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Redemption (2/11)

Banner By: Mara

Chapter One

Lawrence, Kansas
Chapter 2

Sam tossed his stuff onto the motel room bed and plopped down next to it. Ruby shut the door behind her and glared at Sam.

“Was that really necessary back there?”

Sam sat up and raised an eyebrow at Ruby. “Really…you’re going to lecture me on how I handled things with Missouri? You…miss manipulation and tough love herself?”

Ruby rolled her eyes and sat on a chair across from him. “All I’m saying is you could have been a little more patient. You didn’t have to mind rape the woman. Jeez. How’d you like someone poking their nose into your head?”

Ruby watched as the look on Sam’s face darkened and his expression grew angry. “Well gee, let me think about it…hmm I wonder what that would feel like? Oh, wait that’s right I don’t need to wonder. Someone’s already in my head constantly.”

Ruby swallowed hard and made her way over to Sam. She lifted his face so he was looking at her and the look in her eyes warmed. “I’m sorry okay? I just…Sam maybe it’s time we call your brother…work together…”

He pulled Ruby down on his lap roughly and shook his head. “No. When it comes to Jo, Dean hasn’t been thinkin’ right for a long time. This is too big…too important. He’ll never be able to do what needs to be done.”

Ruby could feel the tension in Sam’s body as his hands tightened on her hips. It’s true, she helped jump start the apocalypse. Then when Dean killed her, with Sam’s help no less, she’d been sent to the pit. Not a pleasant place to be normally, but this last time she was there it was worse than anything she’d ever experienced.

She saw it…all of it. The demon’s plans for the world…the beginning of the end…and it didn’t start with Lucifer. It wasn’t until she escaped from hell that she realized she had it all wrong. Breaking Sam and Dean apart…having them go their separate ways…letting Lucifer free…it had been wrong.

If hell came to earth she’d be destroyed along with most of the humans and more than half of the demon population, to make room for the chosen ones. Yeah, Ruby had died several times over, but this was the kind of dead that stuck.

The sixty-six seals, Lilith, Lucifer…It was all a distraction…for the true coming of the end. So when she’d managed to escape from hell the only thing she could think of doing was finding Sam and warning him because if anyone could stop it, it was the Winchesters. She didn’t think he’d trust her again, especially after last time, but he had.

Apparently his visions were back and he just knew that she was on their side this time and it’s true she was. No ulterior motives aside from the fact that she didn’t want to die, because let’s face it Ruby did what was good for Ruby.

Sam’s cool hands pushing up and under her shirt against her warm skin snapped her out of her thoughts. She glanced down at him and could see his eyes had darkened with lust. She hesitated before attempting to get off his lap.

His grip held her down as he met her eyes. She licked her lips and shook her head. “It’s not a good idea Sam…we’ve been over this. I really think it’s time we find Dean…I could do a spell…”

Her voice trailed off as Sam shifted and flipped them so she was sprawled out on the bed, with him looming over her. “I don’t want to call Dean and I don’t want to talk. Does it really matter if it’s a bad idea Ruby? Do you care?”

Sam’s hand slid under her shirt again and cupped her breast, thumb brushing against her nipple. She groaned as her body arched into his hands. “You want me and I think it’s pretty obvious I want you.”

He pulled her leg against his hip as he ground against her center and even between his jeans and hers she could feel the distinct bulge in his pants. Her eyes slid shut as she bit her lip to stop any sounds from coming out.

Ruby had always been attracted to Sam Winchester. She didn’t need to sleep with him to give him her blood, but she wanted to. It had been like that with them from the beginning. Ever since the first time she seduced him to gain his trust.

But now…she wasn’t sure taking him down that path again would help. Something was off with him, but she couldn’t sense what it was, and that scared her slightly. Sam’s hands pulling the zipper to her pants down made her focus.


He stopped what he was doing and glanced away from her pants to her face. For the past two months Ruby had refused him her blood and sex. Tonight he wasn’t going to take no for an answer. He’d get both. He knew he was going down a dark road again, but he needed to be prepared for what was coming.

Dean didn’t understand. His fist vision all those months ago had been wrong. Jo wasn’t alive, it was a trap. It took him two months to figure it out, but it was too hard to even consider at first. He and Jo hadn’t been especially close, but they were friends.

A little over five months ago, Jo had been killed in Kansas…and now something was parading around in her body, going after his brother and his nephew. Hunting them…and Sam would be damned if he just sat back and watched as Dean or William were manipulated into death.

He shook himself out of his thoughts and focused on Ruby. His features softened as he reached up and caressed her cheek lightly. “Ruby…please…I...I need you right now. I just feel like I’m in this all alone…”

His voice trailed off as Ruby stroked his face a slight look of compassion on her face. “Then talk to me Sammy…I don’t know what’s going on in that head of yours…the visions…what do you keep seeing that’s so horrible? Let me help.”

His head fell against her shoulder and she kissed his neck lightly. “I’m so tired…just one night…please…”

When his eyes met hers and she saw the pain in them she couldn’t resist. She leaned up and captured his lips with all the passion and pent up energy she’d been suppressing for the last two months. Sam grinned to himself as they rolled around the mattress, clothes flying off at an alarming rate.

Manipulation wasn’t too hard…Sam was getting pretty good at it…you just needed to know where to hit…


Jo walked into the small room and handed Missouri an icepack. She took it and winced as she placed it against her head with a sigh. Jo frowned. “You should have just told him I was here. How come you didn’t see him coming?”

Missouri raised an eyebrow. “Child, you see me sawin’ some bony tramp in half? You think I’m a magician? I may be able to read thoughts and sense energies in a room, but I can’t just pull facts out of thin air. Stop pacing and sit down…you’re makin’ me dizzy.”

Jo moved to the couch and plopped down on it. She shifted her foot a fraction of an inch when Missouri’s voice rang through the room.

“Girl, you put your foot on my coffee table, I’m ‘a whack you with a spoon! You’re just like him.” Missouri shook her head and a slight look of shock crossed Jo’s face as she snorted.

“I’m nothin’ like Dean…and can you answer my question? Why didn’t you just tell Sam I was here? You could have avoided…all this.” Jo waved her hand around the room and Missouri’s eyes darkened with sadness.

“Something wasn’t right with Sam. I could sense the echoes, the fingerprints of something sinister around him. You’re too important…that’s right sweetheart…I know what you are…”

Jo swallowed hard at the intense look Missouri gave her. She let out a bitter chuckle, stood, and looked out the window. “Well I’m glad one of us does…the visions…they’re getting worse, but what I don’t understand is why I keep coming back here. Why I’m drawn to this place…it has no significance to me…none.”

Jo’s voice trailed off as she spun around and faced Missouri a questioning look on her face. Missouri could feel her pain…and confusion swirling around the room. The things that were about to be thrust upon this young woman’s shoulder’s were unfair…and the worst of it was yet to come.

She swallowed hard and spoke softly. “You’re drawn here because of what happened to your family.”

Jo’s brows furrowed. She was about to say that her family never lived in Kansas when Missouri continued.

“You see, all those years ago, real evil came to the Winchesters. It walked into their house and that kind of evil leaves wounds. This place…this town…their old house it’s all a magnet for paranormal energy and sweetie, your smack dead in the middle of it.”

Jo groaned. “Great…just perfect…that’s what I get for sleeping with Dean Winchester.”

Missouri frowned. “This isn’t a joke darlin’ you need to get out of this town…now...Sam…he has such powerful abilities. They’ve grown since the last time he was here. They’re darker…fueled by an influence that I’m not entirely sure is good. Why he couldn’t sense your presence here though, I have no idea. It’s best not to look a gift horse in the mouth.”

Jo closed her eyes briefly before nodding. “You’re right…I know you are. Nowhere is safe anymore. No matter where I go, he follows and the visions are getting sloppy. I barely had any warning this time.”

Missouri frowned and shook her head.

“You’re too stubborn for your own good. It’s time to stop running. Find your family Jo…you’re all gonna need each other soon enough.”

Jo sighed and nodded. Twenty minutes later she was in her motel room tossing clothes into her bag. She picked up a small picture frame from the nightstand near the bed and grazed a finger against it. Tears pooled in her eyes as she tried to fight them off.

It had been a little over five months since she’d seen her son. God she missed him. A single tear slid down her cheek as she placed the photo in her bag gently. She was smoothing things down when the hairs on the back of her neck prickled and her body tensed.

She slowly moved her hand to the side of the bag, fingers clasping around the handle of her favorite knife and spun around, weapon at the ready. Jo rolled her eyes at the woman in front of her. “What do you want?”

“You need to leave town.”

Jo pointed to her suitcase. “What does it look like I’m doing?”

“Well you need to move quicker.”

Jo glared are the red haired Angel. “Listen, Anna is it? I don’t know what the boys upstairs told you about me, but I don’t follow orders and I don’t go by anyone’s schedule, but mine.”

Anna glared at the tiny blonde. “I’m trying to help you.”

Jo let out a short laugh. “Right…trying to help me. You people won’t even explain things. Why do I keep having these crazy visions? What in the hell is going on around here? And what does it have to do with my son?”

Jo paced back and forth before turning a furious look on Anna. “Hell a better question would be how the hell am I here right now? I saw him…I saw the yellow-eyed demon.”

Anna nodded. “Azazel.”

“Whatever…I felt him burn me up from the inside out. He killed me…and yet here I stand. Divine intervention of the freakin’ Angels. What is this Groundhog’s Day? Didn’t you already play this game with Dean? Brought him back from hell to stop Lucifer…”

Anna sighed. “This isn’t the same thing. You have a connection to Azazel through your son, the same as Sam does. It’s difficult to explain and I just don’t have the time to do it right now. I need you to come with me.”

Jo shook her head. “I’m not going…”

Jo’s voice trailed as the knob of her motel room door jiggled. Anna placed a finger over her lips, closed her eyes and concentrated. Seconds later her eyes shot open and she grabbed Jo’s arm. “He found you. We’re leaving now.”

Before Jo could protest Anna had her arm in one hand and her bag in the other. Jo felt her stomach drop, as if she were riding a rollercoaster as everything around her shifted and the room merged into indistinct shapes and colors.

She tried to keep focus, but something was forcing her into unconsciousness. Her body filled with panic and the last thing she remembered seeing before everything went black was Sam’s face and a flash of yellow-eyes…

Chapter Three

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