults and Sam glanced at the ceiling when they heard a squeal of laughter followed by Jo’s amused voice.

“I swear to god if you do it I’ll shoot you in the foot!”

There was a loud crash, a shouted ‘shit!’ and more laughter. Sam had just finished buckling his pants when he looked at Bobby and Ellen with a smile on his face. They shook their heads and glanced at Sam when he spoke.

“I don’t care what Dean says…this was a good idea. I haven’t heard him laugh like that in months. Thanks guys…for doing this. If we can’t…save Dean…I just wanna know that we have some good memories of everything…”

His voice trailed off as emotions he didn’t want to think about right now, pushed their way forward. As he moved past them Ellen gave his arm a gentle squeeze before letting him get cleaned up. She looked at Bobby and his face was pensive.

She rubbed his arm lightly.

“We’ll find a way. John wouldn’t have wanted this for his son…and I’ve got a soft spoke for those two…it must be a Winchester thing…”

Bobby chuckled and placed a kiss on the top of Ellen’s head.

“Must be. We should tell them.”

Ellen raised an eyebrow.


Bobby shrugged.

“We’re all together, which don’t happen often…why not? I consider those boys family…they might not be here all the time, but they stop in often enough that they should know.”

Ellen nodded.

“And I shoulda told Jo a while ago…She likes you Bobby…but she’s startin to ask why we keep makin’ our way over here after hunts. And that last one where you came with us…that daughter of mine is overly suspicious.”

“Ain’t that the truth.”

They heard another loud bang from upstairs followed by Jo’s voice.

“Dean Winchester you give that back right now!”

There were some muffled voices, a crash, and then Dean’s loud voice flowing through the house.

“Damn it Jo!”

Bobby and Ellen chuckled before he led her back into the kitchen. Sam was already getting plates out and setting the table. He watched Bobby pull his hands away from Ellen and they started checking on food. Sam grinned to himself.

He knew it! He knew there was something going on with those two. Just wait until he told Dean. As Sam set the table he thought back to the last time he sat down to Thanksgiving dinner. It was with Jessica and a few friends.

He sighed. There weren’t many holiday memories that weren’t with her. It’s not like he had many. John Winchester hadn’t been big on holidays. A few times when they were younger and John had been passing through South Dakota, Bobby’d convince him to stick around if there was a holiday looming.

All of his good family type memories revolved around this house and Jessica…A loud thump sounded from upstairs bringing Sam out of his thoughts. He looked up and then at Ellen and Bobby.

“What are those two doing up there?”

Bobby shrugged.

“Don’t know, but dinner’s ‘bout ready. Why don’t you go round up the trouble makers.”

Sam nodded. This felt nice…normal…sometimes Sam wished he and Dean could have more nights like this. Sometimes he thought, maybe they should move in with Bobby so they could have some semblance of a home, but then he’s realistic.

That’s just not the kinda life he and Dean had. They didn’t settle down, have a home and a girl waiting there for them…they lived on the road…hunted…and saved the people they could along the way. Even so…sometimes it was nice to take a night off.

Chapter 3

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