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Possessed: Playing With Fire (2/4)

Title: Possessed: Playing with Fire
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Jo/Dean (Sort of)
Warning: Dark, angst, Rape
Category: One-Shot (Tag to Season 2 episode ‘Born Under a Bad Sign.’ The way it should have went and Why did Sam go after Jo anyway?)

Duluth, Minnesota

Sam could see what the demon was doing with his body. It was like being in the backseat of a car. He could see and feel everything his body was doing, but he could stop it. He could see the fear on Jo’s face, he could feel her body under his and he felt sick.

Dean is never going to forgive me for this, thought Sam. He fought against the darkness, but it engulfed him. Took over his every being. All he could do now was watch…

Sam glared at Jo as he broke the bottle he took from her, turned her around, and pushed her body against the bar so she was leaning over it and he was right up against her from behind. Her voice was frantic when she spoke.

“Sam, no, please! Please!”

“No what huh Jo? What’s the matter? You gave it up to one Winchester brother…it’s my turn now.”

She struggled some more, but he ignored her as he spread her legs with one of his and rubbed against her. The edge of the counter was digging into Jo’s stomach and she winced. Sam’s hand slid around from Jo’s lower back to her hip and then up her stomach towards her breast. It froze before it reached its destination though.

He held his hand against her stomach and a deep chuckle left his throat as he leaned his head down and spoke against her ear.

“Someone’s been keeping a secret from my brother…tell me Jo…how long? How long have you been carrying Dean’s bastard child?”

She gasped slightly and Sam’s eyebrow rose.

“Oh, you didn’t know? My mistake. This is gonna be more fun than I thought…”

His hand continued its journey and cupped her breast. He laid his face against her hair as tears rolled down Jo’s face. He breathed in deep and spoke in a soft voice as he kneaded her breast.

“It didn’t have to be this way Jo…it could have been nice…but you forced my hand.”

She tried to control the tears that coursed freely down her cheeks, but she couldn’t.

After one final squeeze Sam moved his hand back down to the front of Jo’s jeans. He popped the button with deft fingers and she started struggling again.

He ‘shushed’ her as he unzipped her pants. Her voice was soft and he could barely hear it through her tears.

“Why are you doing this?”

He laughed.

“Because I can. So, tell me, what exactly did your mom tell you about how your dad died?”

As he spoke to her in a calm voice he slipped his hand into her pants and stroked her through her panties. Jo closed her eyes and bit her lip as more tears fell. She felt violated, dirty…Her eyes shot open as she felt something sharp press against her stomach.

“Answer me, or you won’t be the only one I kill when I shove this inside of you…”

“You’re not Sam.”

His breath was on her ear again as he continued stroking her.

"Don’t be so sure about that. Answer the question.”

“Our dads were in California…Devil’s Gate Reservoir. They were setting a trap for some kind of hellspawn. John was hiding, waiting, and my dad was bait.”

Sam laughed, pushed her panties out of the way and slammed a finger deep inside of her. Jo winced in pain as humiliation crossed her face. She could still hear the laughter in Sam’s voice as he starting thrusting his finger in and out of her while he spoke.

“That’s just like John. Oh, I bet he dangled Bill like meat on a hook. Then what?”

She didn’t speak at first and so he pressed the bottle against her harder piercing her stomach lightly. She sobbed loudly.

“Oh god…the…the thing showed up…John got too eager…jumped out too soon, got my dad exposed out in the open. The thing turned around…and killed him.

Sam added another finger and quickened his pace as he spoke.

“Hm…not quite.”

Jo’s eyes popped open and she tried to ignore the feel of his fingers inside her. She tried to block it out as her body tensed further.


“What? Oh. See, it hurt him, but it didn’t kill him.”

When Jo didn’t say anything, Sam looked at her. He watched the tears falling down her cheek and he leaned down and licked the side of her face.

“Mmm salty…You really don’t know the truth, do you? I bet your mom doesn’t either.”

He shoved a third finger inside of her and Jo cried out in pain.

“Please stop…”

He rubbed himself against her as he continued to thrust his fingers inside her warm body. Jo could feel the pressure building. She could feel her body responding to his ministrations and she felt sick to her stomach. She could feel bile rising up in her throat as her muscles clenched with pleasure.

Sam knew she was close to coming, but he didn’t want her to, not just yet. He wanted her to come the minute she found out what happened to her father. He wanted her to carry how she was filled with pleasure the minute she learned the truth about her father’s death.

Sam moved even closer to her placed his thumb over her clit and rubbed lightly. He could hear her breathing quicken and he spoke softly, but quickly.

“You see, Bill was all clawed up. He was holding his insides in his hands. He was gurgling and praying to see you and Ellen one more time. So, my dad…”

He paused as his thumb picked up speed. He could feel Jo’s muscles clenching around him.

“He killed him. Put him out of his misery like a sick dog.”

Right as he spoke those words he pinched her clit and she came hard crying.

“No! Oh god…no…no…”

Sam grinned against the back of her head.

“It’s true. My daddy shot your daddy in the head…”

She was still crying, her body shaking as she spoke again.

“Why…why are you doing this to me?”

Sam moved off of her enough to move his hand toward his belt buckle. He started undoing it as he spoke.

“Like daddy, like daughter. You’re bait. I’m just having a little fun while I wait.”

He tossed the broken bottle away, bent her further over the counter, and spreads her legs wider. He grinned.

“Open up, ‘Atta girl.”

Right as Sam was about to slide her pants down, the door to the Tavern opened and Dean walked in gun in hand. His heart sank at the sight he saw. Sam had a hysterical Jo leaning over the bar as he fiddled with his belt. Anger flowed through Dean. His voice was hard as he yelled.


Sam turned, jerked Jo to him so she was now facing Dean too. Dean glanced over her body checking for injuries when he saw a small blood stain slowly seeping through her shirt. Sam smirked at Dean and tossed Jo aside like she was a ragdoll. Dean went to move in her direction, but Sam blocked his way.

“I told you, I can’t fight it! My head feels like its on fire...I’m gonna kill her Dean…and then I’ going to come after you. And there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.”

Dean’s eyes became slits as he cocked the gun and lifted it back up at Sam with one hand.

“I’m not gonna let you do this Sammy…I won’t let you hurt her.”

“Too late…I already did…”

Sam advanced on Dean and when he was right in front of him, Dean brought out his other hand and tossed holy water in Sam’s face. Sam reared back thrashing and clawing at his face. When he looked back at Dean his eyes were completely black.

“That’s holy water, you demonic son of a bitch!”

Dean reached out and tossed more Holy water at Sam. It sprayed him some more and then, right as Dean was about to attack, Sam jumped out of the tavern window. Dean watched as he disappear into the night. He knew he needed to go after Sam…he needed to help his brother, but he couldn’t leave Jo like this, bleeding and broken.

Everything inside of him screamed at him to go after Sam…he wasn’t sure if it was to save him…or hurt him for what he did…and he would, but first he’d take care of Jo…she’s hurt because of me…because I care about her…because I let her in…just like mom was taken from dad and Jessica from Sam…the cycle will never end, thought Dean as he shook his head and sighed.

Possessed: The Fight

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